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    Quote Originally Posted by Starsaber View Post
    If he's any version of Zoom, why would he be motivating Barry at the end there. I could see him wanting to make sure the accident that gave Barry his powers takes place (since I think in the comics if Barry didn't gain his powers, the speed force wouldn't have been created for Zoom to tap into), but it would probably be easier for him if Barry didn't become The Flash or died early.

    I'm convinced that whoever he is, he's trying to change things so that Barry survives the Crisis.
    Zolomon was very different to the original Professor Zoom, he suffers a variety of tragedies which unhinge his mind. He is obsessed with making Flash (Wally West) better, and it usually is done by extending him physically and mentally.

    Zolomon was invented by Johns, and we all knew he was coming and had a lot of us guessing as the letters of his name fitted so well. Johns was asked if this was the case and appeared to deny it.

    Johns I believe is involved with this project, so a denial for this character would fit. Also remember there are two Zooms. So it can be both.

    So Wells helping Barry, making him better, deliberately unleashing the Metas in Central city fits perfectly.

    I have not seen it and can only pray one of our stingy lousy networks buys it, or I will have to wait until next year when they put it out on DVD.

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    I have just seen this episode on DVD, and I has to post that I like it. It was a good origin story for the Flash and I like how his first villain was the brother of a flash villain from the comics.

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