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    Quote Originally Posted by BkWurm1 View Post
    Even the poll here for this episode has 60% of viewers giving the finale the equivalent of a B or higher. Only 16 people rated it less than a 7.

    I'm not saying that season three will be considered a masterpiece, but it is far from the bomb you paint it to be. And just for the record, I'd much rather read your opinion than another cut and paste of someone else's.
    That is true, but the posters on this forum seldom rate episodes below seven. Just check the episode ratings for seasons one and two. Most people gave most episodes a ten, nine or eight. The season finale, which is supposed to be the episode that is the pinnacle of the season, got unusually low figures from a sizeable amount of viewers in this small sample.

    I don't know which social media/forums you frequent, but the across the board sentiment I have seen is that season three was a poorly written mess, and that both Felicity and Olicity suffered from the love triangle and all the drama (which made "crying Felicity" the most popular meme on the FB page). Not that I don't think she had reasons to cry, because she did, it just got too much, and even EBR said so!

    I'll try to come back with my own thoughts on the poor execution of the season theme later on. As for Oliver's treatment of vigilante women, it was one thing that I didn't agree with in the blog post that I quoted. He was against Laurel becoming a vigilante, but I think that was because the writers wanted to create some drama and conflict, and because he knows what you have to sacrifice in order to put on a mask and lead a double life.
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