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    Writers Thank you!

    I just wanted to say I think they have rescued the series. They direction the writing has come as far as dialouge and character development has been perfect and a welcome change over the last 4 or 5 episodes. At one point I had to make myself watch the series because I could not stand Iris. She seemed so self centered and imposing. She had so much respect, and fascination for the Flash but just couldn't bear to do the one thing this hero asked "Don't write about me". They have backed her off a lot and now she seems very supportive and kind. At first the conversations seemed a bit odd, Barries Dad just leaving during his welcome home party was just crazy, who would do that? Joe and Detective Lance just casually discussing their daughters and personal family issues having met each other just a few hours prior was just unrealistic, Men just don't interact like that (in my experience). BUT NOW!!!! Now the writing is superb! Like a complete 180. Now people snicker, laugh and joke more often. People seem uncomfortable if they have to be imposing, they pick on each other a bit and just act natural now! They seem like real people and I love it. Thank you writers, I don't know where else to post this but I had to put it out there somewhere.

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    I just saw the first episode of the third season, and I has to post how much I like it. Thank you, writers of this series.


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