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    Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

    Talk about 5 here.

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    After rewatching Empire in a long while I have to say it's still the best Star Wars movie. It's just a stellar action adventure movie in general.

    Things like Han using Luke's lightsaber on the Tauntaun, the Millenium Falcon escaping with the garbage only to be followed by Boba Fett's Slave-1. Or Han's first instinct to shoot at Vader only to lose his blaster...Just so many memorable scenes and moments that lift the story above and beyond the norm.

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    Vader in the first movie you tortured Leia. In this you cut off Luke's hand. With this kind of parenting, it's only a matter of time before your daughter ends up in a bikini at a really shabby place, in service of a giant slug. Don't come crying to me, when that happens. You were the one who took that Jerk-El course in parenting.

    There is no denying it, this is the best of the Star Wars films.

    On the matter of Yoda's "there is another" line. Retroactively, this has been viewed as Leia (it wasn't intended at the time). However, it doesn't make sense in the context of the movie. She's held captive by the Empire and might die, so why consider her an option? In more recent rewatches I've pictured the other one being Ezra from Rebels.

    The fact that Vader begins his duel against Luke, by holding his lightsaber with only one hand, was a nice touch. It demonstrates what Vader thinks about him ("he's just a boy"), at the start of the duel and then starts holding it with both hands, as he becomes more and more impressed by Luke.

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    This is my favorite and it is the best of the series. I have a few scenes that are amazing and take up my favorite moments in movie history.

    1) the shot of luke coming into the control room where vader is waiting for him. " the force is with you young Skywalker (at least 5 seconds of silence) but you're not a jedi yet" its chilling and amazingly shot.

    2) the scene with yoday explaining the jedi ways to luke and how after all the years he looked over him, hes not the traditional hero they were hoping he was. well done and that music in the scene gives you goosebumps!

    3) the asteroid field chase scene! need i say more?!

    amazing movie still and its nearly 40 years after it was made and its still the greatest sequel of all time


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