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    "Book of the Damned" Countdown/LIVE Discussion Thread!

    Count down to tonight's Supernatural and talk about it LIVE while it airs!

    54 minutes left, East Coast!

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    Tis On

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    Great episode!

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    I liked it. Almost all of it. Really love the book swap that Sam pulled off. Loved that Cas got the grace.

    What I disliked... once again, metatron is loose. I feel like that is a broken record.

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    This episode was a mixed bag but I will concede it had far more good outweighing the bad. I find it hard to believe that this family wouldn't know who Sam and Dean are just by looking at them if they were supposedly as powerful as they say they are. The disrespect and almost anonimity that Sam and Dean get in this show sometimes is really annoying.

    I guess I just don't like how everyone especially those in on the Supernatural have kind of forgotten or never knew there was an Apocalypse minutes away and it was thwarted by these two. Like Dangerfield they just can't get no respect.

    The Library explosion was awesome. It was good to see that full power Cas packs a punch. It's unfortunate that they brought back Claire and didn't even use her in the most obvious and satisfying way they could have used her. It kind of makes her episodes pointless. Cas getting his grace back should have also been congruent with him having a full set of wings because it was his Grace used to cause the fall in the first place ergo he never actually fell. Cas really needs to be a force to be reckoned with again. I'm not necessarily looking for him to take leadership or anything. I just want to see him finally a step above everyone else. Hopefully in Angelheart we somehow get a real explanation of Metatron's spell and hopefully he was just hiding that it actually is reversible. I know it's unlikely but I can dream.

    And Sam...what the hell is he doing? Seriously....I get she might be the key to reading the book. But if you give a monkey a gun and he shoots you after you win the war it's your fault. Sometimes I feel like these guys never learn anything except when it's convenient. I find it hard to believe that Crowley wasn't the go to on this but it might be his time to bite the dust as the writers have pretty much written all but that he is becoming useless. But this is really a minor quibble. I really hope Rowena is used better than they used Abbadon anyhow.

    Seeing TFW at the table like that was awesome. I really miss Bobby and Kevin though.

    Again there are some silly inconsistencies like Metatron claiming this is the first time he has tasted food when in season 8 Episode 22 he took Cas out for Crepes when they killed the Nephilem. It's just like...come on guys. ONE MORE DRAFT. GET SOMEONE WHO IS IN TUNE WITH CONTINUITY. The season is finally after 15 of 17 painful episodes take a turn for possible greatness. Make the most of it!

    Anyways. That's how I feel. Looking forward to seeing Benny back next week even if it's a hallucination. ONWARD SEASON 10
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    Good episode. I adore Metatron and that ending was great.


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