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    Quote Originally Posted by WickedJenn View Post
    When she walked out onto the battlefield, determined to get the job done on her own, I admit I fangirled a little bit.
    I wish they hadn't spoiled it in the trailer. But yeah, that was a pretty awesome moment.

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    Probably one of my favourite moments of WW, her taking care of business in no man's land on her own.

    I'd also give a shout-out to 'Any WW scene with Antiope'. In many ways, while WW/Diana was a badass -- Antiope was a torrential force of nature. Robin Wright was impressive as hell throughout the film.

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    I remembered when I first saw this movie. I like it, but I think it should have taken place during World War Two instead of World War One. She has her start during World War Two.

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    Rewatched it for the first time since... probably since seeing it in a movie theater. Rewatching it now, years later, I had a lot of problems that I didn't have originally. Looking at my old posts, I complimented Gadot's performance. But, watching the film in my own apartment (could the original viewing location have impacted my experience? Or was I affected by the hype of there simply being a Wonder Woman movie? Not counting BVS, Superman by this point already had six live-action movies, and Batman had eight (counting the Adam West film from 1966). No Wonder Woman movies, until this one.), I found her performance to be bad.

    When we started seeing the flashback of Steve stealing that book, I found myself feeling like he's the real hero/true protagonist of the film. He is the one on a mission to save the world (he is the one who gets to make the heroic sacrifice, to save the world... like Steve Rogers in Captain America The First Avenger*). Diana is an ally/love interest, whom Steve picks up along the way (one of several allies, who joins them. Apart from Etta (who doesn't leave London), everyone working with Steve and Diana is a man. Granted, society put great limitations to the role of women during WWI. Which is a strong argument for putting this story in WWII, where they had female pilots and female spies. Women that Wonder Woman could work alongside in the actual field. Because this is WWI, there are a lot of scenes in the movie, where Diana is essentially the only woman onscreen. She is the one exception, in an otherwise all-male environment. The status quo is thus allowed to remain). She is the muscle (and a very naive, basically dumb, one. It's a common problem, when writers try to write naive characters), while he is the leader/brains of this operation. During their interaction on Themyscira, I actually found myself questioning the origins of Wonder Woman as a character. Steve Trevor is a man, who crashes on an island entirely populated by women. And the princess (who looks like a model. In fact, many of them do. One of the Amazons in this movie is played by Doutzen Kroes, a supermodel. There are no overweight or scrawny Amazons. All Amazons are statuesque) falls in love with him... because he is the first man that she's ever seen and follows him around (um, straight guy wish fulfilment much?). There are reasons why I prefer the second season of the Lynda Carter series, over the first one.

    * They literally have Ares show up at the end, to battle Diana. Just to give us the feeling that she saves the day. It's like they had written the script. Then realized: "Oh, right. This is supposed to be a Wonder Woman movie, and not a Steve Trevor movie". Sure, they frame it like WWI ends, because she kills Ares. However, after WWI several civil wars break out. Then WWII in 1939. Followed by the Cold War (the Korean War, Vietnam War, and so on) and more recent events like Iraq war and the war in Afghanistan. Diana killing Ares didn't put an end to war. In fact, it might have caused some. You see, after WWI, right-wingers in Germany started to spread a conspiracy theory. A claim that German military hadn't lost the war at all (sound familiar?), but had been stabbed in the back by forces within Germany like pacifists, socialists, Jews, the "criminals" that made up the country's new government and so on. From an in-universe perspective, Diana's interference might've resulted in an outcome, that sparked the birth of the stab-in-the-back myth. A conspiracy theory that became an important propaganda tool... for a certain political party in Germany.

    Didn't care much for the pacing (fast-forwarded a bit, just to get the plot going). Some scenes felt like they could've been shortened or cut. Like the fashion montage. Showing us the impracticality of fashion... from a century ago. An attempt to comment on historic female attire...? or an attempt to justify the titular character running around in basically a bathing suit, rather than proper clothes? Also, keep in mind, that what Diana put on was fashion... for more higher classes. Not the clothes that women wore, when they were working in factories (and other places), at this time.

    Diana's line, where she equates being a secretary to being a slave bugs me. Gadot's performance ends up feeling like she's not saying it in a disapproving tone. Does she equate being a slave to a regular job? Or is she implying that they have slaves on Themyscira? The latter is entirely possible. Themyscira is an ancient-style civilisation.* The notion that slavery is wrong (along with the notion that monarchs shouldn't have absolute power) is a rather new idea (a change in attitude, that Themyscira, a country 100% isolated from the outside world for thousands of years, couldn't have acquired from an outside source. Either they would've had to come up with this (for the time) radical idea that slavery is bad, on their own, or continued doing it). If Themyscira does have slaves, it reflects badly on Diana (you don't think that the princess of a country, that engages in slavery, has slaves?). Meaning that the titular hero of this movie... might be a slave owner (makes me a bit uncomfortable, even if it's all hypothetical).

    * Which means that Themyscira is a pre-industral society. The farmers (whom we never see) have no access to modern machinery (tractors, combine harvesters and so on) for agriculture, but have to do everything by hand (with primitive tools). No machinery for mining. So, Amazons working in ex. coal mines, would have to do it manually (look into the history of mining. It's quite unpleasant). 8 hour work days, for workers, was like a 20th century invention. No washing machines. So, the Amazons would be required to wash everything by hand... only, that would be a task for the peasants. Not for the higher social classes, which is where you have the princess and the queen. You know, maybe it's a bad idea to label a society a "utopia", based on how less than 1% of the population lives (and I'm not just talking about Themyscira, but all fictional (supposed) utopias). We need to stop and ask ourselves: "how does everyone, who isn't this, live?". We don't see Themysciran farmers or miners... because showing them would destroy the fantasy.
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