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    Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005)

    Talk about 3 here

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    My current favorite movie in the franchise. I love seeing all the Jedis. The Emperor scenes were awesome. The action never
    stops. Order 66, Baby!

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    Obi-Wan to Luke (A New Hope): "This is your father's lightsaber. Note the blood stains from the kids he slaughtered."

    Without a doubt, the best out of the prequel trilogy. I do wish Grievous could've showed up earlier in the trilogy.

    It was a good choice to have the birth of Luke and Leia coincide with the "rebirth" of Anakin as Vader. Looking back at my earliest viewings of the film, I did find it a little weird, to have Vader (whom I had, since childhood, always seen in the suit) without the armor.

    It's also nice to see Palpatine's rise to power as the emperor, not through a bloody revolution, where he runs in with weapons and takes over, but through the people giving him too much power.

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    My second favorite movie in the entire series. It drags on a bit at first, but once Palpantine reveals himself to Anakin, oh boy! Nothing disappoints: Anakin's eventual turn, Mace's murder, Order 66 and, especially the lightsaber duels at the end. The Obi Wan/Anakin fight was to be expected, but it was a pleasant surprise that they also did one between Yoda and the Emperor. The climax of the whole movie (Darth Vader's rise at the same time Padme dies while giving birth to Luke and Leia) was perfectly shot.

    The prequel trilogy had its ups and downs, but Lucas tied it to the original one fantastically well.

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    This movie is the 4th best for me, but honestly a few things bother me with anakin going into the temple to kill kids. the reason being that, he just turned! literally about 1 hour ago in the movies timeline. what the hell possessed him to go in there and kill children??? This is the thing that kills me as to how Lucas retconned this story. in his way of thinking, this still makes anakin redeemable because he did it for his wife, but solo is unredeemable when he shoots greedo first which is why he changed it! it makes no sense!

    i have a hard time thinking padme would fight for anakin when its found out he killed children. especially after he choked her close to death (WHILE PREGNANT) and wanting to control the galaxy! all in all this movie made him an unredeemable @$$hat which is a far cry away from who we were told he was in the original trilogy.

    but no matter how much i complain, i loved the end battle. it is emotional and really cool. i just wish they didnt have yoda dip the way he did. if you ask me, he really could have offed palpatine.


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