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    Idiot superhippie2000's Avatar
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    Loved it? Hated it? What did you think of Uprising?

    What did you think?

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    Feb 15
    I love this episode. The one I hated was the ending between Oliver and Felicity, I'm really upset with what she said. She change since season 3 started and its clear in this episode. How was she okay with Oliver killing people in the past and now all of sudden she's mad because he's "training with Malcolm" to defend his self against Ra's. Oliver trying to do whats best for Thea so if she can't see that then definitely don't need to be together anytime soon. Whats funny is that I bet Laurel will be okay with it but yet people still will dislike her, not saying they will get back together but just a interesting thought.

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    I loved this episode as well. I am also on Felicity's side with this. But to be honest Oliver doesn't have much of a choice. It's obvious Malcolm is a better swordsman than Oliver and he views Oliver as a son.

    I just don't like the idea of them training together given that it's been well established that Malcolm is a bad man. Then again, the one thing I love is that this show humanizes most of it's long term villains. Not everything is as black and white as some would have us believe.

    ADDED: I also think this will spur Felicity to help Ray until the end of the season when both sides team up to defeat Ra's and the League....
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    I see Felicity's point of view in this, Malcom killed Sara, turned Thea into a killer, and killed 503 people making Moira Queen the most hated woman in Starling..and Oliver is working with him? I can see why she would not be okay with that. I just thought it was BS how Oliver got Malcom not to kill Brick "for thea" Thea didn't really care if he killed Brick or not, she knew he was a killer anyway. And I'm getting tired of Oliver and Malcom trying to convince each other to do something by saying "Do it for Thea"

    I'm pretty sure Malcom would have blasted Brick's brains all over that floor whether Oliver was talking to him or not. Malcom's been waiting for years to kill this man I don't think he would have let Oliver convince him otherwise

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    I wish Oliver would have come back at the beginning of the episode and would have been involved more in the fight seen. I am thinking Felicity will be not to happy about him training with
    Malcolm but by the end of the season I can see Oliver and Felicity making up.

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    I can see Felicity leaving Arrow for Flash and being replaced by Sin. Love the epic fight in the Glades and I wish Tatsu would come to Starling City with Oliver so she can become Katana.

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    I gave it an 8. I loved most of it. The Malcolm flashbacks were a great idea and John Barrowman nailed them. No words needed when the police officers showed up for me to start crying. Some great one-liners from several characters. I loved Oliver/Tatsu scenes but as soon as she warned him about sacrificing what was most precious, I knew what was coming. Uh oh.
    I was so happy to see Oliver return, finally! And his speech-yay! I hadn't expected him to convince Merlyn to not kill Brick but that scene was so spot on and they nailed it.
    Olicity broke my heart I understand where Felicity is coming from but I can understand how Oliver feels trapped right now. And tired. You could see it in his eyes. He's survived round 1 but barely...he's willing to put aside what Malcolm has done so he can win round 2. Emily and Stephen nailed their scene. Wow. I loved how strong Felicity was in this episode.
    My only complaint is that once again Diggle was in the control room and Laurel was out fighting. Someone needs to knock some sense into her. I'd be a lot happier with the Black Canary arc if she thought about what was best for everyone rather than just her.
    But wow. Going to rewatch now.

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    Quite enjoyed this episode. The flashbacks to Malcolm's descent were interesting, and nicely paralleled his modern storyline which honestly seems a bit redemptive, though hopefully not in the fatalistic manner that we've seen with Tommy and Moira in previous seasons. I am personally quite excited to see Oliver begin training with Malcolm, since we knew this would eventually have to happen. It will be interesting to see things moving forward. Thea and Roy's scenes together were pretty good; Roy has really taken to being more capable and having a strong presence, a far cry from the way he was in Season 2. Laurel is getting better but still falters; I do feel sorry for Ted. Finally, Sin's words to Quentin clearly hit a cord with the man, and I suspect he knows the woman he thought was Sara is actually Laurel. The question is whether he'll figure out that Sara's dead....

    Unfortunately, there was one major downside to this episode, which is why I'm giving it a 9 instead of a 10. That downside is Felicity Smoak. I initially liked this character, and have enjoyed her social faux pas, but as of late her idealism is grating for this particular show. In looking back over the seasons, she has always been like this. One episode she'll show she can be both tough and intelligent, and then we'll have an episode where she has issues with Oliver's methods. We need to remember that Oliver has computer training and was doing his work without her. It was when he came up against the likes of Blackhawk Security that he required her help beyond recovering data, and her reason for being on the team is solely because he probably doesn't want to call ARGUS and have to deal with Waller; nowadays they have Lyla as a point of contact, so.....

    We also need to remember that they've set it up for Barry/The Flash to be the Superman archetypal character in this shared universe, with Oliver/the Arrow being the Batman archetypal character. They also made a big deal about the "there are people who see things only in extremes, and it would be foolish to think that anything but extreme methods will stop them." Arrow is never going to be The Flash in terms of methods and the atmosphere of the show, and I feel it's only a matter of time before Felicity has to make the choice between accepting what is happening, or joining either Ray or Barry. Sorry, but that's what I'm seeing.

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    This episode shall be remembered as the episode where Ollie's wig stopped being the worst wig in the history of TV. That title belongs now to Malcom's wig.

    But there is no need to worry my friends, because only the student may defeat the master, and just as Oliver will learn from Malcom, his wig will too, to be once again the worst wig to ever exist.

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    Malcolm embarking on a path of redemption is happening a bit too quickly for my tastes. The scenes with Brick kinda toned down his badassery i.e. I see no reason why he'd yell at someone (thereby giving out a warning) before shooting them. He's not Oliver.

    I hope Tatsu sticks around. She's pretty cool.

    Lastly, it almost feels like the writers are artificially prolonging the Olicity drama for the ratings. Felicity seems to be written differently now compared to seasons 1 & 2 and I'm not sure that's a good thing.

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    It's the mileage... costas22's Avatar
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    It's funny. Yesterday I was saying how in The Flash, even filler episodes are great to sit through. Arrow is exactly the opposite. Its messy writing can ruin even the most pivotal of episodes. It feels like the show can't escape it's bad habits this season. Among them:

    - The whole plot about Oliver's survival has been underwhelming ever since we returned from the winter break. I do have one final hope though. That there's more to this "penicilin tea" than meets the eye.

    - Oliver deciding to kill Ra's. So this week, Oliver has decided to be a killer. Again. How soon before someone (*cough* Felicity *cough*) convinces him that he shouldn't kill? Again? That's one of Arrow's main problems. I get being a dramatic show. But at least don't recycle the same dramatic plots over and over.

    - Oliver seems overly lenient when it comes to Malcolm: Protecting him from the League in the Magician, not telling Thea about him the Climb and now asking him to be his trainer? Even with his back against the wall, you would think Oliver would know better than trust the man who turned Thea into a killer. Something he STILL hasn't told her by the way...

    - Felicity. The problem with her has become really complicated. At first, it was just that she changed as a character and became less light hearted (hell, these days even Thea and Laurel are more cheery than she is!). But now, like I said last week, she's suddenly become the voice of reason and everybody else's brain in that team. No one knows any better. And if they think they do, she'll bite their head off (her mere tone and attitude this week almost ruined the episode). And I'm willing to bet that she'll be proven right about the Malcolm thing too. Sorry, but I watch this show because I want Oliver (you know, Green Arrow) to be the moral compass. The conscience. Because it's his show. Not Felicity Smoak's.

    - Olicity. Honestly, if this is the way the show wants to go, then just go with it. Don't drag it out with pointless and over the top drama. That last scene imo just felt hysterical, awkward (or maybe that's because I still don't see Ollie and Felicity's chemistry as a romantic couple) and convoluted. How is Oliver's decision to train with Ra's suddenly a huge road block for him and Felicity getting together?

    - Disjointed editing. Ahm, if the Oliver and Starling City scenes are happening at the same time, didn't Oliver return home ridiculously fast? And don't get me started on the abrupt Ted Grant cameo. And is he even alive? The show didn't bother saying...

    But there were positives: The Malcolm flashbacks (horrendous wig and all!), Vinnie Jones again, Roy really growing into his hero role, Laurel improving as Black Canary, Quentin finally becoming suspicious about Sara and Willa Holland in those short dresses...

    Last edited by costas22; 02-05-2015 at 03:13 AM.

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    Forum Regular Arrowaddict22's Avatar
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    Nov 12
    I reacted to Felicity differently to the comments above. to me, the writers have brought Felicity back to original opinions on crime fighting - no killing. She started off not wanting anything to do with the killing, then as season 1 progressed, she seemed to condone Oliver's actions. They found Walter and she stayed on, despite originally planning to stay just until they found Walter. i would like to think it is because of her feelings for Oliver (could be reading too much into this though). So now we have her emotionally attached to Ray, afraid he will get hurt, after losing Oliver. i think her reaction last night was more of a survival instinct - not wanting to be around seeing Oliver get hurt again. If she believed Oliver was dead, and then sees him return - i imagine there is a whole lot of anger. I would imagine it is a case of "we thought you were dead, we kind of mourned you, and now you are alive, and determined to fight the man who nearly killed you. And you are now training with the man who nearly killed you in Season 1, and killed 503 people. the end does not justify the means".
    If I was felicity, i would not be sticking around to see Oliver train with Merlyn.

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    As season 3 moved to the winter break I saw why Susan Thomson left the show and returned to NCIS. I was going to make my decision of sticking around by watching Laurel's 3 episode arc and while it wasn't the best 3 episodes of the season it certainly was levels above the Olicity heavy episodes. Laurel still isn't the great vigilante that the city see's in Oliver nor even on par with her sister but she definately shows leadership abilities when she's not getting upsurped by the morally disturbed "kill Ra's al Ghul/don't train with Malcolm, he's a killer" Felicity. Felicity has become more immature than her Gothic college self with her "I don't believe in hell but both of them belong there" flip-flopping and holding it against those people that are out looking to do what they think is best while she sits at a computer and assisting with nothing more than information. I loved her final line in this episode and hopefully it killed Olicity from the rest of the season and the show as a whole. Don't get me wrong and think I'm a Lauriver shipper, I'm not. I just can't stand how Olicity has become a central part in the show so that everything has to revolve around Felicity when it's supposed to be focused on Oliver. I was starting to think "Arrow" should be renamed into "Felicity Smoak and her Superhero Crushes" seeing every season we have some new hero she's falling for (S1 Oliver, S2 Barry, S3 Ray...) and her gaining more and more airtime for these absolutely trivial romantic interests.

    Loved seeing Sin and Ted this episode, sadly Ted won't be returning again but hopefully we'll get to see more of Sin. I REALLY enjoyed Roy and how he's stepping up even if the rest of the team (Diggle/Felicity) still belittle and look down on him. And even though I had a heavy rant about Felicity I did enjoy how she and Laurel worked together. A heavy downer was Diggle getting demoted to a phone operator monitoring 911 calls while Roy and Laurel were already out-manned on the streets.

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    I love the show but it seem that it had a different from one episode to the next like last weeks had Moseeu there and say Ra wants the body and this weeks it seem like it never happen.

    lol Lance knows roy is the red hood but he doesn't know that Olie is Green hood..

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    Quote Originally Posted by CodeBlaze View Post
    I love the show but it seem that it had a different from one episode to the next like last weeks had Moseeu there and say Ra wants the body and this weeks it seem like it never happen.

    lol Lance knows roy is the red hood but he doesn't know that Olie is Green hood..
    He doesn't want to know how the Arrow is but he knew that Roy wore a red hoody all the time so somebody shows up wearing a red leather suit he put two and two together.

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