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    Knights of the Ren

    To start, I think everyone will agree with me that the Jedi Knights were the guardians of order and especially of light?

    Well I put me severely to think that the Knights of the Ren are the guardians of darkness and chaos.

    So I want to say that we would have a whole new faction of the dark side, probably as old as the Jedi and possibly older than the Sith (by I hear behind the dark side and may have lost his throne there for thousands of years in a war against the Sith Lords)
    They are thus neither of the Sith, Dark Jedi, or Inquisitors but the direct, intimate enemies of the Jedi (much like the ying and yang)
    If this is the case, it would be much of a desire to reveal the origins of the same strength and the dark side in this new trilogy.

    The novel the film was released Friday and is already begins to speak (but it is not the only one), I will expose you my arguments in a few points if you wish:

    1) First I read that Snoke would be the absolute commander of the shadow army
    This comes from "the art of" the film (sorry I can not find the source)
    Which would confirm that Snoke is not Plagueis and he would not directly related Sidious ... However the source of the dark side came from the depths of the universe, it's definitely him (in Aftermath novel we learn that Palpatine sent missions to people to discover the origin of this source that even he felt to as Dark Lord)

    2) I therefore logically the Knights of Ren ... For me they ARE the army of the shadow: yes
    So perhaps it is resurgent today, but in my opinion not to have yet another faction in addition to one to represent this shadow army, it would too.

    3) Another detail that jumped me in the face during my second vision of the film is that Kylo often mentions the darkness and light:
    He said for example his father IT FEELS CUT IN TWO, besides, I do not know if you noticed but during this scene, UNDER THE LIGHT IS NICE AND SENSITIVE but after the light disapear HE BECOME BAD AND KILL HAN SOLO.
    Another element, facing Vader helmet he said well SHOW ME THE DARKNESS.

    4) Another point discussed in more depth in the novel: the encounter between Kylo and Snoke
    In the film we just know that Kylo is the master of the Knights of the Ren but we do not know why ... The novel answers this question a bit

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    a little off topic, but do you think Ren's lightsaber is going to fail him in the future cause it was poorly made. I think its whats going to make him loose a limb cementing him in his roll like vader or something.


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