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    Quote Originally Posted by evaba View Post
    I agree with some posters here that "Nanda Parbat" was a bit of a downer, with lots of illogical plot twists. However, there were a few scenes that saved this ep from being a total failure:

    1. Nyssa and Laurel bonding over Sara in the "Arrowcave". I've loved Katrina Law since her role in "Spartacus", and I think she is doing a great job portraying Nyssa. The way she speaks about Sara really sells their relationship for me, even more than when I actually saw them on screen in season two.

    2. Diggle and Oliver bonding in the cell at Nanda Parbat (while in chains, something which probably fed the fantasies of a few Diggliver slash shippers out there!). David Ramsey is also an actor who manages to make any cheesy piece of dialogue the writers give him touching and believable. That is probably why I didn't do an eyeroll when he asked Ollie to be his best man!

    3. Every Roy Parker scene. Colton Haynes have caught quite a lot of flak for his wooden acting. However, in these past episodes, he has really impressed me with his acting. In fact, I'm so impressed that Roy is slowly becoming one of my favourite "Arrow" characters. Colton portrays Roy with a pretty irresistible mixture of toughness and vulnerability, and his scenes with Thea/Willa have been really good lately. I'm also glad that the writers addressed the issue of Roy's killing a policeman, and managed to tie it to Thea's decision to turn Malcolm over to the League...

    4. ...which brings me to Thea. I really like Thea (and Willa's portrayal of her), but the way she changes her mind about pivotal issues is giving me a whiplash. Make up your mind, girl! Do you trust/support Malcolm or not? Thea's feelings about Malcolm seem to change from episode to episode, which makes me suspect that she is really just a plot device whose primary role is to make Oliver embark on ever more rash and irrational missions, such as taking a doting father on a suicide mission to rescue his own worst nemesis....

    5. ...who is none other than Malcolm Merlyn. Am I the only one who is getting a little tired of Merlyn and his season three antics? Season one Malcolm was a great Big Bad, mysterious, threatening and the perfect "I may look like a perfectly groomed billionaire, but I'm really mad as a hatter" villain. In season three he is mostly kind of meh, at least in my eyes. I don't feel that there is any real tension between him and Oliver, at least not the kind of tension they had in season one. But maybe that is because Ollie himself has been kind of meh this season?

    Anyway, there were enjoyable moments in this ep as well, but that is probably because I am still attached to the "Arrow" characters and care about their fates. I would also like to add that I find Ray/Brandon adorable, with or without his shirt, and that I can understand why Felicity wanted to take him to bed!
    My thoughts are almost exactly the same. Single scenes/subplots saved that episode. It seemed that they wanted to push forward some storylines too fast and in the result this episodes was messy. Hope the next one is going to be better, the trailer looked promising. Will Quentin Lance turn on the Arrow again?

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    a bit late, but im not even sure what to think of s3 so far...

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    I agree that the Atom looks more like Iron Man at this pont, but that doesn't mean that, like Firestorm on The Flash, he won't look more similar to the comics version in the future.

    The problem is it's tough to sell a character whose power is shrinking to minuscule dimensions. An Iron-Man like armored suit works much better on TV or the big screen. Perhaps the upcoming Marvel Ant-Man movie will prove or refute my opinion.

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