The flashback at the start. I had wondered what happened to the agents Koenig!

So Theta Protocol was just Phil building a Hellicarrier? Doesn't seem like that big a secret? Why would he have had to keep that from May?

So the guys who tried to usurp Coulson are now his Circle of advisors? Not sure that's smart, Phil.

Referencing Age of Ultron several times.

The Kree stone. Why couldn't the Kree who we saw earlier in the season 'sense' it, I wonder?

Skye uses the name Inhumans. Finally--yay! She definitely seems to be siding more with them this episode.

Skye throwing Melinda's past back at her was harsh! Ouch!

Telling Phil the leader of the inhumans is her Mom.

May turning against Phil, or starting to, it seems. Yikes. I don't want that. There's been enough division between them already.

Mack resigns because he doesn't trust Coulson. Okay, fair enough. He thinks the alien blood has affected him. I get that. He's entitled to his opinion. But man,am I glad to see him go! I didn't care a lot for Mack from the start and he's really amped up my dislike recently. Am happy he's going to be gone, frankly.

Cal offering himself up, after obviously drinking the Hyde solution.

Agent 33 vs. Bobbi. And Ward shooting Bobbi? He doesn't even really know her, does he? Is it just because she's a SHIELD agent?

Jiaying killing Robert with the crystal. Okay, as soon as she got up and started talking I thought it felt ominious. But I also didn't think she was going to do that. But she did. Wow! Then lying and declaring war?! Who would have thought that Raina would have turned out to be the one they should have trusted?

A strong episode and a fair lead in to the 2 hour finale.