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Thread: Grodd Season 3

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    Grodd Season 3

    In his recent youtube video, Emergency Awesome reported on show runners talking about the future of Grodd. If what he says is true next season Barry will be taking a 2 part trip to Gorilla City. Apparently in order to hold production costs down the story will have to be spread over at least 2 episodes. E.A. went on to say The Flash producers have gained access to unused Gorilla costumes made for Planet of the Apes movies. They also plan on adding different armour to the existing digital Grodd to make different looking Gorillas. As a big Grodd fan I'm more excited about this possibility than what's going on this season, even though season 2 has been quite good so far.

    What do the rest of you think???

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    Not a huge Grodd fan, but he is an important rogue in Flash's gallery. I also think what they did with him and Caitlin in this season's episode was interesting and they need more 'interesting' when it comes to Caitlin at this point.

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    Though I enjoy Grodd as a Flash villian, I don't really like how the show has made him telepathic. I like him better as a talking gorilla. I'm hoping maybe as he continues to gain intelligence, he'll learn to speak verbally as well as telepathically.


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