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    The Last Adopted Daughter of Krypton

    Story suggested by the user Steve2.

    Pairing: Clark and Lois.

    Rating: PG-13.

    Disclaimer: I do not own Smallville and its characters.

    Summary: Lois's genetics are changing. Now it’s up to Clark to help her to adapt to her new life. Clois. Season six, AU.


    Chapter 1

    The world was facing one of its most terrifying days. A blackout caused by Brainiac for his master Zod was the source of it. Scared citizens running around cities, massive riots, violence, unprotect stores and markets being assaulted. It was hell on Earth and its lord goes by the name of Krypton’s most dangerous outlaw, Zod.

    However, not only the people in the ground were suffering. In the sky in an airplane where one of Brainiac’s duplicate piloted it, two more people were focus of his path of destruction, Martha and Lois. They were losing oxygen, causing Martha to collapse. Lois managed to open one of the oxygen masks compartments with a spoon but wasn’t strong enough to grab it and then passed out.

    The plane started to fall. Everything seemed lost until a bright light surrounded the airplane making it land abruptly on snow.

    Martha regained consciousness several minutes later with a headache. “Lois?”

    “Lois? Lois?” She got up and kept calling, breathing heavily. Martha then found her Chief of Staff, her body lying between the airplane and the snow, blood coming out of her head. “Oh, my God! Lois! Lois! Lois!” Martha then grabbed Lois’s body and turned her face to her chest and realized a metal perforated her stomach. “Oh, my God! Sweetie.”

    Lois was still breathing, but barely conscious. Tears threaten to fall from Martha’s eyes. “Everything is gonna be all right. I’m gonna get us out of here.” Martha covered her body with a blanket, but Lois started to cough blood and her eyes started to close. “Lois! Lois!”

    Desperate, Martha headed to the pilot cabin where the radio communication was. “Mayday. Mayday! Our plane is down, one person is severely hurt. Can anyone hear me?” She then stopped at the sight in front of her. Through the windshield of the airplane, she saw an unusual crystalline building, which by Clark’s description could only be the Fortress of Solitude.

    Using all of the strength she had left, Martha put Lois on the yanked door of the plane and dragged it to the Fortress with a rope. Lois’s state was getting worse as they walked in the snow.

    They reached the Fortress. “Lois. Lois,” Martha tried to keep Lois awake and protect her from the cold with the blanket.

    “Martha Kent,” Jor-El spoke.

    Martha got up and crossed her arms, protecting herself from the cold. “Jor-El. This is the Fortress Clark told me about. Why did you bring us here? Why did you crash our plane?”

    “You were taken was pawns by the Brain Interact Construct, the being you know as Milton Fine.”

    “Clark –“

    “I gave him a dagger to kill the vessel of Zod. Instead, he chose to use it against Fine.”

    “Where is he? Where… Where is Clark?”

    “The dagger is part of this Fortress. Pluging it into Fine destroyed all copies but also damaged this structure and released Zod.”

    Martha raised her voice. “What happened to my son, Jor-El?”

    “Banished forever by Zod.”

    “Bring him back. You have to bring him home,” she said, trying to contain the tears.

    “Not within my power. His destiny is now his own.”

    Martha angered. “I’ve lost my husband and now my son by your games!”

    “We have both lost so much, Martha Kent. But you must put your anguish aside if you wish to save your world. Kal-El’s mission must be completed. Retrieve the dagger and kill Zod’s vessel… Lex Luthor.”

    “You want me to murder Le –“

    Martha was interrupted when a pain sound came from Lois. She was trembling, blood coming from her mouth nonstop. “Lois! Lois, sweetie, stay with me.” Tears started to drop from Martha’s eyes. “Jor-El! You have to help her.”

    “You must hurry, Martha Kent. The world doesn’t have much time left.”

    “She’s dying, Jor-El. Please, you have to help her. She’s important to your son. She’s important to me.”

    A bright light surrounded Lois’s body. Martha took a step back. After a couple of minutes, the light disappeared revealing an unconscious Lois. “Lois Lane will be fine.”

    “Thank you, Jor-El.”

    “Zod has taken over Lex Luthor’s body and given him all the powers of a true Kryptonian. You must find a way to end this or all is lost.”

    “All right. Send me back.” Martha joined Lois’s side and put her hand on Lois’s cheeks, relieved that she was safe now.

    “Everything you’ve done for Kal-El… You have my deepest gratitude. I couldn’t have wished for a brighter light to guide my son. Farewell, Martha Kent.”

    With that, Martha and Lois disappeared within the bright light.


    When Martha returned to Smallville, Lana decided to take by herself the mission to kill Zod – and Lex – with the dagger. Lana then failed and started to get choked to death by Zod, being saved in the last minute by Clark, who had escaped the Phantom Zone. Lana passed out and Clark blasted with his heat vision the hard drive Zod used to start an earthquake on Earth, stopping it. After a difficult fight, Clark managed to send Zod back to the Phantom Zone with a crystal that Raya, the Phantom Zone guardian, gave him, freeing Lex from Zod’s control.

    Lois was in a hospital bed, uncomfortable, when Clark entered the room. “Hey, Smallville.”

    “Hey, how are you feeling?” He sat on a chair next to her bed.

    “Great, actually. I don’t even know why I’m in the hospital.”

    “You suffered hypothermia. You need to be watched.”

    “Guess I have to thank your mother for that. You know, honestly... I don't even remember the plane going down. The cabin lost pressure and I was gasping for breath and then I was in this palace of ice. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I was bathed in this warm light, and I knew everything was gonna be okay.”

    Clark looked surprised. “Lois, you were, uh, hurt pretty badly. Maybe you were hallucinating.”

    “No. It was real. I think I died and went to heaven.”

    Clark smiled at her choice of words. “Then I’m glad you’re back.” He held her hand with his.

    Lois looked at his hand holding hers and back at him shocked. Clark then realized what he did and pulled back immediately. Silence and uncomfortableness took over the room and then Clark left it, saying goodbye to Lois.


    “Clark! How are Lois and Chloe?” Martha asked, happy to see his son.

    “Fine. Both are gonna be fine.”

    Martha smiled. “Good. Lionel told me his connectionto Jor-El is gone.”

    “Along with any influence he had over him,” Clark said, concerned.

    “Maybe we're all better off without Jor-El in our lives,” Martha retorted.

    “I took Raya's crystal to the Fortress for safe keeping. I tried to talk to Jor-El, thank him for saving Lois, but he wouldn't ... he wouldn't answer. The Fortress is dead.” Clark’s expression changed from concerned to sad. “Everything's changing. Dad's gone. I can't talk to Lex. Lana's... I don't know where to go from here.”

    “I didn't either when I was your age. Just follow your heart... and you'll always do the right thing.”

    “Maybe some Kryptonians believed the same thing. Jor-El sacrificed himself trying to save Krypton. Raya died saving me.”

    “Every world needs its heroes, Clark. They inspire us to be better than we are.” Clark looked at her. “And they protect us from the darkness that's just around the corner.”


    Lois was discharged from the hospital one day later. Once taking a shower and changing clothes in her apartment, she headed to the farm. “Hey, Mrs. K.”

    Martha frowned at her. “Lois, what are you doing here? I thought we agreed you wouldn’t get back until next week.”

    “Relax, Mrs. K. I’m not here as your Chief of Staff, I’m just visiting. Besides, I’m feeling great, better than ever.”

    “You still won’t get back to work. I can handle things by myself for a week.”

    Lois shrugged. “So, where’s Smallville?”

    “He’s sleeping. He stayed all night cleaning up the barn.”

    “I bet so.” She sighed. “Since Chloe is working, I guess I’ll have to go to the Crater Lake alone. I need a sunbath ASAP.”

    Martha gave her a smile. “Have fun.”

    Lois kissed her goodbye. “I will.”


    Clark had spent all the nights of the week cleaning Metropolis. He had took it as his responsability. The problem was, he was also feeling more worn out as the days went by. Martha tried to make him to take a break, but he dismissed her concerns saying he was fine.

    Clark was in the barn, fixing some steps of the stairs. His nose was growing irritated, his face was covered with sweat. And then Clark sneezed, the air expelled from it so strong that it blew the barn door of its hinges and into the sky. His face was filled with shock.

    Lois was out jogging. Suddenly, she superspeeded to the next road. The barn door that Clark blew fell next to the spot she was before, unbeknown to her.

    Lois looked at her body and the place around her, shocked. “What the hell?”

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    Oh this is gonna be fun. Bring on the Burgundy Blur. 😏

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    Interesting story so far. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.

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    Nice start. Thank you for taking on this story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tua33915 View Post
    Oh this is gonna be fun. Bring on the Burgundy Blur. 
    I hadn't decided Lois's superhero name yet, but good one. Hehe

    Quote Originally Posted by clarkfan325 View Post
    Interesting story so far. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.
    Thanks. Chapter 2 below.

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve2 View Post
    Nice start. Thank you for taking on this story.
    My pleasure, it's a very interesting concept. I hope I can use all the ideas I had in mind when I first saw your suggestion.

    Chapter 2 below.

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    Chapter 2

    Clark was sitting in the kitchen checking his temperature with a thermometer in his mouth. Martha was also there, filling a mug with tea for him.

    “Clark, was that the first time you ever sneezed?” She asked.

    “Mm-hmm, and the first time I‘ve had a scratchy throat with my ears all plugged up.” He took the thermometer out of his mouth and checked it. “98.1.”

    Martha grabbed the thermometer and checked it, too. “No fever.” She was finishing the tea with lemon and honey.

    “I’m no doctor, but it seems like it’s just a commom cold.” Clark grabbed a tissue to clean his hands.

    “You’re far from commom, Clark. I don’t remember you’re ever even having the sniffles.”

    “I’ve never pushed myself so far into overdrive before.”

    “You know you said when you were in that zone, your powers were gone. That means your immune system was normal. You could have been exposed to something there.”

    Clark gave her a half smile. “Whatever it is, I’m not really that sick.” Martha handed him the mug.

    Lois suddenly entered through the kitchen door and headed straight to the living room, sitting on the couch and staring blankly at the wall. Clark and Martha looked puzzled at her.

    “Lois, sweetie, are you okay?” Martha asked.

    Lois didn’t answer, her mind was elsewhere.What did happened to her? How could she super run like that? Was she going crazy?

    Clark approached her. “Lois, is everything alright?”

    Maybe she was hallucinating, maybe the medications that the doctor prescribed were causing it. It sound plausible in her mind and she was going with that.

    Lois finally looked at Clark and Martha. “Yeah, I am.” She got up. “Don’t worry, Smallville.” She then punched him in the arm, heading to the frigde next to grab a bottle of water.

    “Ow.” Clark looked surprised when Lois’s punch actually hurt him. And since Lois hadn’t superpowers, not that he knew of, it proved in his mind that he was definitely sick. He then took a sip of tea and sniffled.

    Lois saw it and smirked at him. “Uh-oh, does Clarky have the sniffles?”

    Clark shot her a look.

    “It’s just a little cold,” Martha spoke, chuckling uncomfortably.

    Clark was growing annoyed.

    “Lucky for you, I have the perfect remedy, honey and a little bit of cayenne pepper. Works every time.” She started looking for the cayenne pepper. “First it makes you sneeze a bunch of times, but then I swear you’re pretty much cured.”

    Clark and Martha looked worried. “Lois, I’ll pass,” he said.

    “I think we’re all out of cayenne, Lois,” Martha tried to throw her off.

    “No, you’re not,” Lois grabbed the cayenne and showed it to Martha. “I’m just gonna whip up a little bit of something here.” She then looked through the window, surprised. “Where did your barn door go? It was here late last night when I came to drop off the documents, and now it’s gone.”

    Clark stood beside her, looking through the window. “Uh… Err… It fell today. The Earthquake… It damaged the door.”

    “Oh, that explains it.”

    Clark breathed a sigh of relief.

    Later that day, Clark, with Chloe’s help, found out that his cold was actually a new ability he had developed.


    Chloe and Jimmy were having breakfast in the kitchen of the apartment above the Talon, where Chloe had moved in after the Dark Thursday, the mess that Zod caused, until her university recover from the destruction after it.

    Lois then left the bedroom, still wearing her pajamas. “Good morning, Chlo.”

    Chloe frowned at her. “Rough night?”

    “Barely managed to sleep.” Lois grabbed a pancake from her cousin’s plate and eat it. “Do you remember that palace of ice I told you about? I’m having those dreams about it,” she said with food still in her mouth.

    Chloe gulped. “What… What exactly?”

    “It doesn’t make sense. Mrs. K is talking to it, and the ice palace is actually answering her. Something about saving the world, Zod something…”

    “Good thing it’s just a dream,” Chloe said, giving her a nervous smile.

    Lois then realized there was a third person in the room. He was standing next to Chloe, somehow afraid of her. “I presume you’re the bastard who screw my baby cuz.”

    Jimmy froze, his eyes opened wider in fear.

    Lois laughed, followed by Chloe. “Relax, bowling man, I’m just messing with you. Nice to finally meet you. I’m Lois, I’m sure Chloe told you about me.” She extended her hand.

    Jimmy shook it and smiled uncomfortably. “I’m Jimmy. Yes, she di… Did. You’re exactly like she described.”

    “Don’t believe in her, I’m a lovely person.”

    “After two cup of coffee, three donuts, and a fight with Clark,” Chloe intervened in.

    Lois glared at her.

    “So, Chloe told me you’re Chief of Staff of Senator Martha Kent,” Jimmy said.

    “Yeah, but I don’t have intention to follow this career.” She took another pancake out of Chloe’s plate.

    Chloe looked at Jimmy. “She’s clearly talented for journalism, but refuses to admit that.”

    Lois rolled her eyes.

    “Wait a minute, I know why your name sounded familiar to me. You wrote some articles for the newspaper Chloe had in her school. They were really good,” Jimmy spoke.

    “Thanks, I guess,” Lois smiled shyly.

    “You know, I’ve been working at the Daily Planet for a few years and I know some people, I could arrange you a internship there.”

    “I dropped college,” Lois dismissed him.

    “That’s okay, they pay education for whom they see potential, which you clearly have.”

    “I’ll think about, okay?” Lois grabbed one more pancake and the newspaper and headed to the living room, sitting on the couch.

    “Thanks for trying,” Chloe smiled at Jimmy and gave him a quick kiss.

    “Ugh,” Lois scowled.


    Lois was in the kitchen of the farmhouse typing on her laptop, nervously. Since the superspeed incident, she had been experiencing new abilities. Although she hadn’t superspeeded since that day, she was getting stronger, really strong. Yesterday the remote control fell under the couch, and when she tried to lift it a little, she easily lifted it over her head as if it was a tissue. Stunned, she then started lifting TV, frigde, and bed, all of them as easily as the couch. The day before it, she started to see skeletons walking around the streets. She was definitely not hallucinating.

    There was a knock on the door, which Lois only realized the second time. She then got up and answered the door. There was a tall, blond, and handsome man. They gazed at each other, mesmerized. “Hey,” she greeted, smiling.

    He smiled back. “Hi.” He tried to hand her an envelope, but she didn’t move.

    Lois’ eyes kept focused on his face and body. Too focused. Her eyes started to heat and glowing red. Suddenly, it shot fire beams, hitting the man’s shirt, setting it on fire instantly. Lois closed her eyes and stepped away from him, feeling slightly pain.

    “Oh,” the man opened his eyes in shock, quickly removing the burning shirt and the jacket he was wearing, leaving his chest bare.

    Martha came down the stairs after smelling smoke. “Oh, my God, what happened?”

    “My shirt started to catch on fire out of nowhere,” the man said, breathing heavily. He then looked at Lois. “Hey, are you okay? Did it hurt you?”

    “No, I’m fine.” She finally opened her eyes, shocked to see she almost hurt him. “I’m sorry, Mrs. K, I gotta go. I’m sorry.” She then grabbed her purse and left the house.

    Both Martha and and the man looked confused at Lois’s sudden exit. Martha then looked at him. “My son probably has a shirt that fits you. I’ll grab it for you, Mr…?”

    He extended his hand. “Oliver Queen.”

    She shook it. “Oh, I was expecting you Mr. Queen. I’m Martha Kent. I’ll just grab a shirt for you and then we can discuss the financial support you offered to my platform. Make yourself at home.”

    Oliver smiled at her. “Thank you.”


    After half an hour, Lois got home. She throw her purse on the floor and looked herself in the mirror. She hadn’t change since she saw herself this morning, not even the incident at the farm changed her, but she didn’t feel like herself. She didn’t recognize that person in the mirror.

    Lois then sat on the couch, lots of thoughts took over her mind. After a a couple of minutes she stopped fighting the tears that threatened to fall since she got into her car, she let it all out. She was feeling alone at the moment.

    Calming down several minutes later, Lois started debating whether she should tell someone about what happened or not. After two hours, she dialed Chloe’s number. “Hello, Chlo?”


    “Hey, can I talk to you, in person?”

    “Is it urgent? Because I’m investigating a really important case with Jimmy and Clark right now.”

    “No,” Lois was disappointed, but was quick to cover it with an enthusiastic tone. “Good luck on your front page article.”

    “Yeah, right,” Chloe wasn’t so sure about that. “I’ll see you later. Bye.”


    Lois thought if this wasn’t a sign that she should do it by herself, like so many other things she did in life. But she also wanted unload all of her worries to somebody. She was completely lost.


    It was evening when Lois parked at the farm. She had decided she needed someone to give her support in this. Someone she knew that wouldn’t look at her differently and that she could count on.

    Lois knocked on the door, being promptly answered by Martha. “Lois, hey, I was worried about you.”

    Lois looked at the clothes Martha was wearing, a costume, disappointment again appearing on her face. “Oh, you’re going to Lex’s charite costume ball. This isn’t a good time.”

    When she turned to leave, Martha grabbed her hand. “I always have time for you. Come in.” Lois smiled shyly at her.

    After both of them sat on the couch, and Martha handed Lois a cup of coffee, the older woman spoke. “So, tell me, what happened today? Why did you left like that?” Her voice was filled with concern.

    Lois averted her eyes. “It was a lot more complicated than that.”

    “I realized that. You’ve been acting weird since last week, it’s like your mind is somewhere else. I’m worried about you, honey.”

    Lois looked at Martha, her eyes showing sadness. “I’m worried about me, too. Lately, strange things has been happening to me. I don’t know how this happening, and believe me, I didn’t want it to happen to me –“

    “What is it, Lois?”

    Tears started to appear on Lois’s eyes. “I think I’m a meteor freak.”
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    Great chapter. The incident with Oliver was pretty funny and I can't wait to see what happens next.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetslay View Post
    I hadn't decided Lois's superhero name yet, but good one. Hehe
    Lois called herself the Burgundy Blur when Jor-El gave her possession of Clark's powers until sundown in Prophecy.

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    You've got me hooked. Looking forward to your next update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tua33915 View Post
    Lois called herself the Burgundy Blur when Jor-El gave her possession of Clark's powers until sundown in Prophecy.
    Oh, I didn't remember that. Lois definitely knows to pick names.

    Quote Originally Posted by clarkfan325 View Post
    Great chapter. The incident with Oliver was pretty funny and I can't wait to see what happens next.
    Quote Originally Posted by Steve2 View Post
    You've got me hooked. Looking forward to your next update.
    Glad you both enjoyed it. Chapter 3 below.

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    Chapter 3

    “What?” Martha’s eyes was wide-open, completely in shock at Lois’s revelation.

    “I’ve been developing those powers,” Lois said, downcast. “I don’t know what to do.”

    Still trying to process the information, Martha held Lois’s hand. “I’m here for you, Lois.” She smiled when Lois looked at her.

    Lois smiled back and wiped the tears coming out of her eyes. “Thank you.” Lois then hugged Martha, staying that way for a couple of minutes.

    When they pulled away, Martha pushed a strand of hair behind Lois’s ear. “Feel better now?”

    Lois nodded.

    “When all of this started?”

    “Ever since I left the hospital, I guess. I’ve been feeling stronger, healthier, you know. And then one day I just woosh,” Lois said, gesturing the last part with her hands. “I ran really fast.”

    Martha’s eyes opened wider in realization.

    “After that, I started lifting things, heavy things, so easily. Look.” Lois got up and then lift the couch with Martha still sitting on it.

    Martha gulped.

    She put the couch back on the floor and sat again. “I also started to see the skeletons of the people, like I had x-ray or something. I’m pretty sure I’ll never get to sleep after that.” Lois continued. “But the worst part of this nightmare happened this morning. Remember that really hot guy from this morning and his burning shirt? You’ll never guess it. I did it. I burnt the guy’s shirt. I almost burnt the guy, which would be a shame since he was really cute. Anyway, I think I did it with my eyes. They started heating and only stopped when that guy’s shirt started to catch fire.”

    Martha was quiet, the expression on her face still showing shock, her mind elsewhere trying to figure out how it happened to Lois.

    Lois looked puzzled. “It’d be really nice of you if you say anything.”

    Martha focused her attention back to Lois. “I… Uh… Are you feeling okay? I mean, any side effects so far?”

    “None. But considering what happens to the meteor freaks in this town, I’m afraid I’m going mad like them,” she gave a nervous laugh.

    “I’ll not let that happened to you, okay?” Matha then took a deep breath. “Do you trust me?”

    “With my life.”

    Martha smiled. “Don’t tell anybody else about it or go to a doctor until we figure things out, do you hear me?” Lois nodded. “I promise we’ll find out what is happening to you.”

    Tears threatened to fall from Lois’s eyes again. “You’re the best Mrs. K.”

    They hugged. Out of Lois sight, Martha’s face changed to worried.


    Martha was pacing from one side to the other in the kitchen anxiously, the phone in her hand, when Clark entered the house. “Clark! Where have you been? I’ve been trying to call you all night.”

    “I had a problem to take care of, a criminal that escaped from the Phantom Zone when I did.”

    “Oh, my God! Are you okay? Did you stop it?”

    “Yeah, I defeated her. But I’m afraid more phantoms escaped from there.” Clark then looked at her clothes. “Weren’t you supposed to be at Lex’s party?”

    “We have bigger problems now, sweetie.”

    Clark frowned. “What is it?”

    “Remember that Jor-El saved Lois when our plane went down and she was severely hurt?” He nodded. “Jor-El did more than just heal her, he gave her powers.”

    Clark’s eyes opened wider. “Uh… Err… Are you sure?”

    “Lois thinks she is infected by meteors, but she has the same powers as yours, Clark.” She pointed to the couch. “I was sitting on that couch when Lois lifted it with one hand.”

    Clark gasped. “But why would Jor-El give her powers? What would he gain with it?”

    “I don’t know. Only he can answer it.” Martha crossed her arms in a worried manner. “Lois is scared, it’s something beyond her comprehension. I’m scared, too, honey, your father’s heart weakened because of these powers, we can’t let that happened to Lois, too.”

    Clark put a hand on her arm. “I’m going to talk to Jor-El.”

    “Isn’t the Fortress dead?”

    “It can’t be. Not now.”

    Clark superspeeded out of the house, while Martha took a deep breath trying to calm down.


    “Jor-El!” Clark shouted his father’s name as he arrived at the Fortress of Solitude. “Jor-El, what did you do to Lois? What’s your game this time?”

    There was no answer. The place was dark, not even the usual hostility it emanates could be felt anymore.

    “Are you really dead or is it just your way to ignore me because I didn’t do what you ordered me to?” Clark angered. “Do you wanna kill Lois like you did to my father to teach me a lesson, is that it?”

    Frustated, Clark kicked some crystals, breaking it. He sighed and then left.


    “Any luck with Jor-El?” Martha asked as Clark entered the door kitchen.


    Martha put both of her hands over her head. “What are we going to do? We can’t let Lois keep thinking she is a meteor-infected.”

    “We can’t exactly say she’s kryptonian either. I’m not sure about what Jor-El did to her.”

    “Clark, I know you always had a problem with telling people your secret and whether or not they’ll accept you, but it’s not the time for that. Lois’s life may be in danger.”

    “Me and Lois may not be always in the best terms, but I’d never risk her life to protect my secret, mom. What I’m saying is that if I tell her I’m kryptonian, and then tell her she may be kryptonian because of my father, she may turn her back on us. And could we really blame her if she did it?”

    Martha sighed. “You may be right.” She took a deep breath. “What are you going to do now?”

    “Talk to Lois.”

    “What are you going to say to her without revealing who you are? She won’t be happy that you’re minding her business, especially when she trusted me with this secret.”

    “How’s that any different from our talks every day?” Clark gave her a half-smile. “Sometimes I think I irritate her just by saying ‘hi.’”

    Martha chuckled. “Maybe I should talk to her instead.”

    “No, that’s something I need to do. If someone understands the pressure that comes with those powers it’s me. Whether we like it or not, me and Lois are going to spend a lot of time together from now on.”

    Martha gave him a warm smile. “Good luck.”


    Clark knocked on the door of the apartment above the talon. He was breathing heavily, still not sure how to proceed with the revelation that Lois had now powers like his.

    Lois answered it, smiling at him. “Smallville, hey! I’m sorry but Chloe is not here. She called from the hospital saying she was going to stay the night there with Jimmy.”

    “Actually, I came to talk to you,” he said as he entered the apartment. He was surprised when he saw there was a third person there, dressed in a Robin Hood costume.

    “Smallville, Oliver Queen. Oliver, Clark Kent,” Lois introduced them.

    “Hey,” Oliver greeted. They shook hands. “You’re Martha Kent’s son, right? Thanks for the t-shirt, by the way. Although blue kind of isn’t my thing.”

    “What?” Clark looked puzzled.

    Lois looked at the floor, hiding the guilty on her face.

    “My shirt started to burn suddenly this morning and your mother then borrow me one of your shirts.”

    Clark looked at Lois and then realization downed on him. “You’re welcome. The important thing is that you’re fine and nothing bad happened to you.” He then cleared his throat. “Uh, could you leave me and Lois alone?”

    “Oh, you came here to ask her out, too?” Oliver asked, jokingly.

    Both Clark and Lois raised an eyebrow at Oliver. “He’d have to learn to dress first for this to ever happen. And, you know, be a completely different person,” she said, smirking.

    “It's really nice to see that Lois has found someone who can overlook her personality,” he smirked back.

    “Oh, don't worry about it, Clark. If I lived under the same roof with such a beautiful woman, I probably would've mask my feelings in sarcasm, too,” Oliver chuckled. He then went to the table to grab the hat of his costume.

    Lois chuckled, a little uncomfortable. “Feelings?”

    Clark angered. “Feelings?”

    “A little advice, Freud Jr., there... Stick with your day job,” Lois said to Oliver.

    “Good advise, I have to wake up early tomorrow morning.” Oliver grabbed her hand and lifted it to his lips, kissing it. “I’ll see you at the fundriser party at Lexcorp. Night.”

    “Night,” she said, smiling tenderly at him.

    “Nice to meet you, Clark.”


    Oliver then left the apartment.

    “Are you seriously going out with that guy?”

    Lois grew annoyed and crossed her arms. “None of your business. What do you want?”

    Clark took a deep breath. “How are you feeling?”

    She pressed her back against the countertop. “Fine. Why?”

    “Haven’t you feel any different?”

    Lois looked suspiciously at him. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

    “I… We almost lost you two weeks ago. I feel like we should try to be better friends, hang out more.”

    “Somehow I’m not buying it.”

    “I’m serious. I want you to feel you can count on me anytime.”

    Lois pondered his commentary, trying to figure out what he was really trying to say. She then opened her eyes in realization. “Your mother told you about me.”

    “Lois –“

    “I can’t believe it. I thought I could trust her and she does that to me,” she said, pissed off.

    “Lois, I can help you.”

    “If I wanted your help, I’d ask you personally.”

    Clark placed his hands on her arms. “Stop! I’m your friend, let me help you.”

    Lois pushed off his hands and headed to the door, opening it. “Get out! I’ll deal with it on my own. Tomorrow I’ll start looking for a doctor that can cure me.”

    “You don’t understand –“

    She raised her voice. “Get out!”

    Clark crossed his arms. “I’m not leaving until you listen to me.”

    “Looks like your mother forgot to mention I’m stronger now. I’ll make you leave.” She reached his arm and tried to push him out of the apartment, in vain. He then grabbed her hand, making it impossible for her to move it. “What –“

    “I’m strong, too, Lois,” Clark said, a little nervous.

    Lois gasped in surprise. “Are you –“

    “No.” He took a deep breath. “But the powers you’re starting to develop now, I’ve been developing them my whole life.” He took another breath. “Not because of the meteor rocks. It’s because I’m from the same place they are. I’m not from here, Lois, I’m from a different planet.”

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    Great chapter. I can't wait to see what happens next once Lois finds out everything from Clark.

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    "Whether we like it or not, me and Lois are going to spend a lot of time together from now on.”

    Wish Ksite had a happy dance emoji.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clarkfan325 View Post
    Great chapter. I can't wait to see what happens next once Lois finds out everything from Clark.
    Glad you enjoyed it. You'll find out next chapter, below.

    Quote Originally Posted by tua33915 View Post
    "Whether we like it or not, me and Lois are going to spend a lot of time together from now on.”

    Wish Ksite had a happy dance emoji.
    It'll be fun when I start working on it.

    A little angst first, tho.

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    Chapter 4

    “You’re... You’re an alien?!” Lois spoke, shocked. She freed herself after he eased his grip of her arms.

    “I prefer intergalactic traveler,” he said, smiling shyly. Her expression was making him feel unease, though.

    Lois was breathing heavily, her mind with thousands of thoughts. She looked at him, from the head to the feet. She then laughed. “You’re just kidding. Really funny, Smallville.”

    She looked at his face not following her laugh. “You’re kidding, right?” He lowered his head and shook it, looking at her with sad eyes next. Her heart was beating really fast. “Oh, my God! I need to sit.”

    After Lois sat on the couch, Clark followed her and did the same. “I’m sorry,” he said. “Telling you the truth about me in a situation such as this.”

    “I didn’t expect that. I’m feeling like I’m going crazy.” Lois took a deep breath. “What’s happening to me? Am I an alien like you? How?”

    Clark gulped. “I don’t know exactly. But I need you to listen to me, okay?”

    “It’s not like I have much of a choice, have I? Go on.”

    “My birth name is Kal-El. I’m from a planet called Krypton, my real parents, Jor-El and Lara, sent me to Earth before the planet exploded.”

    “Your home planet exploded? Wow.” She looked at him with an apologetic look. “Is that too late to say I’m sorry?”

    “It’s okay, I was actually an infant when it happened.”

    She put her hand over his. “Still, you must probably feel lonely being the only survivor.”

    He nodded. “After my spaceship launched into space, it took me around two or three years to reach Earth. Jonathan and Martha found me on a field the day the meteor shower happened. Years later I found out it was actually fragments from my planet.”

    “Martha and Jonathan then decided to raise me, even after I started developing powers. They loved me like I was their biological son, they teached me how to control my powers, they were my strength when I felt weak.”

    Lois gave him a warm smile. “I always thought they were amazing. But this… This makes me admire them even more.”

    Clark placed his hand over Lois’s, his face turned serious. “My mother loves you, Lois. She didn’t know the consequences, all she cared about was to save you.”

    “What are you saying?”

    “The palace of ice you talked about at the hospital wasn’t an hallucination. It was my Fortress of Solitude, a legacy from my home planet. My father, the A.I. version of him, resides there to guide me in a journey I’m not exactly what it’s about.”

    “Lois, you didn’t just had hypothermia. When the LuthorCorp jet went down, a metal perforated your stomach, you were on the verge of dying. My mother asked Jor-El to save you, but something happened and changed you.”

    Lois put a hand over her stomach, trying to remember that pain, in vain. She looked at him, worried. “What happened?”

    “I don’t know. I went to talk to Jor-El, but… He’s gone since the Dark Thursday.”

    She opened her eyes in realization. “Oh, my God! The dreams I’ve been having, they’re not dreams at all. It really happened. Martha talking to Jor-El, about saving the world from Zod. It was about you, wasn’t it?”

    “Do you remember what happened?” Clark asked, surprised.

    “Mostly the voices. What happened exactly on the Dark Thursday, Clark?”

    “Zod, the man responsible for the destruction of Krypton, escaped the prison where he was being held –“

    “So you’re not the only survivor of Krypton?”

    “The other survivors are all criminals that were banished from the planet before it exploded. There was this girl Raya, though. She was an assistant of my father, who was the greatest scientist of Krypton. He sent her there, the Phantom Zone, to give her a chance to survive from Krypton’s destruction. She was a good person –“


    “She died trying to send me back to Earth.”

    “I’m sorry.”

    “It’s the sin of my heritage.” Lois opened her mouth to say something, but closed it again. “Anyway, Brainiac, the artificial intelligence created by my father and corrupted by Zod, managed to release him. Zod took over Lex’s body and started his plan to destroy Earth and repopulate it with kryptonians. I was supposed to kill Lex, but I couldn’t.”

    “Of course you wouldn’t. You’re too good to do something like that.” She blushed at the warm smile he was giving to her. “I mean, everyone knows that.”

    Clark continued. “I tried to find another way to end this by destroying Brainiac, but I ended up helping him freeing Zod and then I was sent to the Phantom Zone. Meanwhile, Brainiac planned to hurt me even more by killing you both, but at least I saved you two when I destroyed Brainiac and all his copies. Jor-El then made sure you two didn’t die on the plane crash.”

    “When I escaped the Phantom Zone, I defeated Zod with Raya’s help, sending him back to there and freeing Lex.”

    “You saved the day and took zero credit for it. It’s amazing.”

    “It was still my fault, Lois. If I wasn’t here, they wouldn’t attack Earth.”

    “Well, screw that. People are evil because they are evil. You all have those powers, but while they want to conquer, you want a better world, isn’t that right?”

    He nodded. “That means you’re not angry at me or my mother for what’s happening to you?”

    Lois got up and started pacing. “I don’t know how to feel about it. The powers I have now, I mean. But your mother saved me, it’s impossible to be mad at her.”

    Clark looked at her, worry in his eyes. “What about me? And I don’t mean just about my heritage affecting you. Are you okay with me being from a different planet? Are you mad at me for not telling the truth sooner?”

    Lois hesitated. “I think you’re a wonderful person, Clark. You’re the most selfless person I know, and the fact you’re an alien –“

    “Interga –“

    “Intergalactic traveler won’t change that. But it’s so many revelations running through my head, I can’t quite process it all.”

    “I get it.” Clark bite his lip. “Just, please, let me help you. Be there for you. What’s happening to you, it is my –“

    “It’s not your fault.”

    “Then at least let me help you as a superpowered fellow. It’ll make you feel better.” Clark got up and approached her. “Look, I know you’re a strong-willed person, but I also know how much those powers can isolate even the most confident person. When I was growing up, the thing I wished the most was someone who could relate to me, who could help me get through this. My parents were great, I guarantee you, but they couldn’t understand my fear of hurting anyone who approached me or my nightmares that someday they would realized how dangerous I was and would abandon me.”

    Silence took over the room, they kept looking at each other, both their eyes showing pain. Lois broke the eye contact and then cleared her throat. “So, what powers comes with this set?”

    Clark took a step back and put his hands in his pockets, clearing his throat next. “Super strength, super speed, heat vision, invulnerability, x-ray vision, super hearing, and artic breath. I can also heal, read and make calculations really fast, and take super leaps. Kryptonians also have the ability of flight. Our power comes from the sun –“

    “Wait a minute, can I fly?”

    “I don’t know. I… I didn’t develop this power yet.”

    “Shame. I could use some of it.” She paused. “Who else knows about you? Chloe knows?”

    He nodded. “She found out last year. Lionel and my friend Pete also know.”

    “Lionel? Why? How?”

    “Jor-El used Lionel as a vessel. I can’t say I completely trust him, but he’s on our side, Lois.”

    “If you say so.” She sat on the couch again, crossing her legs. “You and Lana, you two have been in this on and off thing for so long and you haven’t told her yet?”

    “It’s complicated.”

    “Sounds pretty easy to understand to me. You didn’t tell her because you’re afraid she’ll reject you. In the process, you lost her to Lex.”

    “Her parents died in the meteor shower. Because of me.”

    Lois crossed her arms. “Again with this? You can’t control what happens around you. You were a child sent here by your biological parents, you didn’t know what was happening around you. If she loves you, she’ll understand that.”

    “I told her once, you know what happened? She died.”

    She frowned. “When did this happen?”

    Clark avoided to look at her. “The day my father died.”

    “What? You’re not making any sense, and it says a lot in a night like this.”

    Clark sighed. “Forget it.”

    Lois saw the pain in his eyes and decided to let it go. “It’s late, you should go.”

    He looked at her. “Lois…”

    “I just need some time to clear my head, decide what I’m going to do. I’ll call you.”

    “Okay,” Clark said, heading to the door.

    “Clark, I’d appreciate if you don’t tell Chloe about me. I prefer to tell her on my own terms.”

    He nodded and opened the door. “Good night.”


    Clark then left.

    Lois released the breath she was holding. She sat on the floor of the living and crossed her arms for self-comfort. She looked up at the ceiling and sighed. What was she going to do?


    Clark got home. Martha was sitting on the couch waiting for him. She got up when she saw him coming. “How did it go?” She asked.

    “Better than I expected. She just need some time alone now.”

    “Is she mad at me?”

    “No. I don’t think there’s anything in this world that would make her turn against you,” Clark smiled at her.

    Martha smiled, relieved. “I’m glad.” She studied him. “How did she take the fact that you’re not from this world.”

    “She didn’t freak out, and that’s it. She had a lot of things going on her head to this fact really sink in.”

    “She’ll come around.”

    “I hope so.” He leaned in to kiss her cheek. “I’m going to bed. Good night.”

    “Good night, sweetie.”

    Clark climbed the stairs as his mother watched him. Martha was worried about Lois, she wanted to call and comfort her, but she knew Lois needed to figure things out by herself now.


    Two days had passed since Clark revealed his origins to Lois. She hadn’t make any calls to them yet, but Chloe had told Clark that she hadn’t leave the apartment the entire time. Lois hadn’t told her cousin yet about what was happening to her, but the blonde was starting to wonder about the strange way she was acting lately. Clark tried to cover for Lois, telling Chloe that her cousin was just worried about a big meeting Martha was about to have in a few weeks.

    After spending the morning working around the farm, Clark entered the house. His mother was working on a few papers. “Any call from Lois?” He asked as he grabbed a bottle of water in the frigde.

    “No. I’m getting worried, Clark. What if she decides to leave town without telling us?”

    “Me too. But we have to trust that she’ll understand that she needs help.”

    “Did you warn her about about the danger of those powers, that it weakened your father’s heart?”

    “I was going to, but… But I didn’t have the courage to tell her the whole story.”


    “I know. I won’t hesitate next time.”

    There was a knock on the door, Martha answered it. When she opened the door, there was Lois, visibly uncomfortable. “Hi, Mrs. K.”

    “Lois!” Martha smiled at her. Clark looked at the newcomer and smiled, too.

    “Uh, can I come in?”

    Martha frowned at her shyness but didn’t say anything. “Of course.”

    “Hi,” she greeted Clark.


    Lois looked at Martha again. “Look, Mrs. K, I just want you to know that I’m grateful for everything you’ve done for me. The fact you cares that much about me matters more than any consequences I may suffer. And I don’t blame you, ever.”

    Tears started to appear on Martha’s eyes. “Oh, Lois.” She then hugged her.

    After pulling away, Lois looked at Clark again, breathing heavily. Clark was doing the same. Martha realized the tension in the room. “I’ll leave you two alone.”

    “No, Mrs. K, you can stay,” Lois said.

    “Don’t worry, honey. I’ll be upstairs if you need me.”

    Lois nodded. She watched as Martha climbed the stairs

    Clark took a deep breath. “How are you feeling?”

    “Fine. Spending an entire day alone helps to clear anyone’s mind.”

    “Good, I was getting worried.”

    “I tried to get drunk, to forget it all. I drank all kinds of drinks with alcohol. Nothing, it didn’t affect me the least. It’s gonna be like this from now on, isn’t it?”

    He nodded. “So… Do you… Are we good? Are you okay with me, knowing who I really am?”

    Lois chuckled. “What, a farm boy with poor sense of fashion? You may not told me about your origins, but you never hid from me who you really are. You are a good guy and a good friend. Well, sometimes. My point is you’re still Smallville to me… Kal-El.” She started to laugh. “I’m sorry, this name is really weird.”

    Clark grinned at her good mood.

    “What I have to come to terms with is the fact I’m different now. I don’t know for how long, I don’t know if it’s permanent, all I know is that I have to accept it for now. And I need help from someone who understands this. Will you help me, Smallville?” She extended her hand, she was trembling a little.

    He took it and smiled at her. “You can count on me, Lois.”

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