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    Loved It? Hated It? What did you think of "Lost Souls?"

    What did you think?

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    What did I just watch? My word I thought it couldn't get any worse then the season 3 finale I was wrong. I think it has.

    Felicty and her mom, they were some how more important than Sara coming back from the dead? Nope Sara should have been but the writers don't even care about Sara or her family in this episode.

    Also Oliver and Felicity were supposed to have relationship problems this week? Um no they did not and big epic fail. I've seen them argue worse when they weren't dating. Dodger and Blast Radius episodes come to mind. Plus for showing how real people have relationship problems they failed.

    The only two redeeming factors of why I just don't jump the shark or at least delete this episode from my DVR is because the Oliver and Diggle moments despite what they were discussing. I'm curious on the flashbacks. Plus Oliver snapped a guy's neck and maybe he was a good guy or not but nice to see Oliver as The Hood.

    After tonight's episode I think them having so many people running around in masks has made it seam less believable or something like that. Having all them dressed up in masks and out there kind of has made the fact of them having worse fights scenes more evident.

    *Why I said I didn't have any sympathy for the guy who got killed is because we know nothing about them or really any of the workers. The left overs from The Amazo come to mind.*

    I'll give this episode a 1 (I hardly ever do) and if the pool had a 0 option I would have clicked on that.
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    All of those people running around in leather and masks makes none of them special. Diggle should pawn his helmet and Laurel should go back to being the D.A.. Thea is probably going into the mystery grave, so that would help to clean house. While I don't care much for Oliver, this is supposed to be his story, they should get back to that. The episode wasn't that great, not enough Ray, and to much Felicity.

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    So much pointless relationship drama, and it took center stage no less. It's sad to see how far Arrow has fallen.

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    The Awesome:

    - Damien Darhk. Even when he’s acting like your typical comic book villain, Neal McDonough brings a chilling sense of dread to the screen when he’s playing this character. I’m pretty sure at one point, Damien was itching to teach Lance a lesson about summoning him.

    - Ray Palmer. Sorry, I’m a Brandon Routh fan. He does a good job in this role and I’m looking forward to seeing how things play out.

    - The banter in the field when they’re infiltrating Kord Industries. Pretty sure I saw both Lance sisters smirking at Oliver and Felicity’s sniping.

    - “Chatty Cathy.” Need I say more?

    The Meh:

    - Sara being back in the field. I was honestly hoping for more. But I swear I’ll laugh if she ends up opening a flower shop in Central City.

    - The flashbacks. They were nice for a filler, but nothing big really stood out until the end. But we now have continuing proof to never trust casting calls. I seem to recall them saying Conklin was gonna be a friend to Oliver. Well, then again, I did call him a Slade-like character. So maybe that is him being a friend to Oliver in their minds. . . .

    - Oh, look, they go through all that trouble to get Ray away before HIVE can utilize his tech and what happens? Their rescue gives HIVE exactly the readings they need. Just bloody wonderful.

    The Bad:

    - Felicity bemoaning her ‘losing herself’ in Oliver. I’m sorry, Felicity, but you always lose yourself, and not just in whoever is your love interest. You do it with your work, too. The only saving grace here is she was rightfully admitting to her culpability in this regard. If she had been blaming Oliver, as Oliver seemed to think for a few scenes, I’d have been like, “great, Season 3 roller coaster, here we come.”

    - Thea and Alex. Sorry, not feeling that relationship at all.

    The Miscellaneous:

    - Donna Smoak. While always a fun person to have guest star, she continues to remain nothing more than a plot device to her background-deprived daughter.

    - Diggle’s nickname: in a way, Spartan would be cool, but I suspect they won’t keep it. I would personally call him quartermaster, since he maintains their non-pointy weapons.

    All in all, due to a possibility of this episode feeling lackluster after “Enter Zoom” last night, I’m going to give this an 8. It was a good episode, but it was another ‘filler whose sole purpose is to prep for Legends of Tomorrow’.

    Oh, and from the trailer for next week’s episode, I totally called that Andy was going to end up being one of the Ghosts. Bet you anything he was the one who had Dig at his mercy and let him go in 4x03.

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    And for the record, if I didn't give it an 8 due to the possibility of it feeling lackluster compared to Enter Zoom, it would've been a 2.

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    Well that was horrendous. I usually compile a list of good and bad, but I honestly can't find anything positive about this episode, apart from Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz (who was COMPLETELY marginalized after her big return last week) and the 3 girls teaming up and kicking butt. So, things will be pretty simple this week:

    The awful:

    - In 1 word? Felicity. Look, I get character development and relationship growth. We get it on Flash all the time with Barry. But there's really nothing organic about this character turning into an utter ass for most of the episode. That's not who Felicity (at least the Felicity we saw in earlier seasons) is, even during the most stressful of times. You can't have her be a jerk for the entire episode and then expect the viewer to relate to her because she made out with Oliver in the end without even an apology. There's nothing relatable about a character who's always portrayed as perfect, is never held accountable for anything and always lashes out at anyone who disagrees with her.

    - Did Diggle really have to praise Felicity that much? "One of the most badass women on the planet"? "As much as Lyla"? Yeah, no.

    - Don't know what they are doing with Oliver this season. He didn't get beat up this week, but he was a mere spectator for the Ray rescue mission as Thea, Sara, Laurel, Felicity, Curtis and Diggle took more central roles. I won't even get started on his obsession with cooking.

    - Team Arrow has gotten too bloated. And now they even came up with an excuse to have Felicity on the field.

    - I don't get the point of Donna Smoak. I mean, wasn't it more important to have Dinah Lance show up in this episode? Shouldn't she be a more important character in the show's mythos, especially now that Sara just came back.

    - Speaking of Donna, that scene with Quentin was embarrassing. Not because I prefer those two people to be alone, but because it came about because of this:
    "Charlotte Ross plays Donna Smoak, and has further revealed that tonight will see Donna meet Quentin Lance for the first time -- and that's a relationship which, as the fans have demanded on social media, will be explored as the season progresses."

    Hasn't there been enough fan service on this show with Olicity? They are also doing "SmoakNLance" just because fans asked for it on social media? The showrunners' priorities are all messed up.

    - Thea and Alex. Not sure why Thea has to have a romantic interest every season. Laurel hasn't had one since season 1.

    - Predictably, Sara returns and before you blink, Sara leaves.

    - The promo for next week. A bit too spoilery, isn't it?

    4/10. Mainly for Caity Lotz.
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    This episode was ****ing garbage. This was horrible on Season 3 level.
    Where the hell was the focus on Sara? We didn't even get a scene of her with Detective Lance, nor we find out her reaction to Laurel being the Black Canary. Instead they brought back Donna Smoak, and her presence was complete useless. And again, we saw that cheesy Olicity crap, and Arrow writers pandering to tumblr fans like back in Season 3. I ****ing hate Felicity.

    I hope the next episode is back to quality of the first 5 eps of this season, because this just left a bad taste in my mouth.
    I like Arrow more than Flash, but I'm looking forward to the Flash more, after that epic episode with Zoom.

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    I just watched the episode again, just to see if I could spot something more.... nope. I wish I could change my ranking to 1 or 2. That's what I get for voting when I'm tired.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDBentz View Post
    I just watched the episode again, just to see if I could spot something more.... nope. I wish I could change my ranking to 1 or 2. That's what I get for voting when I'm tired.
    Hats off for the rewatch. I also tend to watch every Arrow episode twice during the week, but I'll pass this time. For the sake of my blood pressure.

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    Wow, this must be the lowest ranked episode ever! Half the voters gave it a mere 1, which is really the bottom of the barrel! The criticism on many other discussion forums is just as scathing. I'm trying to prepare myself for the worst, since the writers seemed to have been really sloppy in this ep, after a promising start. For example, Oliver didn't even get to take a proper farewell of Sara, the woman he shared so many hardships with in the season two flashbacks, and with whom he was so much in love in present-day season two that he wanted to move in with her. One post I read explained this glaring omission in the following manner, and I'm inclined to agree with him:

    Of course there wasn't a Sara/Oliver scene. The show tries it's best to pretend that Oliver hasn't had a love life before Felicity came into the picture and let's face it, the only type of scene that Oliver and Sara could ever have at this point would be for Sara to pimp Olicity just like every other character before her. I'm glad that we were at least spared of that atrocity.

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    Well that was appalling. Acting wasn't great either. Sara seems to serve absolutely no purpose. There barely seemed to be any reaction to her being out in the field.

    Felicity was back to her usual whiny self. Her Mother was just as irritating.

    I find it sad that the writers seemed to focus on more drama between Oliver and Felicity than in the fight with HIVE at the end which had absolutely no tension in it.

    Whilst his appearances are quite minimal I do really like Rieter.

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    I don't know if I can rate it as an actual Arrow episode -- because (again) it wasn't really one. It's a LOT prequel episode. I'm not going to rehash what I've said about LOT plots being wedged into Arrow, or Arrow characters becoming guest stars on their own show due to yielding space for LOT ... because it's come to fruition. Maybe some viewers are only realizing it now, but they've been on this road for at least a couple of episodes. They've pressed the pause button on S4 Arrow even before this ep and won't restart IMO until all the LOT pieces are on-deck for '16. The only exception might be the flashbacks, but even then 'the need to introduce Constantine to the Arrowverse' has been driving plots lately. If viewers are still doubting there's any blowback on Arrow due to launching LOT, it's all there to see.

    I thought Flash was actually going to overtake Arrow on the shipping front, but after this episode I'll have to revisit this conclusion. Why the need to stick Thea into another one, she has probably the best reason not to get involved at this time (post-PIT stress disorder). Laurel stays clear of shipping frivolity here, one of the few wise moves they made.

    Can't say much about the Sara subplot this ep., it was more of getting Sara from A to B re: LOT. In the context of Arrow, it didn't do or say much as an Arrow plot.

    While I like Ray and his potential on LOT (and he has the benefit of evolving as a character on Arrow), Darkh's involvement was about as flimsy an Arrow link as they could find to re-introduce Ray. Any other villain could have filled in Darkh's slot, he was there just so they could cover the bases and claim it's actually an Arrow plot and not the LOT prequel one it truly is.

    Felicity, Felicity. I don't have much to add to what others have said. For about 10 seconds I thought the show was going to make a hard right turn and actually shake up Olicity, move it into a different phase ... and do something bold, up to and including a "break". Nope, they opted for the "losing oneself" sludge. Donna Smoak could have been there to flesh out Felicity's non-Team Arrow character development, but yet again she's there to bolster Olicity. I actually find Donna a much-needed breath of fresh air and humour -- something Felicity herself did for the show (more so in previous seasons than now) -- but her character is largely misused again.

    Don't they know it's not Olicity that needs the bolstering, it's Felicity's own character development -- the part that doesn't involve Ollie's feelings. I still believe Felicity needs the Palmer Tech scenes, if only to show her in a non-Arrow environment/life beyond the team, but in this ep. it too became just another LOT backdrop.

    Stealing from Kord? Again, it's a plot device more to serve 'saving Ray in time for LOT' than anything to do with Arrow. Sara coping with her Pit bloodlust was a flimsy angle to connect it with Arrow. Team Arrow can now add theft to its skill-set.

    Diggle and Ollie's scenes were good -- Diggle's spear-carrying for Olicity not so much. He's been bearing that spear since forever, so it wasn't surprising. I was paying more attention to his reactions when he got caught between Ollie and Felicity squabbling over the surprise dinner plans. Priceless. And he looked a million times cooler as a Ghost than in his actual costume. Give the man a balaclava as a mask already!

    It's more LOT Prequel Episode 0.4 than Arrow Ep. 4.6, I may have to give it two ratings.

    As a LOT episode it secures Ray's entry, he's pretty much good to go for '16 and Sara has left Starling again, so it's possible we might see how she's coping -- or they'll just wait until LOT itself. I don't know how much magic will factor into LOT, but they've done their duty by establishing that magic does have influence in this universe.

    -As a LOT ep, it gets a tentative 7/10.

    As an Arrow episode, we don't have much to work with. Ollie and Felicity re-evaluating their relationship, I guess it's something. Out of necessity, it needed a shake-up but they opted for stirring with a teaspoon instead of using a full blender. It could have been better executed than what we've got. Thea does not need a ship at this point. Darkh/HIVE is the biggest threat that (surprise) has to wait his turn until LOT gets off the ground. I'm almost expecting Damien to go: "Just you wait Team Arrow. I'll show you just how menacing I can be ... in the new year, or maybe after the Super Bowl." The flashbacks allude to Ollie's more lethal S1 Hood destiny, but the magic angle seems out there -- unless it ties into Darkh by season's end. It was 45-50 minutes of meh.

    -As an Arrow episode, it gets an unenthusiastic 6/10, which is more merciful than it merits with all the unnecessary melodrama.

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    I don't love Olicity, and I don't hate them either, so I just dealt with the ep. on it's own terms. As for SmoakinLance, it is fan service, but it's the kind of fan service that makes me happy. I would like Dig and Lyla to get more screen time as well. I would REALLY like Professor Stein and his wife Clarissa to get some quality time on The Flash and/or LoT. Even the CW should face up to the fact that a fair few over 40 and over 50 geeks are watching these superhero shows too. For the record, for all her melodrama, I thought Moira and Walter were awesome too.

    As for the rest of the show, I really like non-triangle Ray, and even though LoT has highjacked early-S4 Arrow, I'm still psyched for LoT.

    *Edit -- They could do some interesting things with Donna. After all, she's been a Vegas cocktail waitress forever, and some magic users like Zatanna have been known to hide in plain sight in that part of the world from what I've read on the DC data base. Donna has undoubtedly seen some things and discreetly ignored other things for larger tips from time to time. She could give Quentin and the others new perspective.
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    President_Luthor we still have 4 episodes that are prequels to Legends of Tomorrow.

    2.07 and 2.08 of Flash & 4.07 and 4.08 of Arrow. The crossover is suppose to be the big send off to Legends of Tomorrow.

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