First time posting here so please be gentle. I just finished watching Season 2 and have been resisting the urge to read anything on this forum.

I only have one big rhetorical question: does anyone in Starling City die from natural causes? For a city that appears to have some Fortune 500 companies, they must have a crime rate rivaling cities in Honduras. Obviously I'm being cheeky.

As someone who never really got into comic-based movies and television shows before Smallville and the Batman reset, this show hooked me because it took a less campy approach to the source material. It makes it believable, or at least as believable a show about an arrow wielding vigilante could be. The character development is more extensive and darker than it used to be, yet even the most evil are developed in such a way that you can feel sorry for them.

I do hope that Season 3 has a better core group. His team was getting a little drama-heavy. I'll save my gripes about Sara for another tread. I can't decide if I dislike her character or the actress, but I'm definitely Team Laurel when it comes to the sisters.

I've never read a comic book in my life but I even found myself reading up on the background of the Green Arrow just out of curiosity. I like the twists they've done with some of the original characters: i.e. making Speedy his sister instead of an ex-prostitute, making Felicity a little sister type character or a potential love interest.

Anyway, awesome show. I'm hooked.

By the way, did anyone catch Oliver's Castaway comment on the island? "I'm trapped on an island and my only friend is named Wilson." Loved that.