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    Loved it? Hated it? What did you think of Just My Imagination?

    What did you think?

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    Loved it.....I especially loved the last scene in the trailer for next week....I am a happy camper!

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    10. The fillers this season have been much better for me. This was a clever concept. I really liked the flashbacks to young Sam, they helped enhance the story. Grownup Sam confiding in his imaginary friend with his problems was nice. The actor that played Sully was terrific.

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    A tea party with an imaginary friend. A half man/half unicorn named Sparkles? And whoops, he got ganked.

    Oblivious!Sam not seeing the candy all over the table at first, then freaking out over Sully. Dean too. Also, Marshmallow nachos? Ew.

    So imaginary friends are all something called Zanas and are “real”? Um, okay. Actually, I’m not that surprised. Vampires, werewolves and fairies are all real, why not these?

    The boys in the cardigans and ties. I cracked up laughing. Very “Mr. Rogers”. Also, I believe that’s the first time they’ve dressed upas/pretended to be shrinks?

    “Then what did you need Drop Dead Fred for in the first place?”
    “I was kinda a lonely kid, Dean.”
    “You had me.” Awwww.

    Young!Sam and young!Dean. Seeing Dylan as young!Dean again was a surprise. I didn’t care much for the kid playing young!Sam, though.

    Is it me or has Dean been taking great delight in naming things lately? First the ‘ghoulpires’ in Baby and now the “Manicorn” here.

    The glittery blood that got all over the mother. Ew!

    The mermaid Zana gets ganked too and Dean finds out that imaginary friends can have boyfriends.

    Sully saying he’s “gotta stay strong for Sam”. And the talk about running away (nice, as we know Sam actually does run away later—Flagstaff).

    Weems. I was wondering why he had a (very Ash-like) mullet. Then the air guitar thing (which was amazing!) answered that.

    The flashback to Sam and Sully’s goodbye. It was harsh but kids can be like that. Also, considering that Sam had his fate as Lucifer’s prom dress waiting, it was also inevitable.

    Whoa, Sam thinks God wants him to go back to the Cage? As in literally? (I thought he meant back to it in his memories first, until he clarified for Dean.)

    Dean being captured. And we find out it’s personal revenge against Sully for the girl’s twin sister being killed. Anyone else wonder if the witch who gave the girl the spell and blade was Rowena? The girl and Sully hug it out and Dean tells Sully he’s the weirdest thing he’s ever seen (which, wow, Dean really?) but a good weird.

    Sam finally tells Dean what he’s thinking and Dean is left speechless.

    This was Speight’s episode and I did enjoy it but I just…why was Sam’s imaginary friend a grown up? I mean, I didn’t have an imaginary friend as a child but the stories I’ve heard seem to be mostly kids’ imaginary friends being other kids. Or some sort of animals or animal type hybrids. I don’t know, just found it strange, I guess?

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    that's what I call a quality filler episode

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    I thought it was a good episode even if was mostly filler...the Zana concept was really cool but a little creepy. They needed to add something about the this episode could've been in any season


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