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    Loved It? Hated It? What did you think of the Supernatural Season 11 Premiere?

    Jeff, were you sleeping when it came time to make a thread?

    Anyway... talk about "Out Of The Darkness, Into The Fire" here!

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    Forum Whiz Kaleltheking's Avatar
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    I liked it for the most part. Except for the Walking Dead vibe I got.

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    The Road So Far. Not bad.

    I thought the CGI with Dean in the smoke was a bit crappy, but maybe that’s just me?

    The title card was interesting. Angel grace then the logo turning gold again a Darkness? Huh.

    “Doe she even know what a cheeseburger is?”

    Wow, flashback city! I actually liked it at first but then it got a bit annoying. Like they relied on it too much, you know?

    Cas vs. Crowley. Since I knew both were going to survive, that ‘fight’ was pretty anti-climactic.

    Who else was thinking those kids with the guns seemed like a parallel to Sam and Dean? I mean, brothers (or looked like it anyway), one older, one younger. And the younger one with long-ish messy hair? Yep, Sam and Dean.

    The smoke mutated people? Okay.

    Dean’s line about “killing Death” and all. Oh, Dean, very few people think you actually killed Death.

    The deputy making the “saving people” reference. Very clever.

    Dad and his baby. Though I do wonder why Sam didn’t just shoot the “rabid” pounding at the door? It’s almost like we’re back to earlyseason!Sam with his reluctance to kill. Which, okay, but that’s a heckuva switch!

    Crowley in that woman’s body. I actually quite enjoyed that whole story bit. I found it amusing. And very Crowley that he would have not called for help until after.

    The father was infected. Figured.

    Cas praying to his fellow angels and then calling Dean. I forgot that Cas didn’t know what was going on so hearing Dean tell him about the Mark being gone and the rise of the Darkness was interesting. “The Darkness is a woman?” And Dean’s line about “what kind of Defcon screwed are we?” was good.

    Angels coming for Cas. The angels on this show (with the exceptions of Castiel and possibly Gabriel) are all jerks. Okay, and well Hannah I guess. Speaking of, what does she think of all this?

    I may have actually cheered and said “it’s about time!” when Sam said that bit about needing to change their ways and not make the same mistakes (while still saying something about would save Dean again anyway—which seems a little contradictory but whatever).

    Sam putting himself out as bait. Okay, I buy that. What I don’t buy is how badly he seemed to be losing against these ‘rabids’. He was just saying---and Dean agreed—that they are good hunters. So why was he doing so badly? And why, oh why, oh why, did he let himself get infected? He knew what that meant! And then *big sigh* he kept it from Dean during the phone call. More secrets from your brother, Sam? So much for changing your ways.

    When those rabids sniffed Sam, I wondered if it was because he was already infected or for some other reason (the brother of the one who raised the Darkness, perhaps?).

    Crowley’s back. And there are noises from the Cage? Hmmm.

    The Darkness has the Mark and so does the baby. I don’t know where they are going with this but I hope, hope, hope that we won’t be getting a ‘magic growing baby’ here. Accelerated aging until Amara becomes the adult Dean knows type thing. Lots of shows have been doing that lately and it NEVER works. I really hope SPN won’t go that route….

    All in all a solid start to Season 11.

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    I quit watching in the middle of season 10. I'm glad I gave Supernatural another chance because this premiere made me excited about the show again. It seems like we have an epic story again with a big bad, one that's worse then all the others. Hearing how Michael and Lucifer are freaking out in the cage make me excited about the Darkness.

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    Forum Regular Axalon's Avatar
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    It was a good start to the season imo. Let's see what alliances form and how they battle The Darkness.


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