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    Is that “human” Gideon in the new Legends of Tomorrow photos? What brings her back? —Sal
    Previewing next Monday’s episode of the CW series, Amy Louise Pemberton aka Gideon says, “[It] is very much about Zari and her learning her place within the team, and Gideon’s basically manifested herself to help her figure out where she fits in the team.” As for how the team’s newest member takes to meeting the ship’s AI face to “face,” Tala Ashe said, “Given the context of [it], I think she will initially be quite pissed off…. The way that Gideon enters Zari’s world is perplexing and makes her pretty mad at first!”

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    You know, there is a DC character by that name... a servant of Darkseid.

    Please tell me that they're not going to do the Back to the Future thing with Rock and Roll.

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