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    Taylor Swift Caught_In_The_Sun's Avatar
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    One thing that had me was when Oliver was "iinterrogating a guy and Barry freaks out...what was it? "He says he doesn't know!"

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    Captain Boomerang was always one of my favorite villains.

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    The actual story in this ep was, I think, better than in the Flash ep, although there was the usual quotient of CW soapiness (Diggle saying that he lives to "keep them safe," a phrase I wish they'd drop). The Rocky allusion was fun, and it connected to the training scene in the Flash ep, when Barry says, "what, train like in Rocky?" or something to that effect. Boomerang is a better bad guy than Prism of course. I liked the torture discussion a lot, as I'm totally on the side of more torture.

    Jeff's sophomoric eye-candy report: Felicity's blue chiffon top at the beginning is a perfect example of how to dress her to drive all us boys crazy! Yay costumers! My only regret is that they changed her out of it for the bar scene. Caitlyn, of course, wore Hillary-style dark-colored pants almost throughout, which effectively shut down her intense sex appeal. Geez, the woman has legs that go on forever--use them! The CW is supposed to be so cheesy and over-emotional, but they seem to have something against good 'ol cheesy dressing for hotness. Great to see the very fetching Thea again, however briefly. And I will add what I said over on the Flash forum, that if there is a heaven, it's a place where I am the peanut butter in a Caitlyn / Felicity peanut butter sandwich. With lots of . . . oil . . . yes, slippery, sticky oil . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halberdier17 View Post
    NightHawk777 the ending was a reference to Rocky 3 because Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg love that movie. It is a refence to when Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed were having their rematch for fun and they both took one swing and it freeze-framed to the credits.
    oh yeah, i remember that

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