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    Hi, I have some question to someone more interested in flash.. How could Reverse Flash aka Harrison Wells aka Eobard Thawne kill Barry Allen's mom, if he is removed from existense by Eddy in season 1 finale?

    There was point in FUTURE when Reverse Flash was fighint with Barry, they went back to past and he killed his mom... But in the present time, Eddy removed him from existense, so this future fight never happen, so they never get back to past.. Im confused

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    I have the same question...
    But the only explanation I have got is it should be an Eobard Thawne from a different but closely linked reality or in other word from a different Earth definitely not the earth 2...
    or this reality or it could be just zoom in reverse flash uniform from earth 2 who could have done it...
    If his mother wasn't killed at that point he wouldn't be flash now.
    If his mother wasn't killed by the yellow streak, his memory should have been altered by now as he will forget that reality slowly...
    His mother was killed by the yellow streak but this one is not eobard thawne this time.... Could be Harrison Wells from Earth 2, since he mentions that he must stop Zoom before he sends in anymore of Earth 2 double of Barry's life.
    The only double who have showed up apart from Linda is Harrison Wells. It could be possible zoom actually send him in here to kill flash by holding his daughter as prisoner.
    By some means Bary fails and at some point Harisson Wells from Earth 2 really helps Barry and Zoom knows it and he kills Harrison's Daughter thereby leading to Harrison to seek vengeance after Barry for his failure, he recreates the laboratory accident and turns into the flash and turns into reverse flash and goes back in time to kill Barry's Mom for a different motive.... wev'e got to wait how the series unfolds....
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    One theory is that Eobard was only knocked out of the timestream, not erased from existence altogether. In this scenario, it is best to consider time as less rigid than your current line of thinking suggests. Remember that everyone still remembers Eobard and there is even videotaped evidence of his existence. Time merely kicked him out of itself at the moment he no longer made sense, but couldn't erase him completely because then Eddie wouldn't have killed himself in the first place.

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    I'm still surprised none of the characters have questioned this. No one can say definitively how time travel shenanigans work, but you'd think at least one person on the show would wonder how everything could still happen if Thawne was never born. It's a point of discussion, at least.


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