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    Ι loved the Skrulls' dry humor. It's the kind of comedy that MCU movies lack badly. Didn't know Ben Mendelsohn had it in him. Other than that, the film as a whole truly is average. The MCU has done much better origin stories, IMO. Brie Larson is an actress I don't follow a lot and I don't know a lot about the Captain Marvel character. So it's not up for me to say if she makes a good Captain Marvel. All I'll say is that she didn't seem intimidated by the part or by her high caliber co-stars one bit.

    As a movie that introduces Captain Marvel to the MCU, it serves its purpose. As a movie that ties up loose ends of the MCU, it fails.

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    Following my recent Wonder Woman (2017) rewatch, I decided to sit down and rewatch this one. I still like it, and thought that it holds up to repeat viewing (even noticing new things during the rewatch). Having rewatched it a few days after Wonder Woman, I noticed some details. This movie is 20 minutes shorter. So, no fashion montage (Carol gets clothes to fit in on Earth, offscreen, while visually establishing where she got them). Nor is there a shoehorned in love story (which often happens). The closest is one flashback (among all of Carol's memories) of her kissing a boy (her first kiss probably). The plot gets going a lot quicker. Had to look at the time, and was shocked to realize that I was still early in the film. Unlike Themyscira, we don't spend a whole lot of time on Hala. Both are locations that Diana and Carol leave, at the start of their adventure, and never return (if anything Hala plays a more significant role in the climax, than the by then non-existent Themyscira. As Hala is where the Supreme Intelligence is speaking to Carol from, and it's where all of the villains come from). As a result, one is waiting for them to leave, so that the plot can get started.

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