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    San VS Reapers and the question of DEATH.

    This weeks episode (IE RED MEAT) is far more important that anyone is realizing at this point. This episode isn't just a werewolf episode. This is a REAPER episode. So lets speculate. It seems like Sam is going to be on the run from a Reaper. He is the only one who hasn't had that honor as of yet in our fair universe. But how will he indeed escape?

    The fact that Death still works in the universe is a curious notion and I am surprised that it has taken this long for them to properly get around to addressing it. It's one of the things that really bothers me about this show. The fact that themes are established and then so much left to question.

    IS DEATH ALIVE AFTERALL? I think this is a possibility even though it has been said otherwise by one reaper. The fact that there have been no major complications since Death was killed at the end of last season is curious. We have seen Death literally be stopped in other seasons due to demons and if the concept of death can still exist with the bringer of it dead then what was the point of him as a character at all?

    So I believe there are 4 options to how Sam will escape the reaper.

    1. Death isn't truly dead. He put wherever he get's put when his vessel is killed much like angels (Take Raphael for instance)If this is the case it will be too bad because I really enjoy Julian as an actor.

    2. God steps in much like he did in season 4/5 getting Sam out of the way and restoring him back to health.

    3. Lucifer intervenes. The reasoning here is obvious.

    4. Sam dies and is thrown to the void where we find out where demons and angels go when they die. I kind of hope this is what happens but it's a bit bold and probably too many episodes would have to take place here in order to gather the troops on the side. ::sigh:: :-(

    What do you guys think??

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    I hope Lucifer intervenes. Would be awesome to have the reaper catch Sam only to get thwarted by Lucy.

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    I doubt Lucifer because he made it clear that Sam isn't valuable to him anymore and he really didn't like him for that matter.

    I like the idea of the Void being where angels and demons go when they die. This allows characters like Meg and Balthazar (and Gabriel) to come back. But Sam being thrown into the void at this stage of the season doesn't make sense. Sam never really has "gone" anyplace between seasons, unlike Dean who went to Hell and went then to Purgatory. Sam going to Hell was so quick it doesn't count IMO.


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