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    Discussion: "Daredevil" Season 3 - OR - "The Defenders?"

    Do you think there should be a Season 3 of "Daredevil", or do you think we're ready for the Daredevil/ Luke Cage/ Iron Fist/ Jessica Jones "Defenders" team-up? Why? Please discuss.

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    It's the "or" in your question I don't like. I want both. I'm selfish.

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    I'm with BG, I want both.

    Though if I had to pick I would prefer S3 of Daredevil as that most likely mean's we will get a S2 of JJ & LC which would give them more growth time, in particular JJ as she isn't going to be the team playing type how she is at the moment.

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    Can't agree more with BG and Lipzo. Give it ALL to me, not just DD and Defenders.

    While I'd love to see a season 3 (first, along with a season 2 for Jessica Jones and Luke Cage), I expect they'll give us Defenders before any further seasons come out regardless of what show it is. Unless of course Luke Cage makes as big an impact as season 1 of Daredevil, then they may squeeze in a second season for him and possibly Jessica Jones since they'll have some additional time due to LC's second season. Iron Fist I'm almost positive we'll only get a single season, regardless of how good it is, before Defenders comes out.

    I think the showrunners are going to say "OK, you guys got enough Daredevil for now. Let us finish the line up we planned on bringing you guys and then we can work on additional seasons." Jessica Jones they already pushed her season 2 until after Defenders because of the time crunch so the only way I see we'll get a delay in their planned timeline is if Luke Cage makes a huge impact so that it gets a fast season renewal too, almost as fast as Daredevil's after season 1 but definately faster than Jessica Jones' renewal.
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