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    #2.2 "Dogs to a Gunfight"

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    I loved the roof-top fight between the Punisher and Matt. Even though I know the character of Matt Murdock has to stay alive or that'd be it for the show (!) I still found it extremely stressful watching the two battle it out, b/c so far the show continues to be able to build in "stakes" that the outcome of Matt's fights can have pretty serious consequences for him.

    So going into this particular showdown, the stakes were upped for me b/c first, Matt was wearing that damaged/repaired headpiece, meaning that a blow or strike to his head might not be absorbed as well, and sure enough, almost right off the bat he gets slammed in a major way right in the head, pretty much where the headpiece was damaged. Next when the cops started firing indiscriminately at both combatants on the rooftop, I was reminded again about the fact that Matt can be shot in the head (apparently the writers are willing to go there! *gasp*), and that this time if it happens it's likely to be even more serious (based on Melvin's comments about the damage done to the headpiece). To add to that, given that the cops were so far away from Matt when they were shooting, I felt it was even less likely that he would be able to "sense" the various bullets heading his way. And then finally, looks like he might be having some auditory losses starting up again, giving us a little bit of a cliffhanger there. I never stopped to think they would let something like THAT happen right in the middle of one of his fights! Now, what's going to happen if he can't hear? (rhetorical question of course, as I guess I'll find out in the next episode...)

    So again, kudos to the writers for continuing to create fight scenes wherein they come up with new ways to keep me on the edge of my seat, all the while piling on the stressors-- though it's probably causing my blood pressure to spike significantly , it does keep me from getting complacent and too smug about the outcome of Matt's fights
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