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    1989 Batman and Flash TV series in same universe

    After watching some Flash episodes and the Batman movies, I strongly feel The Flash is set in the same tv/movie universe as Tim Burton Batman due to costumes and that the same composers worked on both projects.
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    Its not but tbh they were so similar tonally that they could easily exist in the same world.

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    Now that I've had a chance to watch the original flash on dvd, I agree with you.

    Central City has that same look and feeling as Gotham... even the cars and some of the clothing set in the same period is the same. Yeah, it's really not a stretch to believe that they might be set in the same universe.

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    I would need proof that the 1989 Batman and the 1990 Flash live in the same universe, even though it might make a great story for a future series about a universe crossing character.


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