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    Speculation: Gabriel DEFINITELY died. But here is how he came back.

    I think that it is indeed incredibly likely that Lucifer did in fact kill Gabriel at the hotel in Hammer Of The Gods. While he may have faked his death once in the episode I think we all know that the clear hallmark of an Angels death is the wing indentations after they are killed. It happened. I am not convinced he faked it. It would completely undermine his bravery in that moment and honestly wouldn't make very much sense at all. If his plan was to get the boys the DVD then why didn't he just use his power to zap the boys somewhere and then hightail it out of there himself? Theres too many signs that point to that death scene being exactly what it was. Don't pass go. Don't collect 200 dollars.

    I do however believe he is very much indeed alive. I am holding out hope that he shows up in "Just My Imagination" and we get answers from Gabriel about The Darkness given that Speight is directing the episode and seems to have put a worthy amount of effort into the shooting of the episode as even J&J have said themselves that it was a intense shoot.

    So how then did he come back? When Metatron wrote the story in Cas's mind he was using the power of the word of God which isn't to be underestimated. Chuck on some occasions wrote things into existence like the Bugs. Of course you have to resign yourself into believing that Chuck really did write every bit of his story not just chronicle what the boys were doing. With this show because of the meta nature of it we can have our cake and eat it too in that regard. I have to wonder if by writing Gabriel into his the Metafiction episode that if he somehow willed him back into existence. The one thing that really sticks out to me in the scene where Gabriel and Cas are speaking about Metatron is when he said "I am just playing the part that was written for me." The fact that he isn't at full power is another interesting point to me because it points to how Cas was ressurected in season 5. Just a thought more than a feeling on that one.

    However, if Gabriel does come back which I think there are strong indications that he will then I think this is the most plausible way he does it other than a "FOOLED YOU AGAIN!" type of reveal.

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    Cas was brought back to life by God "new and improved", at least on one occasion, and perhaps was brought back A LOT by God because as Naomi said, he can't "die right."

    I think the plausible thing with Gabriel as well as the other killed-off characters we are supposed to see, and have seen before, is that they are either in Heaven, the Veil, the Cage, Purgatory, Hell, or my guess, another place where demons and angels go after death. Perhaps the void that Amara threatened. Metatron could have plucked Gabriel out of that realm to "play his part" as it were. Gabriel definitely seemed "off" especially when talking to Cas in the car. Very bitter, which is OOC for him really, and him without any powers would make sense that once you are "killed" and go to that angel/demon void, you lose your powers, and are to all intents and purposes human. This "void" could also be the means to bring back Meg too, perhaps even Ruby. Cas was resurrected by God, Gabriel was just on a 1-day pass from Metatron.

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    The problem with any kind of resurrection theory and angels/demons is this: were do THEY go when killed? IS there something for them after "this life" in the first place?

    The problem with Demons is technically they have all died at least once already, having died as humans and sent to hell (whether willingly by crossroads methods or by fate). So what happens when they die AGAIN? We can speculate all we want but in the end until the writers come up with something and show us on TV, for all we know it's just plain lights out for demons after death and it's just "nothing" for them.

    With Angels it's a whole other ball game. Angels are actually a living, breathing species themselves. So since they live AND die, it IS more plausible to have SOME sort of a final destination for them once they're gone. Hence why it IS more plausible, and possible, to bring them back.

    As for who they should bring back, Gabriel is the only one I WANT them to bring back. But realistically, Earth needs ALL of the archangels to come back at the very least to stop the darkness. It'll just suck for humanity after words because unless the writers decide to keep god "around" this time in heaven, then they'd all just go back to their own factions and agendas about the apocalypse.


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