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    Its NOT a fan theory though. Kripke has said it himself. Unless you are demoting Kripke from CREATOR to Fan then quit being ignorant and do your own research to find what the rest of us all know to be true. Even I at one point didnt want to believe Chuck was God until I saw the actual proof of it myself.

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    yeah I wanna add to that that the actor that portrays Chuck also said he's god

    he was even asked at some convention what it was like to play god

    do your research tsk!

    oh and that was years ago, like after season 5

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    Hehehhe! You guys sound kinda angry! No offense meant I read all that years ago as well. Maybe Chuck is God but I thought he was just playing around on interviews and conventions just to humor us fans. Don't get me wrong here... I'd be fine with it but it did start as a fan theory if memory serves me. If they ARE going with Chuck as God... I'd like to see Chuck then change into John to make the boys feel "comfortable" like Eve did. Symbolically, that would go better imo. I see we're getting season 12 so we'll probably have to wait and be satisfied with some Hand of God weapon Crowley finds. My prediction is that it merely damages her similar to the wrath of heaven beam or something like the colt did to Lucifer. Hurts like hell but still able to regenerate. Then some new twist and final battle at end of season 12. I hope it's something cool like how Lilith got two seasons. Supernatural has been on their writing game lately and really hope it continues next season. I really want to be sad it's over and not relieved.
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