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    11 TV shows that was cancelled just as they were getting interesting.

    1990's flash is first on the list. And I have to agree, I wouldn't had minded a second season! It was just starting to hit its' stride at last when it was cancelled.

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    I loved Reaper, and it left on an evil cliffhanger. Literally.

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    90's Flash - I agree
    Wonderfalls - Never saw
    Terra Nova - No, that show was absolutely terrible IMO
    Reaper - Meh
    Brimstone - Never saw
    Point Pleasant - Never saw, but what I heard didn't look like much
    Surface - Ehh
    Birds of Prey - That had potential but it didn't have a consistent base of what demographic it wanted to pull in. You had wanna-be Canary as the school girl crowd, Catgirl as the sex appeal and Barb for the mature lot. It just didn't work.
    Tremorz - No clue on it
    Alcatraz - Heard it was great, still need to watch it
    SGU - YES YES YES, this should never have been cancelled but neither should have SGA.

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    90s Flash. 😢 Maybe if it wasn't canceled, JWS wouldn't have gotten stuck with those Dawson's River kids.


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