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    I'm brand new to the forum as far as registration. I've been going here since half way through Arrow season 1 after each episode to see what other people are thinking. I just had this idea about Merlyn and wanted to share it.

    I was thinking perhaps Merlyn mentioned to Oliver in secret that he would be killed by Ra's and worried about helping Oliver in his plan, so Oliver told Merlyn to tell Ra's, if he were to be captured, that Oliver has been tricking him this entire time. Then Oliver could do something such as let his friends "die" to show Ra's his dedication. The team either wasn't exposed to the virus and it was something else that appeared to kill, OR Oliver knew he could just become Ra's and put them all in the bring-back-from-death water. It's very possible Oliver is the one doing all the manipulating to save all his friends and Starling. IDK I just had to write that lol

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    So what will happen with team arrow now that Ra's threw the omega virus in the room and shut the door on them?

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