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    Red face Hello Again!

    Hey, my name is Judy. I used to visit Ksite all the time a few years ago because I was ( and still am, I guess) a fan of Smallville. Then after that show ended, I became a Merlin fan, but I didn't frequent many fan sites, and then I also became a fan of Sherlock, and didn't visit any fan sites, because it seemed that my two favorite shows ended and not completely in a satisfying way for either Smallville or Merlin. Luckily Sherlock is still being aired, but like I said, I do not visit fan sites for that show. But now, after my BFF convinced me to watch Arrow, which I was refusing to watch just because of Justin Hartley not being the Green Arrow, and because of my lack of satisfaction, I have decided it was time to revisit Ksite and GreenArrowTV. My BFF was right when she said that I would fall in love with the show. I am now once again obsessed with a series. Hopefully, this show will last a while and give me satisfaction in the end. So Hello Again to Ksite, and a new hello to the Arrow fandom! I am looking forward to being back to the forums.

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    yeah welcome back , it feels good to come back here after not being on this site for a while doesn't it ... I am also a fan of Sherlock and i am impatiently waiting for it to come back. My friend also recommended me to watch arrow and i was reluctant and hesitated at first, but after i was completely hooked on arrow and the upcoming flash


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