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    Loved It? Hated It? What did you think of "This Is Your Sword?"

    What did you think?

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    May 14
    This episode was very predictable.

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    Dec 14
    Oh come on! this is the pentultimate episode! could have been a better all around. Was still entertaining, but very disappointing. since there was more bad then good this episode ill start with what definitely did not work.

    1: Malcolm Merlyn plotting with oliver..ok I can understand them working together, the problem i have is the reasoning why "frankly you all are not very good actors."....Really! thats the reason why they sure had oliver fooled over roy, felicity sure fooled slade in season 2, thats the big reason why oliver trusted malcolm over diggle!?

    2: Maseo is who brought the Alpha and Omega to the league... ok this one sucks because lets face it, with all Maseo has done we have all been hoping all his actions would make sense in the end...nope, not at all not only did he go bipolar almost every episode but he brought the alpha and omega which is what killed his own son to a person who will use it to kill other peoples children???? and to top it all off he dies with nothing to tie up his actions other then he was literally just conflicted at times.. what a waste of the character.

    3: Thea tracks down Roy. Ok i was excited about this, not because of thea staying with roy but because it could give us an idea of where roys character might be as far as the future of the universe even if it was a small role here and there, but no. she shows up, gives him his arsenal suit so that we all might hold onto hope he would be arsenal again at some point in time and then he leaves it for her, disappearing basically saying hes not going to be a hero anymore.. I hated this, let thea get her own outfit dont retire roys character off this way. The only hope during this whole thing was that his new name is "Jason" which we can all hope is a reference to Jason Todd in which we all know what happens to him and who he becomes, so hopefully that will be a something in the future but doubt it.

    4:Malcolm is a total wuss.. Ok we know he fears Ras but this season has literally been so confusing as far as the direction of Malcolm Merlyn, we all hope for him to either A)redeem himself as a good character, or B) show us how genius he is and how he is still going to be a good villain.. Neither has happened! Everytime he is in a corner he trys to cry and barder his way out. He just rats out oliver with no reguard trying to save his own skin. and every single one of his master plans failed miserably this season. So far its looking like hes not a good candidate to be a "big Bad" again or even be a decent character, at this point in the show he is literally taking up space and has yet to answer for killing sarah, i think john barrowman is fantastic. but the character of Malcolm Merlyn has been pointless this season, can anyone really tell me other then the thea being his daughter bit that they couldnt have made a new character to take the exact same role he has this season?

    5:The Ending..followed by the promo. Alright now this ending could have been good, i mean i think we all know they arent going to really die, just like we knew oliver didnt really die in the midseason finale, but ending it like that followed by a promo showing the flash saving them more then likely with a cure he had them make at star labs in next weeks episode of the flash just really ruined it for me. I would have been frustrated but it would have been a little nicer to be left in the world of "not knowing" and wonder, well how does oliver go help barry after he just murdered all of his friends??? i dunno maybe thats just me but i like a little mystery.

    ok now onto the things that did work this episode.

    1:Katana/Tatsu.. dont think i need to say much but the fact is i love this character and hope we see more of her even though because of the suicide squad movie i doubt we will. she was BA this episode and the scene where she kills maseo and tells him to tell her son they love him was perfect for this character.

    2:Flashbacks. For once this season the flashbacks to me were interestesting.

    3:Ray Palmer/A.T.O.M . while he didnt play a big role this episode his scene with the jet was pretty fun to watch and looked alot better then the fight between him and oliver.

    4:Nyssa trying to kill oliver..again enough said that scene made me laugh.

    5:Laurel and Diggle take the streets. This scene was pretty awesome laurel is finally becoming a character i like where as in season 2 i could not stand her. was a really good scene, my only complaint is didnt felicity say they were going to get diggle "identity" concealment?? he has a family but yet he is fighting the bad guys out in the open with nothing to conceal his identity.

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    Apr 15
    I thought the episode was solid. Predictable sometimes but solid. Flashbacks were better and fight scene was pretty good. Katana was awesome, but my beloved Felicity is starting to get on my nerves. I don't know what happened! I get that things are not great for her, but for the last few episodes she whines for the most part. I still love her, but hope for better writing for her next season. I miss the Felicity I fell in love with. And just for the record this has nothing to do with shipping. I like Olicity, I like Raylicity, I just wish for the return of a strong Charakter. However thought that the transfer of ownership was really great! Great potential for next season!
    Here is hoping for a great season finale!

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    Mar 15
    Not so impressed, somewhat predictable, 6/10

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    Jan 13
    It may have been predictable but it was a good episode. Again, Felicity and Malcolm continue to be irritating, Felicity slightly less so this episode, but everyone else was great.

    The fight scenes this episode were superb. Sad to see Maseo go but Tatsu is awesome. I must say, this season, with the exception of Felicity, seems to be about the empowerment of women as well as identity.

    The flashbacks certainly upped their game.

    I did notice one mistake, at least I think it was a mistake. When Oliver said his line about being betrothed to Nyssa al Ghul shouldn't it have been Nyssa Raatko?

    Look forward to the finale (I think).

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    Forum Regular Arrowaddict22's Avatar
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    Nov 12
    I liked the scenes with Roy and Thea - it gave them both closure, and I think it tied the story up nicely.
    I do not have a problem with Felicity crying - the writers are not afraid to allow characters to show emotion and wallow in self pity. not everyone has to be strong all the time.
    I loved the wedding - Oliver unfazed by Nyssa pulling out a blade. The "go on" comment was excellent.

    Oliver has said very little in the last 4 episodes. he has maybe 10 lines per episode - Does this make him quiet but dangerous? This is direct contrast to Ra's Al Ghul waxing lyrical all the time with many soliloquies.

    I know people have said this is a predicatble episode - but so what? i loved it, with a few gems in there - Felicity bringing along the atomic kind of help was cute

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    10 years at KSite costas22's Avatar
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    Aug 08
    It had its moments, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to overlook the bs that goes on in each episode these days.

    The bad:

    - Felicity, again. Where to begin? The "MY Oliver" line? The fact that she was more worried about Oliver marrying Nyssa than the lives of her comrades and the lives of millions in Starling? Her constant dramatic tone? Or the fact that Ray transfered Palmer Tech to her? The latter probably takes the cake in terms of sheer stupidity. Really, show? I won't mention how ridiculous this is on Ray's part after the way things ended with Felicity, because every guy deals with heartbreak differently. But what qualifications does Felicity have to run a company like this? The fact that she was a vice president (again without qualifications) who constantly skipped work? Said this before, but the showrunners are dangerously in love with her character.

    - Tatsu shows up in the present and one of the things she does is...pimp the Oliver/Felicity relationship. Like countless other characters have this season. Predictable.

    - Laurel handling 3 League members simultaneously after 6 months of combat training. Oh come on!

    - Why do they end the penultimate episode with a breathtaking! cliffhanger when we know it won't stick? They did the same last year when Thea shot Malcolm. And this was even more hillarious because they showed all of them alive in the promo that followed!

    - Is there any kind of character consistency to this Ra's? He hunts down Malcolm because killing innocent people with an earthquake device is against Legion code, but killing them with a bioweapon isn't. He wants to avenge Sara's death one moment and forgets about it the next.

    - Speaking of, will Sara's murder ever be avenged? Because Oliver not only hasn't brought her killer to justice, but he's also scheming with him.

    - They better have a damn good explanation next week as to how Oliver left his wedding to go to Central City and help Barry. Because these crossovers are starting to become a headache in terms of continuity.

    - Where's Quentin?

    The not so bad:

    - I like Oliver's plan (Malcolm's involvement notwithstanding) for now. However, there's a hole in it. The fact that he was about to kill Nyssa, were it not for Ra's. How could that have been part of the plan?

    - The Yamashiros were probably my favorite part about this episode. Whether it was the flashbacks or the present day, their scenes were tremendous. My heart broke when Akio died (I was dreading this scene ever since it became apparent what happened) and both Rila and Karl acted brilliantly in that moment. As they did after the swordfight when Tatsu killed Maseo. This season's flashbacks were underwhelming, but I'll definitely miss the Yamashiros because they had fantastic chemistry as a family.

    - The fight scene in the desert. The Laurel/League stuff aside, it was a great action sequence. Especially when Ray took down the plane. John Barrowman was also terrific with his mannerisms and expressions.

    - The Roy-Thea scenes were very good and they helped shape the future for Thea.

    6/10, mainly for Malcolm and the Yamashiros. I don't have much hope for a season finale as good as the last two. Not with the show's current trajectory and its inability to correct its flaws.
    Last edited by costas22; 05-07-2015 at 06:32 AM.

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    Nov 12
    The Phantom Zone formerly Krypton
    The promos aren't made by the showrunners they are made by ad agencies that don't know the show they just put together what they think are the best bits to hype people for the next episode.

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    10 years at KSite costas22's Avatar
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    Aug 08
    The problem isn't the promo. Because you can't have a season finale promo without Diggle, Felicity, Laurel, Malcolm or Ray in it. The problem is ending the penultimate episode with such an obvious red herring.

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    Settling In Red_Arrow's Avatar
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    Jul 14
    Star City
    "This Is Your Sword" was a good episode, unless you delve deep into it to find plot conveniences. And to be honest, nearly every show on television can be accused of the same thing.

    Oliver wasn't actually brainwashed, although some viewers probably bought it. That part was sorta predictable, but I'm not sure what else could have been--beforehand anyway. Maybe Tatsu killing Maseo? Speaking of Tatsu, Rila Fukushima gave one of the best performances I think I've seen on Arrow. Just last week, I said EBR wasn't good at "cry" acting. It's the opposite for RF. I'm pretty sure I saw actual tears falling off her mask. If she became a series regular, I might have a favorite character again. Plus, I've loved the katana since Highlander. More sword fights like that would be awesome.

    The action sequences were good as well. Laurel showed off some new moves at the beginning of the episode, which looked cool. It was strange, though, that she had trouble taking down a single guy last week but was able to take on three at once this week. No big deal. In the Nanda Parbat fight, Malcolm saved both Laurel and Felicity. It showed that he cared, at least a little. And I gotta admit when Felicity thought she took out the LoA guy with her tablet, I found it kinda funny. It's definitely what she's best at, and I hope they get her back to that next season.

    I didn't care for the Thea stuff, mainly because it set her up as Oliver's sidekick and pushed Roy further out of the show. I don't expect to see the character again and now have to possibly watch Thea fill his former role. I know a lot of people like the idea but I don't (for several reasons). Farewell, Roy. It was nice knowing ya.

    Now to the ending...

    General Shrieve said there was no cure. So unless something changed in the five years since, the virus can't be stopped and everyone would be dead. Since we know they aren't dead, there's two things I think could have happened: Either Oliver, with Malcolm's help, switched the vial that Ra's used with something that feigned death or Ra's used something else to see how Oliver would react. Another option could be that Barry goes back in time to before the virus was released and zooms them out. But that'd be the biggest plot convenience yet, so I'm not a fan of that idea.
    Last edited by Red_Arrow; 05-07-2015 at 08:28 AM.

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    May 15
    About the ending: I think that the gas was a fake thing. And the story goes on with that. Oliver will save the day and Thea "Dearden" "Emiko" Queen will become Speedy next year. And the 3-year Arrow arc is over and the Green Arrow & Speedy arc will come to us.

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    Black Canary dreamsofnever's Avatar
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    This episode wasn't bad, but there were definitely some moments that had me scratching my head. I don't understand why Ray would give the company over to Felicity. She hasn't shown any ability or inclination towards wanting to be a CEO. We haven't even seen her do all that much as a Vice President. Now, having CEOs who don't really want to be CEOs and don't seem to be good at it isn't new (Oliver last season, anyone?) but the whole thing is just weird to me. While we're talking about bad and unbelievable plotlines, I still can't believe that Oliver is really considered the most worthwhile heir to Ra's. In the flashbacks, he's only had a few months of combat training and then experience, but still. Even if you say that he's been training for, say, ever since he landed on the island... most of the members of the League have been training for that life for longer than that. Nyssa has been training ALL HER LIFE. And while Ra's has sexism and homophobia working against him, wouldn't he have had someone else in mind that would be able to fill the heir role if Nyssa didn't work out? But because of some bizarre prophecy, he's sure that Oliver is the one to replace him? Just this whole plot seems like a mess and Ra's and Malcolm seem to change their motivations and actions based on whatever the plot needs them to be.

    Ra's insinuating that he raped Nyssa's mother and also forcing Nyssa to marry Oliver and reproduce with him was absolutely disgusting. Since he's a villain, it fits, but it was still quite gross to see this sort of misogynistic treatment of someone who is (arguably) the strongest female character the show has given us.

    I loved just about everything with Diggle in this episode. From him kicking butt alongside Laurel to his very well-deserved anger at Oliver. I hope that's not all forgiven in the next episode. Because even if Oliver had a greater plan, he the end doesn't justify the means. Seeing Laurel kick butt and sass Malcolm was also a highlight. And while, yes, her amount of training isn't realistic either, literally no one on the show has had a realistic amount of training to justify their fighting abilities. And this season, they've forgotten that Laurel had about a decade worth of self defense training. And they're pretending that she's a newbie for what, really? To satisfy the people who dislike Laurel and don't want to see her as a competent Black Canary? Who knows.

    The Thea/Roy scenes were also great, but I can't help but feel like this truly is the last we'll see of Colton Haynes, and that pretty much breaks my heart. There was also a great joke on Tumblr about how the Arsenal suit is apparently made from the same material as the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants jeans. Basically, I want Thea to become Speedy and help Oliver fight crime, but I don't want it to be an either/or thing. I would have loved to see a version of Team Arrow that included both Speedy and Arsenal (or at least, Arsenal helping out on an occasional basis)

    Though I saw it coming (I think we all did), Akio's death scene was awful. And the fight with Tatsu and Maseo and Maseo's death scenes were equally heart-rending and very well done. I hope we see more of Katana next year, though I'm not optimistic since a different version will be in the Suicide Squad movie.

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    This was one very amazing episode. I enjoyed.

    Also I think a lot of us know the whole Felicity thing is a massive pile of garbage and my dislike for her even increased this episode. Spending the entire time wining about my Oliver is getting married to Nyssa which I did enjoy that Diggle and Laurel told her to leave them alone and that she didn't control every ones lives like a puppet master. I guess to fan pandering is why they had her in Nanda Parbat. To bottom line it I just really don't like the writers for having had us wish for her death this bad and make the show no longer enjoyable for a lot of us when it comes to her.

    Now moving onto the stuff I really do like which is a lot for the first time in a long time this season. I called it on Oliver faking the brainwashing although I was not expecting him to be partners with Malcolm. There's just no way I bought a man that survived five years of hell to break apart into being brainwashed in a matter of weeks.

    On the flashbacks themselves well they really are the best they can be this season and I really have enjoyed them in these past episodes. Also I'm happy to see the return/ forming of the season 1 vigilante in Hong Kong. I got the chills when Maseo said he needs the killer inside of Oliver who did just that and them facing off against Shrieve.

    With Maseo and Tatsu the scene at the beach where Maseo died really was sad to watch. It's sad for sure to see Akio dead. I guess why Maseo seamed so flip flopping this season is because he was split between Maseo and Sarab. Being a comic fan and just a fan period I really did like Tatsu in her Katana suit.

    Oliver and Diggle well I don't blame Diggle at all for being mad at him for kidnapping his family. This is going to be painful to watch these two brothers being icy towards one another for a long time to come.

    The Thea and Roy reunion was nice. Which I'm always glad to see Roy again. I will say the only thing I don't like about that and it is a nit pick for sure is Roy didn't take his red Aresnal suit back.

    One person I really have enjoyed this year is Laurel who has progressed into very likeable character.

    So yea besides my major issue character with Felicity I really did enjoy this episode a lot.

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    Settling In
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    I enjoyed the episode. Loved Tatsu/Katana and think it's too bad that DC is being so awful about not letting Arrow keep it's characters. I mean, some of the best characters from the Arrowverse are now suddenly off-limits. Their movies have been mediocre at best- but cannibalizing the shows for no apparent reason is not going to help.

    I was also shocked that Malcolm was helping Oliver- but thought it was a good twist. He does know the league better than anyone else in his life, so if Oliver was going to accept the offer and try to destroy the League from the inside, he was likely the best option. I am sure the vial was switched out by Oliver to contain something else. He did tell everyone to trust him when he locked them up- he obviously had a plan.

    Looking forward to the last one- excited to see Thea suit up next week. She's really transformed this year.

    Also, do we know who Ray transferred the company to? Was it to Felicity, or did he just need her signature to make the transfer official?

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