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    The artist formerly known as "KryptonSite" KSiteTV's Avatar
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    Loved It? Hated It? What did you think of "Beacon of Hope?"

    What did you think?

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    Posting Pro Raissa's Avatar
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    This is the first episode that felt like Arrow to me in quite a while. It's twistedly logical, then, that this is the episode before the grave. I actually enjoyed all the character dynamics, which is major.

    Also, as a disabled person who uses a wheelchair (Cerebral Palsy, birth defect), I'm glad they finally justified Felicity's arc with this episode. They were crap at addressing the logistics of orthopedic/neurological disability, but I'm glad they finally addressed the economics of it. Disability is manageable as long as you can fund the acquisition of adaptive equipment and fund the hiring of care giver personnel. That needed to be acknowledged. I also really appreciated the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation PSA at the end. It must have done EBR's heart good considering she's almost the only one who did any research before hand.
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    Forum Whiz Carmine-Infantino's Avatar
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    May 14
    That was Laurel's voice calling out the time of death, so I guess it's not her in the grave, unless they did that on purpose to throw people off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carmine-Infantino View Post
    That was Laurel's voice calling out the time of death, so I guess it's not her in the grave, unless they did that on purpose to throw people off.
    Or, for some weird [ie, stupid] reason, Laurel will be voicing-over the relevant parts of the episode; ala a tribute, a 'big send-off' for a "major" character if its her in the grave by the end.

    Sorry if that comes off as overly pessimistic, but I'm expecting the worst and keeping a tiny flicker of hope left that it isn't Laurel in the grave.

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    Black Canary dreamsofnever's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by SVfan26 View Post
    Or, for some weird [ie, stupid] reason, Laurel will be voicing-over the relevant parts of the episode; ala a tribute, a 'big send-off' for a "major" character if its her in the grave by the end.

    Sorry if that comes off as overly pessimistic, but I'm expecting the worst and keeping a tiny flicker of hope left that it isn't Laurel in the grave.
    Same here. I'm feeling pretty pessimistic about Laurel's chances too. It could also be that a minor character dies earlier in the episode and that's when Laurel says the line. Or they just had Katie do the voiceover for the promo and that line isn't even in the episode.

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    Madman With A Blue Box Austin 3:16's Avatar
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    Oct 04
    Really good ep tonight and i also enjoyed the Christopher Reeve PSA message. Kinda sad they couldnt air it after the ep but I like how it was included. Does anyone know why they did the go to this link message at the end instead of airing the PSA itself? Ep run overtime and they didnt have time?

    This was an ep that i thought was going to just be filler but it was a really fun one. Curtis is part of the team now! Also it looks like they r slowly taking steps to get Ollie and Felicity back together.

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    Posting Pro SVfan26's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by dreamsofnever View Post
    Same here. I'm feeling pretty pessimistic about Laurel's chances too. It could also be that a minor character dies earlier in the episode and that's when Laurel says the line. Or they just had Katie do the voiceover for the promo and that line isn't even in the episode.
    Yes, agreed. I could also see, with no problem, Guggenheim & writers getting in one last significant trolling dig in on the non-Felicty/Olicity contingent by going both or either of those routes, and it still ending up as Laurel in the grave.

    Quote Originally Posted by Austin 3:16 View Post
    Also it looks like they r slowly taking steps to get Ollie and Felicity back together.
    Will have to look up a link, but in the newest TV Guide mag, there's a blurb-y (/w a pic) interview with MG and him saying that Olicity and their relationship is still a huge part of the show and they want to portray that journey on screen.

    I'm pretty sure it means what I think it means, and if it does... *turns head and vomits*

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    Mar 11
    Perhaps a better title for this episode would’ve been “Beacons of Hope” as both Oliver and Felicity wish to have their separate paths (Team Arrow & Palmer Tech) become the Beacon of Hope for Star City. Also, this episode has once again proved one thing: Marc Guggenheim and whoever is in charge of creating the promos absolutely sucks at promoting an episode. They pretty much showed us everything of worth when it comes to Felicity’s story arc in this episode in the promos they’ve done, and most of the people I talk to, online and in real life, aren’t watching for the story of Felicity Smoak, and its clear that for the time being, she and Oliver will have separate storylines.

    With Felicity no longer on the team, Oliver unsurprisingly returns to the kick-ass warrior we’ve seen before, managing to take on Thea, Dig, and Laurel all at once and winning. The reason? He is once more focused on the mission rather than on his relationship. Now, admittedly, he’s focusing on his mission because he is ‘hurting’ over the break-up. But he still has yet to catch up on the pop culture requirements as he is completely unaware of there being Harry Potter movies. Perhaps better in this episode is that the team dynamic is back to how it should be, everyone communicating with the others. No “oh you can only talk to this person” BS like we’ve had.

    Brie Larvin is a good option for Felicity’s arch-nemesis, in that she is as menacing as Felicity is integral to Team Arrow (which means not very, as even Felicity acknowledged that Oliver has his own computer skills in the last episode). Most characters who have possessed the title ‘arch-nemesis’ have had a menacing presence, female villains included. Even Ruve Darhk/Adams has a chilling presence to her. Brie Larvin comes across as, at best, a child throwing a tantrum; in other words, the perfect villain for Felicity Smoak as she would be unable to handle a truly menacing villain.

    As for Felicity herself: I will say that I like that she is committed to her new path and that she has realized her reason for being part of Team Arrow was to make a difference, but that she can do that now without being a part of a vigilante team. So while I do not like the Olicity relationship and dread the possibility of it returning at any point, I am actually finding myself liking Felicity. I just don’t want her to take the forefront in a show called “Arrow” which is meant to be about the Green Arrow and his journey, not Felicity Smoak and hers.

    Curtis Holt’s tracking down the location of the Bunker and his interactions with the Team were a highlight of this episode, as it was a reminder of the early seasons of Arrow and Felicity’s initial attitude. His giving everything a nickname was a nice touch, but it kind of got bothersome as, like I said, it was a reminder of when Felicity was a character we could like on Team Arrow. However, it seems they’re leaving it up in the air whether he joins the team full time.

    One of the highlights of tonight’s episode was the scenes with Damien Darhk as he and Malcolm once more exchanged moves and counter-moves. Funnily enough this was a C or D plotline, yet it was still more important than the supposed A plot (Brie vs Felicity). The final result revealing the identity of Darhk’s ace in the hole was not as surprising as they probably thought it’d be. Any fan of the show worth their salt has suspected there to be something up in that arena.

    The B plot of this episode was the dynamic between Team Arrow as it moved on without Felicity as a part of it, and the best scenes, for me, were those with regards to Laurel and Oliver. I will admit to being partial to the idea of them getting back together, even if it doesn’t appear to be on the table for the show any longer. I enjoyed Laurel trying to give Oliver someone to talk to, but I admit I also felt dread at her suddenly getting some of these storylines. Why? Because next week, the April 27th episode, will see the death and funeral of whoever is in the grave teased since the beginning. However, everyone on Team Arrow has suddenly been given prominence again with this episode, putting them all risk again. I’d say all bets are off, since they’ve introduced hallucinations again this season and whoever is dead might well be a hallucination.

    All in all, I enjoyed this episode aside from the A plot. So I will give it an 8/10 because the B and C plots were good enough to cover for the crapfest of an A plot.

    As far as the promo is concerned, I will address that separately in the appropriate thread.

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    Let's Write!
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    Jan 16
    That ending scene was surprising for me and I really enjoyed seeing the training scenes as it feels like its been too long since we've had any of those.

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    It's the mileage... costas22's Avatar
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    Aug 08
    That was a terrible episode with very few decent parts.

    - Going in, I thought Larvan would be my biggest gripe. Turns out there was something far worse. The fact that this is now the Felicity Smoak show. Everything revolved around her (even Oliver's reasons for feeling despondent this week), her mother showed up again (God knows why) and she saved the day in the end. The problem with this show has never been Olicity on its own. It's the fact that a secondary character has been shoved down people's throats and has been glorified to a ridiculous level. She's gone from IT girl, to Team Arrow member, to CEO and now to the Mother Teresa of paralyzed people. Great.

    - Bug Eyed Bandit was as bad as expected. Adding Donna to an episode like this was ill advised and made it all the more cringeworthy.

    - The dialogue in this episode was poor. I get there are going to be some bee puns, but this was overkill.

    - I had little interest in Oliver's subplot. I'll start caring about him when his storyline isn't all about Felicity. If that ever happens. The opening training sequence was good and made him look like a badass, but it was for naught by the end of the episode when he needed Felicity to save him.

    - Curtis was ok in most parts, but he truly was geeking out a bit too much and deserved to get called on it.

    - For the second week running, Thea was the best part about an Arrow episode. Right now she has a very rare quality on this show: She makes her scenes fun and easy to watch. It also helps that Willa has matured into a fine actress.

    - Laurel was also one of the bright spots in this week's episode. It's nice to see her smiling and upbeat. Pity it won't last long...

    - The Darhk subplot would interest me more if Genesis wasn't as random and vague now as it was 10 episodes ago. I want to avoid comparing shows, but look how the Flash is slowly delving into the Zoom mystery. Arrow hasn't done that with Genesis. We heard about phases (how we went from 1 to 4 or 5 no one knows), we've seen artificial corn...and that's just about it. You can tell they didn't have a clear direction and they were just waiting until the back end of the season to come up with something.

    - Andy's involvement with HIVE at this point was unexpected. I wish they'd kept his remorse sincere.

    - The flashbacks continue to be underwhelming.

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    Settling In
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    Oct 12
    This is probably the campiest Arrow episode to date. Between the adaptive borg bees, the bee terminator robot thing and all the silly bee puns I kept thinking "What the hell am I watching?"

    A few solid character development moments save this episode for being a total trainwreck, but please, cut the camp out. This did not feel like Arrow at all.

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    Settling In Gintoki's Avatar
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    Jun 15
    Better than last week's garbage episode. 4x16 was just horrible. That was a 3/10 out for me. Only the courtroom scenes were good.

    This episode was surprisingly better, and okay-ish. I thought it was going to be worse than last week.

    + Curtis Holt Story. He was fun in this episode, and should replace Felicity as a member of team arrow.
    + Laurel Lance. It was good to see her smile, and being very helpful. If the writers kill her off, I'm done with this show.
    +Damien Darhk Prison scenes were interesting, including one with Malcolm.
    +Good Cliffhanger ending. Caught me by surprise.

    -Felicity freaking Smoak. Does every episode have to focus on her?
    - Donna Smoak, Unnecessary appearance, to please shippers.
    -Dumb villain
    - Frequent references to break up.

    I give it a solid 7/10.

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    Forum Whiz
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    Jan 13
    Not a great episode. Although I think I've worked out why we have never had a female main season villain. Arrow writers clearly don't know how to write them. With Bre Larvin this week and Carrie Cutter last week, the Arrow writers just seem completely hopeless.

    I don't particularly like Curtis as I find him rather irritating so that didn't help.

    Of course Felicity is going to save the day. Even if she is off the team.

    I'm confused as to how on earth Oliver was able to punch that bug man. It was made of bees.

    Don't kill off Laurel. I quite like her.

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    Aug 14
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    Ok after last week's episode that felt more like Olicty focused than Arrow focused we have this week's episode and I'm not at all sure what to think of it.

    The Good

    Oliver back to being his old self of the focused vigilante. Shown by his training of the team and himself as well, because I've not seen that in a very long time and for sure not this season since the only two "scenes" I can think of have just been talking moments. So yea seeing Oliver focused and then his speech to Curtis well, I like it. Heck even Steven Amell playing him I could almost like feel an energy coming off him of warrior from the early seasons.

    This is a further example of why not having Olicty is a good thing.

    Laurel having an even more important role then just last's week's episode. She actually had a role as the Black Canary and I enjoyed her scenes of being a friend to Oliver.

    Which I especially liked Laurel telling Oliver to quit being a stupid idiot of wining about how his relationship with Felicity ended.

    Curtis, ok if they want to make him the new tech person or extreme emergencies. I would be fine with that but I wouldn't mind getting back to earlier season 1 where Oliver and his team actually do their own leg work out in the field.

    Also Curtis is better than Felicty by willing to accept Oliver's dangerous speech about the lives they lead and cut out the annoying humor every second speech. So if Curtis does become more involved I doubt we are going to get the sniping over the coms that Felicty does or the complete naivety about the work they do in Starling.

    Oliver actually using his normal arrows along with trick arrows this week. I don't even like trick arrows all that much and was happy to see them used by the guy who is supposed to shoot them. (cue sarcasm) I mean it's not like Oliver is the Green Arrow or anything.

    Quentin Lance, I just enjoyed him in this episode. He got some real great lines.

    Also one thing I for sure enjoyed was seeing Team Arrow, have actual scenes together and feel like a real team with a strong bond between all of them. I liked how the team was smaller to, so ever they end up killing I hope allows us for a more smaller team and less of a power rangers group.

    Malcolm and Darhk's scenes was enjoyable to watch. Darhk is back in play and actually being really ruthless for once like in the finale prison scenes.

    Andy being a double agent was hardly shocking surprise.

    Now for the bad.

    I'm not going to talk about the dumb villain of the week that Brie Larvan was of Felicty arch nemesis and the whole dumb bee man thing or Donna Smoak. Which I fast forwarded through almost all of the scenes Donna in and that had no relevance ot the plot itself.

    Ok, Felicty Smoak saving the Green Arrow by using a lamp which is completely stupid. They were doing so well, through out the episode then had to do this stupid um... crap with having Oliver become powerless just to prop up Felicty. It's either been her or the team for why Oliver has kept getting powered down to make them shine. I want to see Oliver be the Green Arrow and everything that means. I'm sick of seeing this useless version.

    The flashbacks. Here's the thing they have been almost enjoyable every single episode compared to last's year Hong Kong's one because something usually happens in them and they just don't feel like they are sitting there, so I have to give them that.

    I really don't have a problem with the content of Oliver fighting against Baron Reiter. No you know what my problem is? We have six episodes left and I don't feel like Oliver has moved along into The Hood or used his bow at all. I want to see Oliver pick up his bow again hopefully in the next few episodes.

    Now, I'm well aware Oliver said "That's why we're gonna kill all of them first." So if Oliver in the next episode goes through and with just sending man after to man to the grave yards than I'll change my mind. It still would be nice if he quit using guns all the time in the flashbacks when he's supposed to be an archer.

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    I call this ep a 'everyone take a breather' one. There were boatloads of melodrama in previous episodes with the fallout of the Olicity break, so this was the time to dial it down a notch and do a fun and definitely silly (intentionally so) FOTW plot with Brie and her bees. Donna as usual was hilarious and the Felicity - Thea team-up is a rare treat. I didn't mind it at all.

    I enjoyed Curtis' entry into the Team Arrow universe, he could be a good asset if he's needed to step into tech/ops support ... should Felicity's departure from the team be long-term. Or even as backup if there are plans for her to return down the line. Great interactions with the whole team, esp. with all the movie talk. Very cool.

    Loved Laurel in this episode. She's had a strong showing in the second half of this season, which gives me some concern that they are building her up to possibly make the ultimate sacrifice for the team. (I don't think it'll go that way.) I loved how she knocked some sense into him after he had railed at Curtis. It's not that Ollie didn't have valid points, it's the presentation of them aka chewing out someone who obviously knows little about Team Arrow. Ollie rightly deserved to be called out on his behaviour. Plus, he was being being a putz about it. Good work, Counselor Lance. At any rate, she has been the honest sounding board to Ollie this season in ways that other team members couldn't be and it's a role I like seeing her in. Extracting Laurel from the love interest formula/curse has done wonders for her characterization.

    The flashbacks, as usual, are more like webisodes that don't always line up with either what's going on in the current timeline or in Flashback Ollie's descent into his Hood destiny. I think there was a brief allusion to it at the end when Ollie told Taina they were going to kill all of Reiter's men, (if he actually does do it, this would be another step towards his Hood fate) but the whole magical totem subplot hasn't really paid off for me.

    Andy's appearance at the end adds more fuel to the 'Diggle taking one for the team' theory re: grave. It doesn't bode well for Andy either if he's working with Malcolm.

    The silly Brie bee plot is what it is, but the sum of its various parts made an enjoyable episode.


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