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    Quote Originally Posted by Welling_is_pretty View Post

    Felicity. Again, I don't watch Arrow so I felt a little lost with her. I did enjoy some of her stuff (her fangirling over Dr. Wells was cute) but on the whole she felt a lot like Chloe/Watchtower.
    Yeah, she's pretty much Team Arrow's Chloe. At times, she is also Oliver's conscience, but that didn't really need to come through as part of this crossover.

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    This episode drove me nuts. I mean a cold gun is still just a gun. When he was walking around the theater shooting people he could have been doing the same with an assault rifle. There's no inherent advantage of an ice gun that would have made him so apparently invincible, particularly to dozens of security guards each carrying their own gun. Even the gun's premise was weak. The kid said "speed and cold are opposites," or something like that? His explanation only applied to the speed of molecules, not speed as it relates to distance. There's no reason ice would be the Flash's kryptonite, at least not anymore than setting him on fire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DigificWriter View Post
    1) Lana WAS interested in Clark, but the only times he pursued her were when she wasn't available.

    2) Theres a difference between being technically gifted and being a "nerd". Chloe was never presented as being anything other than technically gifted

    3) Barry and Iris' relationship dynamic is exactly the same as Clark and Chloe's was for most of Smallville
    Iris' obsession with "the Streak" reminds me more Lois' interest in the "Blur" in Smallville. Barry/Iris' relationship on the other hand is more like early Clark/Lana than Clark/Chloe.

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    I just loved this.
    Very good to see.

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    This is the episode that gave us Captain Cold. He wasn't an evil villain to defeat. He almost kill the Flash, but his friends came to the rescue. Captain Cold escape for now, but he'll be back with Heat Wave at his side.

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