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  • Season 1: Lone Gunmen

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  • Season 2: Broken Dolls

    1 25.00%
  • Season 3: Corto Maltese

    3 75.00%
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    Which has been the best third episode so far?

    Which has been the best "third" episode so far?

    Season 1: Lone Gunmen

    Oliver tries to stop Deadshot from taking out businessmen and Walter is his next target. Oliver reveals himself to Diggle when he saves his life.

    Season 2: Broken Dolls

    Officer Lance has to track down Barton Mathis (the Dollmaker) when he breaks out of prison and resumes his killing spree. Mathis kidnaps Laurel to get to Quentin. Also death penalty for Moira.

    Season 3: Corto Maltese

    Oliver tracks Thea's whereabouts to the island of Corto Maltese in South America, where she has been in training with daddy Malcolm. Diggle accompanies him when Lyla asks him to search for a missing ARGUS agent. Laurel seeks the guidance of Ted Grant to help her become stronger.


    This is a tough choice as all three episodes have been some of my favorites. Broken Dolls gave us more Black Canary, Diggle finds out in Lone Gunmen and so much to love about Corto Maltese. I have to go with Corto Maltese as the best for the impact it will have on the series going forward. Season 3 has been really awesome so far.

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    I did enjoy "Broken Dolls", and the Dollmaker was creepy. "Corto Maltese" I liked as well, but wished there was more Thea and Malcolm. I kinda forgot "Lone Gunmen" so I can't really judge it against the other two. So I say maybe a tie between Broken and Corto.


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