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    Great chapter. I love that the children are calling Lois 'Mom'.

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    Back to smut land we go. Leanne, you are heaven sent! I love the surprise and role play between them especially if it means we get to see Superman's kinky side without any interruptions or eavesdropping.. *lol*

    Of course, hearing the children call Lois 'Mommy' was really sweet. I know Clark is counting the day when they can make it official.

    Update soon. I'll be waiting in smut land with my popcorn in hand!

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    Leanne! WTF! I wish I meant that literally, but nooooooooo. Somebody had to go and be all cliffhangery and crap. Dammit to hell. 😠

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    Quote Originally Posted by tua33915 View Post
    Leanne! WTF! I wish I meant that literally, but nooooooooo. Somebody had to go and be all cliffhangery and crap. Dammit to hell. 
    You know she's a rotten damn tease don't you Sherry?? I may be President of the Smut Squad but Leanne is Supreme Leader of Teasers Inc!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigRed67 View Post
    Hey I resemble that!!! No boos yet my friend, as long as the promise of some great Clois smut is fulfilled you'll have no complaints from me........tonight at least! And my 'Awwwwww' factor is at maximum, the kiddies called Lois 'Mom'!!!!! Weeeeee, happy dance for them. And even Eric might be in for some lovin'. Good for him..Okay on with the smuttiness!!!!!!!
    You know I'll provide some great smut. I'm glad you liked the way the kids called her 'Mom'. I'll post the link to the chapter when it's ready.

    Quote Originally Posted by clarkfan325 View Post
    Great chapter. I love that the children are calling Lois 'Mom'.
    Thank you. I wanted to do it so it seemed natural.

    Quote Originally Posted by TeamClois View Post
    Back to smut land we go. Leanne, you are heaven sent! I love the surprise and role play between them especially if it means we get to see Superman's kinky side without any interruptions or eavesdropping.. *lol*

    Of course, hearing the children call Lois 'Mommy' was really sweet. I know Clark is counting the day when they can make it official.

    Update soon. I'll be waiting in smut land with my popcorn in hand!
    I loved the idea of the role play and I got a kick out of doing it. I may even continue it with the AFF chapter. You're right. Clark is counting the day.

    Quote Originally Posted by tua33915 View Post
    Leanne! WTF! I wish I meant that literally, but nooooooooo. Somebody had to go and be all cliffhangery and crap. Dammit to hell. 
    Ahh, there's always one in every crowd, hence my little note at the bottom.
    Quote Originally Posted by BigRed67 View Post
    You know she's a rotten damn tease don't you Sherry?? I may be President of the Smut Squad but Leanne is Supreme Leader of Teasers Inc!
    Actually, I'm only VP of Teasers (not so) Anonymous. Someone else has the Presidential seat, although since she's way, way behind in her updates, I'm challenging for the title

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    Hhmmm that wouldn't be Meg would it? Another great tease!😜

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    Actually, I'm only VP of Teasers (not so) Anonymous. Someone else has the Presidential seat, although since she's way, way behind in her updates, I'm challenging for the title
    Hmmm...Me thinks that something must be done about this situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gem65 View Post
    Hmmm...Me thinks that something must be done about this situation.
    Really?????? You wouldn't be teasiing​now would you? Would love to see you back to writing Meg.

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    Okay, head on over to the AFF for Chapter Sixteen

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    Chapter Seventeen

    A few weeks later, Lois had to go to the bank to sort out a new credit card for herself as Clark had organised an account for her with his bank. Rebecca came with her as they had also planned to do some Christmas shopping together. Clark had taken Gracie into the company office with him and they were planning on meeting him later so the three-year-old could visit Santa at the mall. Bradley had been made to stay home as he'd got in trouble at school for not doing his homework and was grounded for the weekend.

    The bank was busy, as Lois had expected. There were already twenty people waiting in line to see a teller and she was waiting behind a woman who was taking forever to discuss her business at the customer service desk.

    “It’s busy,” Rebecca observed.

    “Yeah, honey, it is.”

    “Are we going to be late meeting Daddy?”

    “I hope not, sweetie,” she said, trying not to show her impatience as the woman in front of her launched into some diatribe about bad customer service.

    Out of the corner of her eye, Lois spotted three men enter the bank. Each were wearing overcoats, which was nothing unusual. They were also wearing ski masks. Instinctively, she pulled Rebecca to her as each man revealed semi-automatics.

    “Attention everyone,” the lead man called. “Stay calm and no one will get hurt. We are here for one thing and one thing only.”

    He pointed a gun at one woman, who whimpered, then got down on the floor.

    “Mom?” Rebecca said.

    “Shush honey,” Lois replied. “Get down on the floor.”

    She watched the men warily, knowing one wrong move and they would shoot. She quickly got to the floor, pulling Rebecca to her and wrapping an arm around her protectively. The woman who had been arguing with the assistant manager began muttering in annoyance. Lois wanted to tell her to shut up, before she got someone shot, but the lead robber stood over here.

    “Shut up, lady. I’m not going to say it again.”

    “Hey, hey, hey!” From her position on the floor, Lois found it difficult to see what had happened, but judging from the man’s tone, it wasn’t good. “The alarm man!”

    “Damn it, stay cool and just get the money! I reckon we got about ninety seconds before the cops show up.”

    It wasn’t the police the men had to worry about, Lois thought. It was Clark. She chewed on her lip nervously, holding Rebecca tightly. She was the only child in the bank, which was more worrying. If the men became too nervous, they might do something stupid, like try to hurt her.

    “Hey man, don’t try to be a hero!”

    She turned her head and looked in the direction of the third voice. It was not a great angle, but she saw enough to guess what was happening. The bank’s rent-a-cop security guard had managed to pull out a gun and was intending to use it on the robber.

    There was the sound of a shot and she closed her eyes in dread, hoping Rebecca didn’t see anything. There was no sound of a body falling, only the sound of displaced air.

    “What the …”

    Lois was suddenly hauled to her feet, an arm tightly wound around her neck.

    “C’mon Superman. Come and get me,” the lead robber growled in her ear.

    Rebecca jumped to her feet and kicked the man in the shins.

    “Don’t touch my mom,” she yelled.

    “Ow, get off me, kid!”

    Lois would have laughed, but the situation was bad enough.

    “Let the woman go!” Superman’s voice said sternly.

    “Forget it, Superman. She’s coming with me as a hostage.”

    Lois was swung around, facing Superman, still in the grip of the other man. She gazed helplessly at Clark, who she could tell was fighting to stay calm.

    “Let her go!” Rebecca screamed, still trying to kick the man.

    Lois wasn’t going to let this man do anything to her and she wasn’t going to act like a damsel in distress either. She didn’t need Clark to rescue her. Oliver might have been an ass about some things, but he had taught her a few tricks on how to defend herself.

    She smashed her fist into the man’s groin, then elbowed him in the solar plexus. He exhaled sharply, bending over and she rose up with a sharp back jab to his temple. He fell, almost pulling her down with him, but she managed to balance herself.

    Clark looked at her, his eyes widening slightly in surprise, before he collected himself and grabbed the fallen man, along with his two companions, handing them off to the police outside.

    Rebecca was jumping up and down excitedly.

    “Mom, that was totally awesome! You’re so bada*s.”

    She frowned at her daughter. “Honey, where did you hear that word?”

    Rebecca bit down on her lower lip. “Umm …”

    Lois couldn’t help but laugh at the girl’s contrite expression. She hugged her.

    “It’s all right. I’ll let you off, this time, but make sure there’s no next time, okay?”

    “Yes Mom.”

    The assistant manager approached her, congratulating her on her cool head under fire. She shrugged.

    A police detective came in to get everyone’s statement. Lois had no choice but to stick around, but was offered water, or hot tea. She was taken to the manager’s office to be interviewed. The detective closed the door and looked down at her with a kind smile.

    “I’m Detective John Jones,” he said.

    He began asking her questions about the attempted robbery and how she’d managed to defuse the situation.

    Rebecca was still hyper, practically jumping up and down as she became bored with the questions.

    “Sweetie, you need to calm down, okay?”

    “But Mom …”

    The African-American detective looked at her, cocking an eyebrow.

    “This is your daughter?” he asked.

    “Yes,” she replied, frowning at the man. “Why?”

    He frowned. “No reason,” he said hastily.

    She bit her lip and studied him thoughtfully. Why would the man have asked that question in such a way? She wasn’t going to explain her relationship to the man.


    She looked up, hearing Clark’s voice. He came in, followed by a uniformed officer.

    “Sir, you can’t …”

    Jones waved his hand at the officer. “It’s fine. I know this man. Mr Kent,” he added, nodding his head.

    “Daddy!” Rebecca cried, launching herself at her father.

    “J’onn,” Clark said, holding out his hand. “Thanks for taking care of things.”

    “Uh, what just happened?” Lois asked.

    Clark smiled and patted her shoulder reassuringly.

    “Lois, this is J’onn J’onzz.”

    “Yes, so he said,” she replied, completely missing the slightly different way Clark pronounced it.

    “We haven’t met before,” J’onn replied. “I work with Superman. I apologise, Miss Lane. Clark did inform the League some time ago of your relationship. I must say, I am very impressed with the way you handled yourself out there.”

    “Well, contrary to popular belief, I am not completely helpless,” she smiled. “I understand now.”

    “Daddy, Lois was very brave, wasn’t she?”

    Clark nodded at his daughter. “Yes, she was.”

    “Are we gonna go see Santa now?” she asked.

    Lois bit back a laugh. Rebecca had told her she would pretend to think Santa was real for Gracie’s benefit, in spite of Bradley’s attempts to ruin it. She tried to sound excited but couldn’t quite pull it off.

    Clark looked at J’onn, who nodded.

    “I know where to find you if I have any further questions,” he said as he opened the door. Clearly the last part was said for the benefit of the officer standing beside the door.

    Lois saw that Tess was waiting with Gracie. She still didn’t get along all that well with Clark’s business partner, but in the few meetings they’d had, it was obvious that the other woman was trying for Clark’s sake.

    “Are you all right, Lois?” she asked solicitously.

    “I’m fine. Superman arrived in time.”

    “Sure, much good he was when that guy tried to take you hostage,” Clark said, sounding a little bitter.

    “I’m sure Superman would have just as easily been able to defuse the situation,” she told him calmly, well aware that Tess didn’t know Clark was Superman. “Besides, I’m not about to act like some damsel in distress. I’m a big girl and the guy was an idiot.”

    “You sure you want to be a reporter?” Clark asked. “I can just see it now. You hanging off the edge of a building waiting for Superman to come to your rescue.”

    “Well, a, that’s a long way off, and b, do you really think I’m that much of an idiot?”

    “I didn’t say that,” he snapped.

    Rebecca looked taken aback at her father’s show of temper. Clark hadn’t yelled at anyone in the family for weeks.

    “Daddy, why are you yelling at Mom?” she said, sounding as if she wanted to cry.

    “I’m not yelling at your mother,” he replied.

    “Yes you are. You sound like you’re mad at her when she didn’t do anything wrong!”

    Rebecca pulled away from him and ran ahead. Lois sighed.

    “I’ll talk to her,” she said, avoiding looking at him.

    “Lois,” he began, trying to grab her hand. “I’m sorry. I … I … when I heard what happened I …”

    “You worry,” she nodded. “I get that. But snapping at me isn’t going to change what happened either. Besides, it’s not like I actually went to the bank looking for trouble, now is it?”

    He huffed. “No.”

    She squeezed his hand and sped up to join Rebecca.


    “He didn’t have to yell,” Rebecca sniffed.

    Lois took her hand. “I know sweetie, but your Daddy was just scared, that’s all. Sometimes people do dumb things when they’re scared.”


    “Really,” she said. “Come on. Let’s take your sister to see Santa and then see if we can talk your dad into getting some hot chocolate at the café.”

    Rebecca grinned and nodded. She loved her hot chocolate but her father always limited it to special treats as she tended to get a little hyper after too much chocolate. Lois glanced back at Clark, knowing full well he’d been eavesdropping. He saw her glance and pretended to be showing Gracie something in a store window.

    Yeah, I’ll get you back for that later, she thought.

    Tess left them, saying she had some errands to run. She was meeting her new beau for lunch. Lois hadn’t met him yet, but had heard he was a stockbroker.

    The mall was crowded with people shopping for last minute gifts. It was a week to Christmas. Lois had already bought a lot of presents for the family and only had a few small items to get, like stocking fillers. Rebecca wanted to shop for her own presents and had a list of things she wanted to get.

    There was a long line of people waiting for Santa with children running around and generally making nuisances of themselves, getting in everyone’s way. Lois scowled at the children’s parents or caregivers, thinking they should learn how to handle their children better.

    Even Rebecca was annoyed when two children a little younger than her nearly bowled her over.

    “Why don’t you look where you’re going, stupid?” she growled at one of them.

    “Shut up, you’re just a stupid girl!” the boy shot back.

    “Yeah? At least I’m not stupid enough to run people over! Drop dead!”

    Lois tugged on her hand. “Honey, be nice.”

    “But he’s not being nice,” Rebecca pointed out.

    “That’s because he doesn’t know any better,” Lois told her, seeing a woman in front of her scowling and figuring the woman was the boy’s mother. “You just have to be a bigger person. Besides, that boy will go on Santa’s naughty list and he won’t get what he wants for Christmas.”

    “Yes he will,” her daughter told her with a pout. “Because he’s spoiled!”

    Lois glanced at Clark, who was trying to fight a grin. Rebecca had just pointed out exactly what was wrong with the boy. He was clearly the type of child who got everything he wanted and because of that, thought rules didn’t apply to him. Thank goodness Clark had finally listened to her where Bradley was concerned as his behaviour had been almost the same.

    “You’re right,” she conceded. “But you’re still the bigger person because you don’t act like he does.”

    Just then, the boy returned, crashing right into Gracie. Clark grabbed them both before Gracie could fall.

    “Ow! Let me go!”

    “Not until you learn your manners and apologise to my daughter for pushing her over.”

    The boy pouted. “She shouldn’t have been in my way!”

    “No. You shouldn’t be running around like an idiot making a nuisance of yourself. Now apologise!”

    The boy clearly didn’t know how much danger he was in even as he looked up at Clark.

    “You can’t do anything!” he said, poking his tongue out. “My mom would sue your ass.”

    “Really,” Clark said coolly. “Well, how about we go find your mother and I can tell her exactly what I think of her parenting skills. If I were your father, I would send you to your room without supper and ground you for a month. How about them apples, kid?”

    “Is there a problem here?”

    Lois saw a security guard had approached.

    “Yes,” Clark said. “This boy has been running around making a nuisance of himself and nearly hurt my daughter in the process. I suggest you find his mother and have a word with her about keeping better control of her children. Speaking of whom, I don’t see her coming to see what the fuss is about.”

    Lois snorted. Of course not, she thought. The woman was probably too scared to say a word. Clark could be intimidating when he wanted to be. Superman had nothing on him when he was angry. She would have felt sorry for the bank robber earlier but Superman couldn’t take his anger out on criminals, no matter how much he wanted to. That was probably the main reason Clark had snapped at her. He’d been scared the bank robber would hurt her, but hadn’t been able to show it.

    The security guard took the boy away and forced him to point out his mother. As Lois thought, it was the woman who had scowled earlier. The guard took the woman aside and she began arguing heatedly with the man, gesturing angrily toward Clark. It looked like the guard won the argument however as the woman was escorted away.

    Rebecca was grinning up at her father.

    “Daddy, that was awesome!”

    He smiled back at her. “Well, I’m glad I met with your approval.”

    Lois checked the line and bent down to Gracie.

    “You okay, sweetie?”

    “Yes Mommy,” she said sweetly. “Can we go see Santa now?”

    “We will soon, honey, I promise. We have to wait for all these other people.”

    Clark had crouched down to Rebecca’s level as she was whispering something in his ear. He smiled and nodded.

    “Honey, Rebecca wants me to take her to a store in the mall. Will you guys be okay here?”

    Lois again glanced at the line. There were at least twenty people ahead of them.

    “We’ll be fine,” she said, getting an inkling of what Rebecca was wanting to do. “I have a feeling we’ll still be here when you get back.”

    He grinned and kissed her briefly. “We’ll see you in a bit then.”

    She watched him walk away with a wistful smile. Rebecca held her father’s hand, skipping happily beside him. Lois chuckled to herself, holding Gracie’s hand.

    “You have a beautiful family,” a woman holding a two year old boy in her arms told her. “Is it just the girls?”

    “No, we have a son as well. He and Rebecca are twins.”

    The woman was blonde and pretty, in a perky kind of way. She was about Lois’ age, or a little older. Her son, also fair-haired, was her second child, she told Lois. She had a ten-year-old boy, Adam.

    “Your girls are very well-behaved, I must say. I admire your husband for what he did with that boy. I don’t know if I could show the same restraint.”

    Lois didn’t correct her on the ‘husband’ remark and just nodded. They hadn’t made it official yet, but Lois was planning on doing something about that. She had never been traditional and didn’t see anything wrong with her doing the asking. She had been planning on saving it for Christmas Eve, but something had happened to change that. Lois placed a gentle hand briefly on her stomach, then continued chatting to the other woman.

    They had managed to move up the line so they were behind five others when the two year old boy began wriggling in his mother’s arms, telling her he wanted to go potty. The mother sighed.

    “I’ll hold your place in line,” Lois offered.

    “Oh, bless you, thank you. You’re very kind.” She paused and smiled. “By the way, my name’s Cat. Cat Grant.”

    “Lois Lane. Uh, Lane-Kent actually.” Well, almost, she thought with a smile.

    Cat’s eyes widened. “Oh, my goodness! Your husband is my boss.” She shook her head. “I work at the Daily Planet. Society columnist. I mean, your husband isn’t my direct boss, but he …”

    “Mommy!” the boy wailed.

    “Okay honey. We’ll go find the potty. Thank you, Lois.”

    “No worries,” Lois told her.


    Clark had seen Lois talking to the perky blonde as he walked up with Rebecca, who was carrying a bag from a mall fashion accessories store. She’d told her father she’d seen a silk scarf she thought Lois would love and wanted to give it to her for Christmas.

    He watched as the blonde smiled gratefully at Lois and carried her little boy away, hurrying toward the restrooms. He frowned, thinking he knew her from somewhere.

    “Who was that?” he asked Lois as he rejoined her. Gracie asked to be picked up, looking a little fractious and tired, which didn’t surprise him. They’d been gone at least twenty minutes which was a long time to expect a three year old to stay still.

    “Cat Grant,” Lois told him.

    He nodded. Cat was the society columnist. He’d met her once a few years ago, when the twins had been small, remembering that she had a little boy herself.

    “Get your shopping done?” Lois asked Rebecca with a smile.


    Clark watched his two favourite women chatter and laugh. Rebecca clearly loved having a mother. He hadn’t been surprised at how quickly Lois and Rebecca had bonded as mother and daughter. Even he could admit now that there had been something severely lacking in his parenting as the children were happier than he’d ever seen them.

    They’d had their moments, as children did, but thanks to Lois, his children were happy and well-adjusted. She was a good mother. No, she was a great mother.

    He regretted the moment he’d snapped at her, but when he’d gone in as Superman and seen the man threaten to take her as a hostage, he’d seen red. For a moment, he had frozen in place. Any other time, he would have used his heat vision or something else to take out the bad guy, but his fear, that this was Lois, the woman he loved and wanted to spend his life with who was in danger, had taken over.

    He’d admired the way she’d handled the situation. Oliver might have been a jerk, but she had clearly learned a few things.

    Cat returned with her son and Lois cheerfully let her back in line. Cat was effusive in her thanks and the two women returned to chattering like old friends. Clark had thought Cat was a little too perky and annoying when he’d first met her, but she had matured a lot since she’d married Steve Lombard and settled down.

    Finally they were at the front of the line and Clark placed his daughter on Santa’s knee. She quickly began chattering to the man about what she wanted for Christmas. It was the usual things like a Barbie doll and the newest Lego toys. She came away with a gift from the lucky dip and a huge lollipop.

    Rebecca took her turn and Clark had to listen in with his super-hearing.

    “Well, I don’t need anything like toys,” she told the man. “And I got my wish this year.”

    “What’s that?” the man asked.

    “I wished for my daddy to not be so sad anymore and now that he’s got my mom he smiles all the time.”

    “I’m very happy you got your wish,” Santa told her. “But there must be something you wish for.”

    She bit her lip. “I have my brother and my little sister, but I think it would be cool to have another little brother or sister.”

    “I will see what I can do,” the man promised.

    I want that too, honey, Clark told her silently.

    He remembered the night he’d taken Lois out for dinner and the children had gone to their grandparents. That had been such an amazing night. He recalled they hadn’t used protection. Well, Lois had said she was on the pill, but he didn’t know how effective it would be.

    The one thing that did worry him was if Lois did become pregnant, what were the chances of the same thing happening with her that had happened with Lana?

    “You’re very quiet,” Lois said later as they sat in the café. Rebecca was drinking the promised hot chocolate and Gracie had one in a kiddie cup.

    “Just thinking,” he told her.

    “Well, don’t think too hard or steam might come out your ears,” she snarked.

    Rebecca giggled. “Is that true Daddy?”

    “Your mother’s just trying to be funny,” he told her. He wrinkled his nose at his lover. “I’ll get you back for that later.”

    “Promises, promises,” she said in a low voice.

    By the time they returned home, Rebecca was eager to tell her brother and Eric all about the exciting day she’d had. Clark left his daughters in the kitchen, eating cookies and drinking milk while Rebecca recounted her adventures, leading Lois to the living room where they could sit down on the couch.

    She took his hand, sighing softly as she leaned back against him with her head on his shoulder.

    “I forgot how exhausting Christmas could be,” she said.

    “Well, it’s almost over,” he soothed. “Another week.”

    “Speaking of which,” she replied. “When are you going to put up the Christmas tree?”

    “Don’t you want to wait until Christmas Eve?” he asked.

    “Meh,” she shrugged. “I don’t know.”

    “Is your dad still coming?”

    Clark hadn’t met her father yet and judging from the stories she’d already told him about General Sam Lane, he was going to be a hard nut to crack.

    “He said he would.” She frowned. “He just didn’t tell me when.”

    Lucy had promised she would come for Christmas as well, bringing Lois’ niece and nephew, who were eight and six respectively. It was almost a ten hour trip from Chicago and the trains tended to be busy this time of year. Clark had offered to pay for plane tickets but Lucy wouldn’t hear of it.

    Clark kissed her briefly, avoiding getting into anything too intimate, knowing they could be interrupted at any moment.

    “I’m sorry,” he said. “About earlier. I just …”

    “It scared you,” she finished. “I know.”

    “It’s just hard, you know. I mean, for a moment I kind of froze. I didn’t know what to do.”

    “Well, now you know I can handle myself.”

    He smiled. “You handled yourself brilliantly. Still, I’d rather you didn’t get into those situations if you can help it.”

    She turned and looked at him, her hand flat on his chest.

    “Clark, I know that you worry, but you can’t keep us in a bubble either.”

    “You’re right, you’re right. I know you’re right.”

    She chuckled and nudged him in the ribs. They’d watched an old romantic comedy together on cable which Lois had pretended she hated, since romcoms weren’t really her style.

    “I would have thought you’d have re-enacted the deli scene, not lines from Carrie Fisher.”

    He raised his eyebrows. “Mm, we might have try that one night at dinner. When the children aren’t around.”

    She nudged him again. “You are incorrigible Mr Kent. You know that?”

    “Who me? Must be thinking about someone else.”

    The children came in, deciding they wanted to pretend wrestle with him and Clark obliged, ending up on the floor with children trying to hold him down, laughing his head off. He faintly heard the doorbell ring but Gracie chose that moment to sit on his chest, giggling madly as she pretended to be … well, Clark wasn’t exactly sure what she was pretending to be, but she was having fun with it.

    Lois returned, obviously having gone to answer the door. The children looked up and immediately got up, suddenly seeming very reserved.


    He sat up, looking at the older man standing beside the couch looking stern. A young woman about a year or so younger than Lois was beside him. Two children fidgeted nervously.

    Clark hurriedly got to his feet, looking the older man over. He was aged in his sixties, with a stocky build and a few inches shorter than Clark. He had a stern face which made Clark think the man was perfect as a general.

    “General Lane,” he said, having recognised the man from the photographs he’d seen in Lois’ album. “Welcome.”

    “We’ll see,” the man barked.

    Lucy smiled uncertainly at him.

    “Hello Clark,” she said softly. “It’s nice to meet you at last.”

    “You too, Lucy. I thought you were coming on the train?”

    “Dad decided to drive down and pick us up.” She indicated the two children. “This is Jenny and Robbie,” she told him. The two children smiled shyly at him.

    Clark introduced his children.

    “This is Rebecca, Bradley and the littlest one is Gracie.”

    Rebecca approached Jenny. “Wanna go play?” she asked.

    “Okay,” the eight year old said with a shrug. “What kind of games do you have?”

    “Come see.” Rebecca looked up at Lois. “Mom, is it okay?”

    Lois smiled back at her reassuringly.

    “Sure it is, honey, but keep it down though.”

    “Can we get you anything, General?” Clark asked. “Lucy? I’m sure you must both be tired from your trip.”

    “How about I get Eric to make some coffee?” Lois offered. He smiled at her and watched her go out to the kitchen.

    The general sat on the couch. Lucy followed and sat next to him. Clark sat in the armchair.

    “Your children seem, uh, energetic,” Lucy said.

    Clark nodded. “They’re good kids.”

    “Well, that’s a matter of opinion,” Sam replied tersely. “Where’s their mother?”

    Clark was taken aback at the man’s attitude. He had clearly come with the intention of not liking Clark at all.

    “Their mother,” he replied, emphasising the word, “is in the kitchen getting coffee. If you’re asking about their biological mother, she died three years ago.”

    The older man gave a kind of harrumph, sounding like he wasn’t impressed at all.

    “Wasn’t Lois your nanny?” Lucy asked tentatively.

    He nodded. “That’s how we met, but she’s far more than that to the children. And to me. She is their mother in every sense of the word.”

    “So, Kent,” the general interjected. “What are your intentions toward my daughter?”

    Lois chose that moment to come in with coffee on a tray.

    “Daddy, do you still take your coffee black?”

    “Please,” he said.

    “Lucy, how do you take yours?”

    “Cream, one sugar,” Lucy said, smiling at her sister and taking the coffee. Lois then added cream and sugar to Clark’s coffee and sat on the arm of the chair with her own cup.

    “So, what have you been talking about while I’ve been gone?” she asked.

    “I was just asking your boyfriend here what his intentions are. I notice you didn’t answer my question, Kent.”

    “Well, sir, if Lois will have me, I want to marry her. And if she’s amenable, I want to start the process for her to formally adopt the children.”

    “I see. And what if you and she decide to have children of your own?”

    “Daddy,” Lois interjected. “The children are mine in every sense of the word except one. That’s the way we both, we all feel.”

    He still didn’t look happy. Clark wasn’t going to try to explain the way it worked with the man, since he seemed so stubbornly intent on sticking to his own opinion. All that mattered to him was that he loved Lois, she loved him and their children and that was all there was to it.

    The conversation continued with the older man sounding as if he was firmly against his daughter marrying someone he clearly didn’t approve of. Clark was beginning to understand why Lois didn’t talk about her father very much.

    It got worse when he began criticising Superman, who he thought was nothing better than a vigilante.

    Oh, this was going to be fun, Clark thought.

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    OMG!!! Lois is preggers!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!! Happy dance, I knew her pill wouldn't keep Clarks swimmers at bay.....oh and now The General has arrived to complicate matters. Booooo!!

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    Ooh...the possibility of a mini Clois. I can't wait to find out if Rebecca's wish came true!!! And now that Lucy and the General have met Clark and his family, it's going to be one interesting Christmas. PPMS!

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    Awwww...Lois is carrying mini Smallville and his sister small Miniville. 😊

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigRed67 View Post
    OMG!!! Lois is preggers!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!! Happy dance, I knew her pill wouldn't keep Clarks swimmers at bay.....oh and now The General has arrived to complicate matters. Booooo!!
    Don't worry, Lois will handle the general. Yep, you're right about Lois.
    Quote Originally Posted by TeamClois View Post
    Ooh...the possibility of a mini Clois. I can't wait to find out if Rebecca's wish came true!!! And now that Lucy and the General have met Clark and his family, it's going to be one interesting Christmas. PPMS!
    It'll be a good one though, once they get things sorted.

    Quote Originally Posted by tua33915 View Post
    Awwww...Lois is carrying mini Smallville and his sister small Miniville. 
    Next chapter coming up.

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    Chapter Eighteen

    Lois was annoyed at her father for the way he seemed to be attacking Clark. She could understand him being protective of her, but Clark wasn’t like Oliver.

    Dinner that evening was difficult, to say the least. The general kept glaring at Clark and between them, Lucy and Lois were fast losing patience with their father. The children noticed the tension. While the twins were upset, they tried to remain stoic, while Gracie played up, refusing to eat her dinner.

    Clark frowned at his daughter, but didn’t force her to eat what was on her plate. Instead, he gestured for her to sit on his lap and talked quietly to her.

    “You always let your kids do what they want?” the general asked.

    Lois put down her knife and fork and glared at her father.

    “No, we don’t,” she said firmly. “Dad, can I see you in the living room please?”

    He nodded, putting down his utensils and following her out. Lois heard Clark telling the children to stay at the table as she opened the door.

    She confronted her father.

    “What is that about?” she asked.

    “I want to know what the hell you think you are doing with that man. I thought Oliver was bad enough …”

    “Clark and I love each other and we’re a family.”

    “Those children …”

    “Don’t even start, Dad. I am going to marry Clark and there’s nothing you can do or say to make me change my mind.”

    “You can’t love this man.”

    “I do, Dad. Look, I know you appreciate straight talking so I’m going to give it to you in one razor sharp line. I love Clark and I’m staying with him. If you love me, you will respect that, and you’ll stop upsetting my children.”

    He looked taken aback for a moment, then sighed.

    “You’re right,” he said. “I do appreciate straight-talking. It’s one of the things I loved about your mother. I always knew where I stood with her.” He pulled her into a hug. “I’m sorry. I guess I can be a little over-protective at times.”

    “Please just give Clark a chance. Once you get to know him, you’ll like him, I promise.”

    He looked at her.

    “He really means that much to you?”

    “He really does, Daddy. He makes me feel needed, and I hadn’t felt that in a long time.” She offered her father a smile. “Now, I know three children who would love the chance to get to know their new Grandpa.”

    Happy that she had at least managed to get her father to rethink his attitude, she returned to the dinner table. Clark looked up at her and smiled, letting her know he had heard the conversation. He looked back down at Gracie, who was happily eating her dinner with his encouragement.

    Her father sat down and was clearly trying to look a little less stern.

    “So, Mom, I hear you kicked a … butt today,” Bradley said.

    “Well, I try,” she smiled. “I was just glad Superman was there.”

    “What happened?” Lucy asked.

    Lois grinned at her sister.

    “Rebecca and I were in the bank when these three guys came in and tried to rob it. I think one of the managers activated the alarm because next thing we know Superman is there.”

    She recounted the story of being taken hostage and how she had managed to get away from the man.

    “Weren’t you scared?” Robbie asked.

    “Well, sure, but I didn’t think much about it at the time.”

    “You really met Superman?” Jenny asked, her eyes wide. “What’s he like?”

    “Superman’s awesome!” Bradley replied.

    Thankfully, Lois noted her father refraining from comment. He was a military man through and through and he considered those like the Justice League to be taking the law into their own hands. She imagined he would much rather they be answerable to some kind of regulatory authority.

    The general asked the twins what they were studying in school and they responded by telling him about their teachers and the subjects they were studying. She could tell he was impressed by the children’s intelligence, as well as their manners.

    After dinner, they all sat in the living room talking. The twins stretched out on the rug, playing their games, the kitten curled up beside them. The children looked up occasionally to talk to Lucy’s two children, who were sticking close to their mother.

    Gracie sat on her father’s lap, trying to listen to the conversation but after a while her eyelids began drooping, her head dropped and she curled up, looking adorable as she dozed off.

    “Gracie seems such a sweet little thing,” Lucy observed.

    “She’s a little reserved around people she doesn’t know, but she’s getting better,” Clark commented. He carefully lifted her in his arms. “Honey, I’m just going to take her up to bed.”

    Lois smiled at him and nodded. He went upstairs, holding his daughter so her little arms were draped over his shoulders.

    “So how old is Gracie?” Lucy asked.

    “She’s three. She’ll be four in March. The twins will be ten in May.”

    Her sister sighed. “They grow up so fast.”

    Lois nodded. Her father seemed to be absorbed in watching the twins play their games.

    “So how are you doing, sis?” she asked.

    Lucy shrugged. “I’m okay. I keep thinking I should get out of Chicago though. It’s so violent now. There was a murder in my building a couple of weeks back.”

    “Have you ever thought about moving back here?” Lois asked. “I know I’d love having you guys close by.”

    “Yeah, but I’d have to get a job,” her sister replied.

    “Well, why don’t you talk to Clark? He owns a few media companies.”

    “Why not Luthor Media?”

    “Stay away from Lex Luthor,” Lois told her. “He’s bad news.”

    Lex might have been on his best behaviour at the ambassador’s ball, but he had acted differently a couple of weeks later when Clark had taken her to a charity dinner in Gotham which Bruce had invited him to. Bruce did not get along with Lex and both men had almost come to blows. Lex had also taken the opportunity to question Lois about her relationship with Clark. She had taken the diplomatic route and told the man politely that it was none of his business, knowing that being snarky and sarcastic with him was not the best way to deal with the situation.

    Lucy shrugged. “I’ll take your word for it,” she said.

    Clark returned, sitting next to Lois.

    “Out like a light,” he said, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek.

    The conversation waned a little but Lois could see both her father and Lucy were exhausted from the long drive. Jenny and Robbie were already half-asleep. She nudged her sister and took her upstairs to the guest room on the third floor. Her niece and nephew had her old room now that she had moved everything to Clark’s room.

    The twins protested when their father told them it was time for them to hit the hay as well, clearly wanting to stay up a little longer since they had a two-week vacation from school. Lois tried to keep them to a normal routine, even when they were off school, although she didn’t object if they wanted to lay in bed reading.

    She changed into a nightgown and got into bed while Clark checked everything was locked downstairs. She smiled at him as he came upstairs and changed into pyjama pants.

    “All quiet on the Western front?” she asked.

    “Yeah,” he said.

    It had started snowing shortly after dinner and it was predicted to be heavy overnight. She was glad they were all safe and warm inside. Not even criminals were mad enough to be out in that snow, she thought.

    Clark got into bed and wrapped his arms around her.


    “Yeah honey.”

    “There’s something I want to ask you. I was going to wait until Christmas Eve, but …”

    She sat up and looked at him.

    “I know it’s not exactly romantic, but, what would you say if I asked you to marry me?”

    His green eyes twinkled as he chuckled.

    “I would say yes, in a heartbeat. You know, I was actually planning on proposing on Christmas Eve. You did kind of steal my thunder.”

    “Well,” she said, chewing on her lip. “There’s kind of another reason why I wanted to do this now.”

    He sobered and frowned.

    “Is everything all right, honey?”

    She nodded. “Everything’s great.”

    She had had a lot of time to think about the situation. The night they’d made love, without protection, she had wondered if she was ready to have a baby. Now that it was a reality, she was more than okay with it. She couldn’t wait to have a baby with Clark.

    She’d been a little surprised by the fact that she’d felt no symptoms of morning sickness, although she had felt a little lightheaded a couple of times. She had already read a couple of books which told her that not every pregnancy included morning sickness, or nausea at any time of the day.

    She took his hand and pressed it lightly to her stomach.

    “I’m pregnant.”


    Clark looked down at his hand on her stomach, stunned. There was no question in his mind of wanting a baby with Lois, but he still couldn’t help feeling nervous.

    Lois gently touched his face, making him look at her.

    “Hey, I know you’re worried, but we can go see Jor-El and we can talk to him. Allay your fears.”

    He blinked at her. “Sweetheart, you don’t have to do that for me.”

    “I’m doing it for me too,” she said. “I want this baby, Clark, and I don’t want you to spend the next eight months worrying that something bad might happen to me.”

    How amazing was this woman, he thought. They’d both considered the possibility of having more children, but Clark had always felt the risks outweighed the desire and he hadn’t wanted to put Lois through that if there was even the slightest chance it could harm her.

    “Clark? Honey?”

    He kissed her. “You’re right. We’ll go see Jor-El in the morning. Meantime, is there anything I can do? Are you feeling okay?”

    “I feel fine. I’ve had a couple of moments where I’ve felt a little dizzy but that’s just a normal part of pregnancy.”

    “No morning sickness? Lana was sick for about six months each time.”

    “Nope. Apparently that’s normal too. I read up about it.”

    That didn’t stop his worrying, of course. After everything that had happened at the bank that day, his worries had more or less doubled. He knew she hadn’t gone looking for trouble, but he still felt the need to protect her.

    “Let’s tell the family after we’ve talked to Jor-El,” she said as they settled down to sleep.

    Clark bit his lip.

    “Actually, why don’t we wait until Christmas Day?”

    “Why?” she asked.

    “Because I have it on good authority that a certain girl of ours made a wish to Santa for a little brother or sister.”

    Lois giggled. “Oh, she did, did she? Well, it looks like she’s going to get her wish then, doesn’t it?”

    Clark joined in the laughter. His daughter didn’t ask for much. She was a good kid who was learning that not everything came so easily.

    It was early when they got up the next morning. Everyone else was still in bed, but Lois had thought they should try to get to the fortress early. Clark hadn’t shown her the crystal fortress yet. It had been on his ‘to-do’ list however.

    “Don’t forget to wrap up warmly,” he told her as she grabbed a coat from the closet in the foyer. “It’s in the Arctic, so it’ll be cold for you.”

    He handed her gloves and a warm woollen scarf.

    “Ready?” he asked.

    “Ready,” she said.

    He took her hand and led her to the terrace outside his office. It was mostly hidden from the nearest neighbour, although he always used his x-ray vision to check. He wrapped his arms around her and took off into the air.

    The journey to the fortress was a little longer than normal, since Clark was flying at three-quarters his normal speed so Lois wouldn’t feel too cold. He touched down a few feet away from the entrance to the structure which was constructed from ice crystals.

    Lois stared up at the huge fortress, her expression showing wonder.

    “Wow!” She touched one of the columns with her gloved hand. “Is it all ice?”

    “Some of it is crystal. To be honest, I’m not sure of the exact science my father used to make it. Careful,” he said as she slipped on some ice descending into the main chamber. He reached out and took her hand, guiding her.


    “Jor-El. I’ve come to ask for your aid, and to introduce you to someone.”

    Clark could see Lois looking around, trying to figure out where the voice was coming from. He continued on.

    “Father, this is Lois Lane. As is Kryptonian custom, I’m here to declare my desire to start a life bond with Lois.”

    “Lois Lane, do you truly intend to initiate a life bond with my son?”

    “Yes, sir, Mr El, I do.”

    “However,” Clark interjected. “There is something else. Father, Lois is …”

    “She is carrying a child. I scanned her when she entered, my son,” the avatar of his birth father replied. “You have concerns.”

    “Yes. My late wife, Lana …”

    “Lana Lang was not strong enough to carry your offspring. Even if you had brought her to me, there would have been little I could do beyond giving her Kryptonian abilities which her human body would not have been compatible with. Had I done so, it may have brought about her passing much earlier than actuality.”

    Lois nudged Clark. “See, I told you it wasn’t your fault.”

    “However, Lois Lane is more than able to carry a Kryptonian child to term. She is strong of heart, mind and body, Kal-El, and more than worthy of the El name.”

    Lois grinned. “I think he just welcomed me to the family,” she said.

    Clark squeezed her hand in reply.

    “I would suggest that you bring Lois to the fortress periodically so I may scan her to ensure all is in order.” There was a long pause. “And I believe it is the Earth custom to congratulate the couple on their engagement.”

    “Yes, it is,” Lois answered. “Thank you, Mr El.”

    “You may call me Jor-El, or Father.”

    Clark was more than elated when they returned to the house. Lois just laughed at him.

    “Look at you. You’re practically dancing for joy.”

    He picked her up in his arms and swung her around, laughing giddily. Lois groaned.

    “Honey, you’re making me dizzy.”

    “Sorry,” he said. “I’m just so happy.”

    The children came down, accompanied by the general, chattering to him. Even Gracie seemed to be happily chatting, which Clark thought was a miracle in itself.

    “Shush,” Lois said. “Remember? We’re not telling them until Christmas.”

    Clark pouted at her. “Not even a hint?”

    “No! It was your idea, Smallville. So you can quit with the Kent puppy-dog eyes. They don’t work on me.”

    “Wanna bet?” he challenged, whispering it in her ear. She sent him a stern look.

    “Don’t even think about it,” she warned.

    After breakfast, Lois decided to take the children and her sister and her two children out for the day, leaving Clark and the general alone. Clark was tempted to disappear into his office, but he had no work and no meetings planned, so he couldn’t use that excuse.

    “So, Kent,” the general said as they sat in the living room. “I hear from Lois your parents made it big with a farming co-operative.”

    “Yes sir. They got together with a lot of farming families in the district and built up a successful business.”

    “What about this media conglomerate thing?”

    “Well, it’s hardly a conglomerate but I’ve always had an interest in the media. I believe journalists have a responsibility to inform the general public, good or bad, as well as keeping city leaders honest.”

    “We have something similar to that in the army. It’s called accountability. Of course, that doesn’t mean I agree with the general public needing to know everything.”

    “All due respect sir …”

    “You know, when someone says that, they’re not being respectful at all.”

    “Well, you’re entitled to your opinion, general, but what I was going to say is, with all due respect, I think if there is some kind of crisis going on then the general populace do have a right to know, especially if it represents some kind of physical danger to them.”

    “Such as?” the older man asked, raising an eyebrow in enquiry.

    “A few years ago there was an incident where an extra-terrestrial race came to Earth with, from what I heard, malicious intent. Or that’s how the Justice League put it. The president and the Secretary of Defense thought it prudent not to release information to the public until after the fact.”

    “Yes, I remember that incident. I was one of those who spoke in favour of keeping it confidential. I believed it would cause a panic.”

    “Had it not been for Superman, I think the visitors would have made it to Earth. I do think the public had the right to know their planet was in danger.”

    “I’ve heard the same speech from Superman.”

    “Well, Superman has been in Metropolis for many years.”

    “Be that as it may, Superman is still an alien himself and not exactly the best to judge what the public have a right to know.”

    Clark wanted to argue but he’d made a point of not revealing too much about Superman’s origins and he didn’t want to do the same with the general.

    “I suppose this is one of those things we will have to agree to disagree on,” the general told him. “I’ll be honest with you, Kent. I’m not a fan of Superman. I do, however, try to respect what he does. He has helped a lot of people over the years and it would be wrong of me to judge him based solely on his opinions.”

    Clark nodded. At least the man was willing to concede that Superman was doing some good.

    “Sir, about Lois and I …”

    The older man raised his hand.

    “I know what I said last night, but I know my daughter. When she loves someone, she does it wholeheartedly. She gets that from her mother. My Ella, God rest her soul, did her best to support me, even when I knew she wasn’t happy about me going away. I risked my life for this country, but if I had to do it over again, knowing what I know now, I’d choose Ella and my daughters.

    “Your family is precious, Clark.”

    “You must miss her very much.”

    Sam nodded. “Every day. You know, going off to war, doing what I did, it made coming home difficult. There were times when Ella lost patience with me because of that. She put up with a lot. It’s not easy, knowing you’ve killed someone, Clark. Trust me on this.”

    “I would imagine so, sir.”

    “I’d no sooner start adjusting to life back home when I would be off on a mission again. Then I lost her and it was all I could do to keep it together. For both my girls. I’m afraid I didn’t do a very good job of it.”

    “I wouldn’t say that, general. Lois is the most compassionate woman I know. She’s beautiful, inside and out.”

    The older man smiled, looking less stern.

    “Well, you two are certainly raising those children right.”

    That contradicted something he’d said last night at the dinner table, but Clark didn’t call him on it.

    “I watched you, with the little one. I remember when Lois was that age. She could be stubborn. Refusing to eat her greens. Ella had a terrible time with her. But you … you handled that well.”

    “Actually, Lois should take the credit for that. I made a lot of mistakes with the children. Then Lois came into our lives and made us a family.”

    Sam studied him.

    “You really love my daughter, don’t you?”

    “Yes sir, I do.”

    “Good. I didn’t like that Oliver. He pushed her down so hard I was afraid she would never get up again, but she did. I think she has you to thank for that.”

    “No,” Clark said, shaking his head. “I just opened the door. She’s the one who stepped through.”

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