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    Is CW Allowed to Create DC Next Generation?

    As much as DC AND Marvel keeps rehashing the superheroes in comics and films, they very little go beyond the next generation.

    I kind of wish they had kept Superman and Wonder Woman and Batman in WW II's past and develop the next generation and so forth until this generation.

    Don't you kind of wish CW would go into that realm of thinking where the Flash's next generation travels back in time to his present day to visit him, if not for any other supervillain or end of the world crisis?

    Or even the Arrow's family?

    Can CW be allowed to do that? To create new characters beyond what DC has established in comicdom or is it a big no no?

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    They would be allowed to create them as that would be their intellectual property providing they weren't directly copying DC (Diggle is a perfect example).

    Personally though I wouldn't care to see it, I watch comic book shows to see the comics I've been reading for years in live action but I wouldn't care at all about an entirely original superhero especially one made by the CW.


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