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    Quote Originally Posted by Aurora Moon View Post
    Yeah, that's something I can agree with as well.
    I'm glad we agree. Finally. Lol.

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    Mad Man with a Box! HalJordan4184's Avatar
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    I liked the pilot. It did what a pilot should do, it got me interested in more.

    I especially actually like Jimmy "call me James" Olsen. The approach of this show is that Superman has already had an established career, a lot of his adventures have taken place. Jimmy was the kid everyone knew, and after spending his formative years around Superman, Lois, Perry, etc, this is the man he grew into. A little more confident, collected, and sure of himself. We still get the glimpses though. When he talked about the new job, he told Kara he went to Superman for advice as to what he should do. He's still Superman's pal, it's just grown into an adult friendship.

    Also, in response to a question before about why Superman doesn't take a greater hand in raising Kara, traditionally, he hasn't. He knows he doesn't have the time. He spends what time he can around her, but he's always found a good home for her, and let her develop herself. He's available if she needs help or advice, but isn't the looming parent.

    I have high hopes. The potential is there, I just hope the show lives up to it.

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    I ended up breaking my promise to myself that I wasn't going to watch the Pilot until it aired, and have to say that I really enjoyed it. It does pretty much everything that a Pilot episode needs to do in setting up the world and the characters, while also laying the groundwork for future stories. The only complaints I have are as follows:
    1) It feels a little too heavy-handed at times in terms of emphasizing the 'female superhero' theme

    2) It rushes through the whole issue of Alex working for the DEO and the obvious tension that it causes between her and Kara, which ends up leaving Alex feeling like a bit too 'harsh' of a character in spite of the scene where she comes to Kara's apartment and pretty much apologizes by showing her the hologram from Alura

    There's definitely a lot of great stuff laid down in this pilot in terms of narrative framework, character arcs, and potential for storytelling, but I think the series would be well-served by doing more to soften Alex and tone down the heavy-handed emphasis on the series being female-centric, and have faith that Berlanti, Adler, and Co. will work out the kinks and give us a show that, in the long run, will end up being just as popular, well-received, and well-crafted as The Flash and Arrow.

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    Posting Pro PHOENIXZERO's Avatar
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    Nov 03
    Quote Originally Posted by gmster View Post
    I'm not too fond of the overly preachy "GURRL POWER" theme. It's like yeah, I get it, she's a strong woman. I don't need the show to beat me over the head with it every chance it gets.
    Quote Originally Posted by Aurora Moon View Post
    I don't think his scenes were what came off as sexist, etc here.

    It was just how Linda/Kara's sister delivered the line: "Why, because she's a GIRL??" and stuff. I'm a feminist and all, but even that part made me roll my eyes.

    Not to mention Ms.Grant's discussion with Kara about the whole "Woman VS girl" thing. While both Grant and Kara had good valid points, it still felt like it sorta came out of nowhere. It's almost like some male writer thought that strawman feminists might be coming after him for even daring to call Supergirl a girl... so he cooked up the whole discussion between Kara and her boss to cut off any objections that feminists might have with the show.

    Again, I'm a feminist and all... but even I think they were trying to lay it on too thick with the "grrl power", which was done very poorly when it's coupled with the fact that Kara is a total rookie. It almost comes off as Kara being unable to do anything on her own without help.

    I think it would had been perfectly valid to just simply show us that Kara is a rookie because unlike her cousin she never really used her powers much. Clark Kent had the benefit of living on a farm with his folks, and having his folks allow him to use his powers much as he wanted to. So obviously Clark Kent had far more practice at using his powers than Kara did. I think they should had showed us the difference between the Danvers and the Kents in how they raised the kids, and why the Danvers' "No using your powers" policy might had ended up being bad for Kara in the long run.

    To me, that could easily be a very subtle commentary on how society tends to like holding women and girls back while giving men some leeway to do whatever they wanted. subtle, and not the kind that would beat you over the head with it's symbolism or whatever.
    I agree with this, hopefully as the show goes forward it isn't as much as an issue. I wish some of it could be edited out along with that "you look really pretty without your glasses" line, I mean sure maybe it might fit where they're going with that character but ugh so much cringeworthy dialog in 46 minutes.

    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Doena View Post
    Now people that have seen the pilot will most likely not watch it again when it officially airs. But hopefully they come back the week after. With only the trailer out, they might not have tuned in at all.
    I don't think it's really that big an issue even with The Flash pilot leaking it still did record numbers for the CW, granted the hype surrounded it was pretty much overwhelmingly positive and I think added more to it opposed to Supergirl which even with the pilot out it's mixed at best.

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    Kryptonian Gladiator Kal26's Avatar
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    Oct 06
    My wife and I loved it! She is a longtime Supergirl fan going back to the first appearance, but is most in love with Loeb's version. That said, we thought we would be a little disappointed by the new story, but to our amazement, not only did we both break down in tears over how respectful the writer's were to the material, but our hearts nearly exploded when we saw that the tone of this show, more than makes up for the loss we felt when watching Snyder's Man of Steel. In this reality Superman is the hero he is supposed to be and Kara is stepping up to aid in the protection of man kind. This pilot, in my opinion, made man of steel's origin story look like garbage. Melissa is everything we could have hoped for in a young Kara, aside from the obvious wanting Laura Vandervoort to have been part of the show. Most importantly the heart is there, and from what I've seen, Supergirl has every bit of the potential to go as far as Smallville, and for those of us who are still missing it's loss, gives us hope for the future.

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    Forum Regular lonewriter's Avatar
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    Sep 09
    I loved it! The only criticism I have is why is her heat vision blue? I still think it would be better off on CW, I'm not sure how it's going to play on CBS plus Supergirl could crossover with Arrow/Flash. I also hope we get to see Superman sometime if Henry Cavill would guest star. I'm hoping it succeeds.

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    Forum Regular Dodge006's Avatar
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    Feb 07
    Overall Score 9/10.

    Dean Cain, Helen Slater cameo - AWESOME.

    Jimmy Olsen being in the show doesn't fit for me, not to mention that Superman told him right from the start that Kara is his Jimmy knows who Superman is now? (Or will obviously be able to figure it out). Also, Jimmy getting the "Fantastic 4 reboot". I really don't think that is necessary, and you'd think after the huge outpour of complaints from F4, they would have learnt from it.

    Some plot holes/silly concepts, but I'll give it a bit of faith...going to be a "freak of the week" again?

    Excuse to be back on Kryptonsite....Priceless!

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    Board Master
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    Dec 10
    Great premiere of the pilot as they went into Supergirl bein in action as well as setting up her relationships with others.A cross between the Christopher Reeve movies and Man of Steel.

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    The artist formerly known as "KryptonSite" KSiteTV's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dodge006 View Post
    Jimmy Olsen being in the show doesn't fit for me, not to mention that Superman told him right from the start that Kara is his Jimmy knows who Superman is now? (Or will obviously be able to figure it out). Also, Jimmy getting the "Fantastic 4 reboot". I really don't think that is necessary, and you'd think after the huge outpour of complaints from F4, they would have learnt from it.
    Eh... to me, the race of the actor playing the role is not an issue, any more than hair color is an issue. For Fantastic Four, actually, once it came out, the majority of complaints I saw were about the writing and how it was put together, with very little complaining about the cast... Michael B. Jordan was actually one of the better parts of the movie.

    I think if anything, I have more of an issue/weirdness with Jimmy Olsen being bald, tall, ripped, and not goofy than I do with the color of his skin. Winn is a lot more the typical Jimmy Olsen, but I guess it'd be silly to have a Jimmy who hasn't grown. And yeah, Mehcad is a good actor, so he has that going for him, so I'm sure I'll get used to it.

    Excuse to be back on Kryptonsite....Priceless!

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    Posting Pro Raissa's Avatar
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    Jun 07
    Florida, USA
    Kara Zor-El was awesome. Kara Danvers was not. In fairness, I'm not a Clark Kent fan either. My other purely subjective problem is that I was an English major in college, so I studied allegory and deconstructionism. Now, as a 40-something, I'm completely over allegory and deconstructionism. I would like to be able to watch a superhero show in peace without the well-intentioned writers going, "Oh look at the shiny symbolism." It's really freaking tedious.

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    Forum Regular stovers's Avatar
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    May 08
    I liked it more than I thought I would. I'm glad it's not on the CW because it can reach out to a broader audience and have a better budget for visual effects. Seeing Helen Slater and Dean Cain was awesome.

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    Forum Regular tam123's Avatar
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    Feb 07
    well this is my second viewing of it, the first of course being during the....."other" time it was released. i have to say the second viewing (yes, i saw it twice, because whenever i watch a leaked pilot, i always resolve myself into actually watching it when it is released on tv to show support for the show, so those ratings arent lost and we keep getting shows cancelled), was actually pretty good. I still think the cgi needs some work, but hey, smallville had attrocious season 1 cgi, so hopefully that is fixed with time, usually first season problems revolve around over acting and cgi issues. Glad to see not as much overacting, although there were from a few of the cast members, trying to make a point and hammer it into the audiences heads by over acting it. Which is understandable in a pilot, looking back, almost all pilots have those moments of overacting to drill something in our minds, but it usually got better as the season went on.

    now, i've been noticing comments alluding to the "buff" James Olsen. People, keep in mind, superman has been doing his thing, for many many years. Heck, when Kara landed on earth, he was already superman, for how many years, and of course as she grew up, was still superman. As you remember, jimmy olsen, was a bit geeky, awkward, throughout superman's career in the comics. But as you notice, this is many, MANY years into his career, where he has received guidance, and lessons from the big guy, as well as experience from their many adventures. I would hope to see, that geeky jimmy olsen, turn into "james" olsen, a more mature jimmy olsen (as he himself alluded to in the episode), using advice given to him, by the big guy. And, who knows, maybe one of those tips led him to the gym? Also, i never have any problem with a characters race, only if they can make a believable rendition of that character, and their acting skills, and thus far, hes doing just fine.

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    General Leia's Mod WickedJenn's Avatar
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    I gave it an 8/10!

    When I first saw the promo pic of Melissa in the costume, I was not keen on the suit, and I was not overly intrigued at the time to want to watch the show. I had no huge problem with it but it didn't grab me, it seemed so dark. Curiosity got the better of me and I had to watch. Nice to see how much better it looked on TV tonight. Leaps and bounds better.

    What I liked about it the most was that it was kept very light, despite there being villains in it. It's a nice change from some of the darker tones of shows like Arrow or even Agents Of SHIELD. It was refreshing to see Kara with that excited little girl quality about her. That's a quality I always enjoyed about Reeves and even Routh's portrayal of Superman. Even though she doubted herself at times, in the end she knew what she had to do. Overall I enjoyed Melissa's portrayal of Supergirl. I especially like how close she is with her cousin, and that moment at the end when James gave her the cape, how touched she was by that. I remember a comic scan, cannot tell you what storyline it came from, but Kara did something to upset Clark, and Lois was the go between to get them to talk, Kara was so worried about disappointing him. I can see that same admiration here on the show.

    Another big plus for me was the fact that they didn't waste eons of time on the backstory. We know the origins, they've been done so many times before. I like the fact that she was already in the costume about halfway through.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE how Dean Cain and Helen Slater were in there, REALLY hope we see more of them!! Nice homage to previous versions!

    Not so keen on Calista as Cat Grant. It worked for the show enough, but it just came across as forced nastiness. I took an immediate liking to Winn, as Craig said earlier in the thread, I see HIM as a Jimmy Olsen, due to his awkwardness and excitability about the superhero stuff. Hello, "Superfriends" quote said to him by Kara? No matter what, even in Superman Returns for example, and Jimmy had known Clark/Supes for sometime in that, yet he never lost those qualities, he still remained in awe of him. No matter who the actor, there should still be those core qualities kept to the character. Mehcad Brooks is a great actor and he did well on the show tonight. That all being said, I'm not sure about even having Jimmy (can't get used to James) on there. What is his purpose, other than Kara's connection to Clark? He's a permanent fixture at the Daily Planet, with at least a camera hanging around his neck. I'm guessing they'll get more into that later on in the series.

    I'd have been a little more mad at my sister for betraying me, even though it seems that wasn't quite the case. Still, I can chalk that up to another one of Kara's good qualities, forgiveness.

    It should never be "Kryptonese" and I hope that was just a joke, it should always be "Kryptonian" as we discussed in the live thread. Sorry but that irked me, I can't make it stop!

    They definitely need to kick it up a notch in the effects area but still for TV, it was pretty well done.

    I will keep watching, hoping for more good stuff. I can't help but get giddy at the Supes lore. Really am wondering if they'll squeeze in an actual Clark visit, though I doubt it.

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    I'm still watching it, but here's what i think so far;
    I like james olsen; on the other hand i'm not liking kara's sister, or her boss at the DEO. In fact, i'm beyond tired of the "fear the alien" stories. Granted, kara is really acting like a novice, and not so much in the obvious ways.i mean, i was expecting to see kara learning to hone her super hearing before she got captured. I guess she learned that offscreen, or something. And almost immediately, she tells her secret to win schott. I guess in general, the pilot is moving too fast, and glaring over a lot of things i'd like to have seen. I might add more thoughts later. I will say this; james olsen being black, being buff, being HERE, doesn't bother me. I'm not a fan of superman's supporting cast in general, but i like the fact that jimmy really is superman's friend. Jimmy as kara's confidante is a good thing.
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    They added or changed a number of things to the aired version that ultimately made it better than what was leaked, and I enjoyed it more the second time around than I had the first. Since I don't really have a whole lot to add outside of what I'd already previously said, I'm just going to post a list of things that they changed or added to the episode as aired:
    * Kara's narration had slightly different dialogue that talked more about how Superman found her and about her job at CatCo and her current life circumstances
    * Cat mispronounces Kara's name, and Kara corrects her under her breath as she leaves to go get the layouts from James
    * They added a bit more to the montage of Kara and Winn being all "superfriends"-ey, specifically a mention of her going to fight a fire (in the leaked Pilot, she was just out flying around and using her super-hearing when the DEO tranqs her)
    * They added a title image, opening credits, and post-script production credits
    * Kara talks about wanting someone to be excited for her before she tells Winn her secret
    * They added additional dialogue to James and Kara's conversation when she first meets him that talks about Cat being a bit demanding

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