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    I liked seeing Laurel in court but it was unfortunately too obvious that she chose the wrong case to prosecute Darhk. She picked the one where the kidnap victim and his mother had both disappeared and there was no one to testify that Darhk was the kidnapper, instead of the one where he kidnapped Diggle, Thea and Felicity from the holiday party in front of a ton of witnesses, and where the three of them could easily testify to it. It also made no sense to dismiss the testimony of Diggle, a war hero with four tours of duty as a witness and take the word of a drug dealer who said he bought a ridiculous amount of drugs.

    While not as cray-cray as Carrie, Oliver still has a lot of PTSD to content with. But he's not a candidate for talk therapy with a therapist, he would just clam up and then stop going. The established best treatment for someone like him would be taking to someone who has gone through the same experience (e.g. Diggle or Sara) and various exposures where's he's forced to learn new ways to function or sink.

    As good as Paul Blackthorne was in those scenes, the machinations to get Quentin on the stand were ridiculous.

    Quote Originally Posted by President_Luthor View Post

    I suppose they had Felicity still try to work with the team aka why should the team be short-changed just because she and Ollie are on the outs, just so she wouldn't look like she had abandoned them abruptly. But -- if she had already known that it was over between her and Ollie, surely she would also realize that working with him on the team would be problematic. Which I'm guessing is why they showed her being extra snippy with him, so that everyone else knew something was up..
    Felicity was the one who wanted to stay with the team when Oliver went off after season 3 to find himself so it makes sense that she would want to continue working with them. Yeah, she was snippy but she was still working with them, unlike Diggle who refused to work with Oliver at the start of this season.

    The problem was that Oliver tried to manipulate her into getting back with him. He didn't tell the others that she had broken up with him, wouldn't cancel the venue (that she's presumably paying for since he doesn't have a job) and jumped on the idea of the fake wedding so that he could tell her his real vows (and failed to tell her that she would have to come up with some too).

    When he assumed after her speech to Cupid that they would be getting back together now, Felicity realized that they couldn't work together on the team because he wasn't accepting that they were through.
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    Ollie's vows were his last chance to try to win Felicity over, and he knew it. He spent most of the episode refusing to acknowledge the facts on the ground -- which is: they're now on a break and the engagement is off.

    I don't think the result could have gone any other way at this point. Never mind second chances -- Ollie's been wanting like third, fourth, fifth chances etc. to correct behaviour aka the lying. And with S4 approaching its final act, it makes more and more sense that Felicity didn't have much option this late in the game other than to call off the engagement. There was always a best-before date on giving Ollie second chances, etc. re: S4 Olicity and he's used them all up.

    I can appreciate that we want to believe in Ollie as the lead protagonist, but really he's had plenty of opportunities to "change", for lack of a better word, even with his PTSD. It actually fits into the whole idea of heroes facing setbacks and building character in trying to overcome them. In a big-picture Ollie-achieving-his-GA-destiny sense this experience may drive him to "change", become a better hero -- however we wish to interpret what that means to him.

    Diggle would have a higher level of credibility, as a veteran. But as a civilian? The defence rightly poked holes in his post-military career and raised valid questions about what exactly his "bodyguard" relationship is with an employer who allegedly no longer has the financial means to retain said employee.* Add to that the admittedly shady evidence about the drugs and it raises more than reasonable doubt about Diggle the civilian's testimony.

    (*My headcanon is that Ollie must have offshore tax havens, where he's squirreled away what remains of his trust fund inheritance, Moira's insurance, etc. I simply refuse to believe that, as a Queen, he has zero dollars to his name and his only source of income is Palmer Tech via Felicity: the show "canon" they seem to want us to accept.)

    Quentin's testimony in contrast was practically unassailable. He's a serving police captain, which makes his credibility stellar. And when he told the truth in spite of incriminating himself, it was hard to refute. He put it all on the line, career be damned. Whether the court proceedings were entirely legally accurate is not really an issue -- even the Law and Order franchise can play fast and loose with the law for dramatic license when they choose to. And the courtroom drama in this ep. was great. Loved it, esp. since it gave Laurel the chance to sink her ADA teeth into an actual case.

    I think of all the DCTV Berlanti-verse worlds, Arrow is the one that needed to show criminals being held to account and facing justice. And, being seen as facing justice in the public's eyes, and not merely in the shadows.

    Arrow's catch phrase has always been about saving the city and the court scenes in this ep. did show justice being served in public. (Well, at least until Darkh breaks out of prison, files an appeal, etc.)

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