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    Quote Originally Posted by President_Luthor View Post
    Diggle: Or how about: 'Hey it's the Green Arrow's sidekick, that guy who's wearing a big spaghetti pot on his head. Or, just Diggle -- since the world has seen me around you without a mask for the past three years ... (Diggle storms off)

    Ollie (Sheds a single manly tear. Yes, manly -- because even one tear could climb the salmon ladder 5x on its own, no problem): I crafted the helmet by hand. Poured my heart into it. Well, okay, "sorta" put my heart into it. I was baking gourmet cupcakes and running down to the workshop to make it while they were in the oven. And I think I had a spin class that day too."

    Quote Originally Posted by cosmicbimbo View Post
    Maybe they will get nicknames during the Flarrow episode. Cisco likes to give nicknames.
    yeah, that could work!

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    When I read the description before this episode, I was surprised it didn't say, "Oliver decides to run for mayor." I now find myself questioning what he would even do as mayor. What does this guy believe in? I have no concept of how he might actually inspire people and make the city a better place, but I assume that will be part of the story.

    The codenames should have happened two years ago. "Dig" might suffice if they use it consistently. So help me, though, if they call Felicity "Oracle," I'm going to punch something relatively soft that won't actually damage my hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreamsofnever View Post
    I thought this was a pretty solid episode, actually. And I could be wrong, but it seemed like there was a theme throughout the episodes of consequences. We had Oliver seeing the consequences of deserting his sister and his city and facing up to them and trying to make things right by coming clean with Thea and wanting to run for mayor. And while the idea of Oliver running for mayor is a little ridiculous, I'll roll with it because they made such a big deal out of the fact that literally no one else wanted the job. I remember reading a news story about a teenage girl who became mayor of her town in Mexico because she was the only person brave enough to want to risk being in charge due to the issues with organized crime in that area. Now whether or not Oliver actually devotes himself to the job and does right by his city is the question, but I like that he's actually starting to think about other ways that he can help the city.

    And while I still dislike the idea of Felicity as CEO, I liked that she finally got to see the consequences of going on a world tour and then buying a house elsewhere (presumably with her CEO salary from Palmer Tech) and basically refusing to let the board appoint anyone else as CEO. She saw that when a CEO of a multi-billion dollar company doesn't do her job, people will lose their livelihoods. And while her plan to fix the company's money issues is a little sketchy at this point, I did admire that she saw the consequences of her actions and tried to do something to repair the damage she'd done.

    We got a little hint at Diggle seeing consequences down the road with Laurel telling him that keeping the secret about his investigation into HIVE will likely go badly for him.

    And of course, the episode ended with Laurel and Thea digging up Sara's grave in an act that will CERTAINLY have consequences.

    Obviously, there's been a lot of debate on that point and how it reflects on Laurel's character. And while I don't think it's the 'right' thing to do in this situation, I think that it's a very human emotion to want your sister back. And I don't think it's fully 'selfish' either, because I think what hurt Laurel the most after Sara's death was the idea that her sister's life was cut short and that Sara was cheated out of a long, full life.

    I'm a little disappointed that Jessica Danforth seems to be a one episode character, but maybe she'll show up in future episodes and help Oliver out with his campaign or something? At the very least, I liked seeing Thea have a friend outside Team Arrow.

    And while I completely agree that both Felicity and John need a codename, I also agree with JDBentz that rather than whine about wanting one, Felicity needs to just choose one for herself. Here's hoping that we will see them both get codenames by the end of the season, so long as Felicity isn't called Oracle.
    I was going to write my own comment, but then I came to realise that I would be repeating pretty much everything which you already said.

    I can add that I enjoyed the scene with Oliver and Quentin, when they talk with cards laid on the table. It seems that their still chance that they eventually repair their relationship and start to cooperate again. Lance doesn't fully approve him yet and makes snarky comments about his methods (than one about pin cushion) but starts to hesistate and eventually turns to him for help. Of course on the other hand there is still that subplot with him being working together with HIVE. I guess he will be pretty quickly caught between his loyalty to Team Green Arrow and the deal he made with Darhk, who clearly blackmails him. Don't see a happy ending for him. Especially that after Sara's return he is going either to have another heart attack or end up in Arkham Asylum in straitjacket.

    I didn't like that Ollie showed his hypocrisy again (how many people he did hurt during his interrogations?). The subplot with mayor on the one hand might look ridiculous (who would vote for him? ) but on the other it makes him more involved in the city's well-being. He can achive much more as the mayor than running on the streets with bow and arrow. As you I'll roll with it as well.

    Didn't like too much that Anarky kicked Oliver's ass quite easily. It is really the same guy who took town twenty-something people in that corridor fight when he went to save Walter? Also, again, the archery. -_- They should give Willa Holland a different bow or something, or at least not show scenes when she keeps it half drawn, because it looks just bad. Other scenes seemed to be more or less fine, but the one when they were walking with bows drawn, looking for Anarky - it was just silly.

    And last but least - I liked the flashback. Already I see the strong references to Year One comic. Also, Darhk seems to be lawful evil character type, which makes him more interesting.

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    Wasn't a big fan of the show's take on Anarky and it looks like he's gonna be sticking around this season...probably making use of the lack of code names. After all, he heard that Green Arrow works with someone named Felicity...betcha the rest of Team Arrow gets them after something happens to her. I still don't think she's in the grave though.

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    "The Candidate"

    Here is my review! It's a cross-post, I hope that is OK!

    I just had the opportunity to watch "The Candidate", and it was an enjoyable episode, and certainly an improvement in comparison to season three. Here are some comments:

    1. Oliver's reply when Jessica Danforth commented on his fighting skills: "self-defense classes". I wonder if this was a subtle allusion to all the fandom complaining about Laurel's self-defense classes and "five boxing lessons", which make her so inadequate as a fighter? Probably not, but it was kind of neat anyway.

    2. Lazarus Pit-crazy Thea. I'm just wondering if there is any kind of time-limit before the crazy sets in. I mean, Laurel has been living and vigilanting with Thea for six months and neither she nor Diggle seems to have noticed the Lazarus Pit after effects on Thea. It is kind of odd that she starts acting out of bonds only after Oliver returns, but I guess it is a matter of plot convenience. I can't help but feel that Oliver is again being a bit of a hypocrite, since he himself often resorted to quite violent measures even in the recent past, like twisting the arms of the bad guys, or planting arrows in them, to make them talk. Now he is suddenly going all moralistic on Thea...but maybe he thinks that he himself tortures/hurts people with restraint, while Thea can't control herself.

    3. Neal McDonough's Damien Dahrk is one of "Arrow"'s most intriguing Big Bads. In fact, in my eyes he is almost up to Malcolm Merlyn's season one levels. McDonough is a charismatic actor who owns every scene, and he really succeeds in making his character fearsome and suave at the same time. Anarky was a disappointment, though. The actor was pretty meh, and not very convincing as a bad guy IMHO. I still haven't understood what Damien is up to, though. As for Quentin, he should have known from the beginning that he shouldn't have let himself get involved with Dahrk, and now it seems that Dahrk (predictably!) is threatening to hurt Laurel.

    4. As expexted, I found nothing wrong with Laurel's behavior in this episode, nor did I see any "selfishness" when it comes to her wanting to revive Sara. I think this actually opens up for an interesting storyline for her and Thea, with the Dynamic Duo going to Nanda Parbat to try to revive Sara. If Sara has to be revived for the LoT series, I think the best solution was to involve Laurel in her resurrection. Sara's death hit Laurel the hardest, and it should be she who brings Sara back to life again. Finally, I liked her heart-to-heart with Diggle...KC and DR play off each other well.

    5. For me as a non-shipper, Olicity is a lot more bearable this season than in the previous ones. In the early seasons I often felt that the Olicity moments/scenes were more like shipper baiting than any genuine relationship scenes, mostly because Oliver was either supposed to be in love with another woman, or in a serious relationship with another woman, while he was having his "moments" with Felicity. In season three we mostly got fabricated angst, and the kind of highly charged dramatic scenes that isn't really the forte of either SA or EBR. This season Oliver and Felicity seem a lot more relaxed, and their relationship has a nice companionship vibe. I personally don't see all the sparks, subtext and erotic tension that other fans see, but their season four scenes have been well-acted and in a style that suits the actors better than the season three "epic angsty love" style.

    Although I fully understand @ShelbyKent's frustration with this basically (at least in my eyes) fan-imposed romantic storyline, I try to view the compulsary Olicity scenes as a temporary diversion that doesn't excite me, but that doesn't bother me much either. If I were watching 'live' rather than on my computer with a headset, I would probably go for a drink or something during the Olicity scenes, because they are the most "missable" parts for me.

    The FERN scene was a minor irritation, but that's probably because I prefer Oliver the tortured/damaged hero who is carrying a torch for the woman he cannot be with to the suburban soufflé-making, plant-carrying domestic Oliver. But it is apparently this type of romance that goes over well with the social media shippers, so I guess Guggenheim and company are just giving those fans what they want.

    6. Oliver for mayor. I'm not sure I'm on board with this storyline. It seems a bit too early, and I'm not sure that Oliver has anything substantial to offer as a mayor. If the producers wanted to replicate the comics, I think they could have waited until the middle of the season, or until next season. But I guess I just have to wait and see.

    7. Felicity as CEO of a struggling company. If you disregard the total lack of verisimilitude (how in the world can Felicity serve as CEO?), it seems to be an enjoyable storyline (but then again, there are few verisimilar storylines on this show anyway!). It's good that Felicity has a storyline of her own that doesn't involve a man/love interest/love triangle (or Oliver, for that matter). I'm just wondering how she is going to find time to be the team's Oracle-figure AND running a multi-billion dollar company on the brink of bankruptcy. Maybe she is like Margaret Thatcher, who reputedly only slept five hours when the was prime minister! I liked Mister Terrific as well.

    All in all it was a good episode IMHO, where every character was given his/her due.
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    Quote Originally Posted by evaba View Post
    Here is my review! It's a cross-post, I hope that is OK!
    Really enjoyed the review! I forgot what a good villain Malcolm was back in S1 and agree they have DD up to that level right now.

    While I have strong opinions about the resurrection (not at all religion-based but rather a life-philosophy basis) and seem to be unable to put them aside for the sake of the storyline, I really have enjoyed hearing everyone else's opinions. My hope is that it is done well so that Laurel comes out okay (she doesn't have to be perfect, she can have some rough moments, but in the end, I always find wisdom to be one of the things I like to see most in heroes and so I would hope to see some growth in that area from the experience .... )

    I definitely agree with you on the version of Oliver I prefer. But then I think, maybe MG could not have kept the show going if he didn't make these changes....?

    And well, I really thought I could handle Olicity but I couldn't and it spills over into just the sight of Felicity as well. So that's a lot of scenes! Oh, well....

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    50/50 :d

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