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    Loved It? Hated It? What did you think of "Streets of Fire?"

    What did you think?

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    I thought it was a pretty predictable episode. Blood dying, the cure, Malcom saving Thea. The end was dumb, we all know Thea didn't shoot Malcom.

    As for Roy, I kind of which he could have fought spades army with the mirakuru still in him, but I guess he was uncontrollable that way. So I'm guessing Roy wakes up next episode cured and then team arrow goes out and shoots special cure arrows into the soldiers. Kind of disappointed at how predictable the last few episodes have been. Hopefully there is some kind of twist in the finally.

    oh and I hope someone takes care of that ***** Isabel, I hate her more than I hate slade.

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    These are my initial thoughts. I will post a more in-depth review once I've seen the episode a second time.

    The mini-lesson that Oliver gives to Laurel was good, and Laurel's role in this episode has shown she is much more comfortable in a supporting role like her father rather than an active role like her sister, for the time being. With Spencer dead, I'm guessing Laurel Lance will soon find herself as the District Attorney for Starling City, and that will help her and her father aid the Arrow and the Canary in Season 3.

    Blood was a vastly underused character, and was also very easily manipulated by Slade, who delivered what he promised. Blood just didn't realize that the city was also something Oliver/the Arrow loved enough that Slade would take it from him.

    Sara's return was done well, and I suspect that Nyssa (who apparently is showing up with very few assassins) is going to go against her father's wishes. I don't think Ra's agreed to any aid for Starling, and Nyssa seems to be strong-willed enough that she would go against her father. From my understanding of the comics, of the two daughters of Ra's, Nyssa has never been the one to follow her father's order without question. Talia, on the other hand, has. So if Nyssa works with the Arrow and Canary, I think we know how and why Ra's might be involved in Season 3, particularly if her involvement leads to her death.

    Merlyn's rescue of his daughter was great, and those scenes were filled with a great deal of tension between father and daughter. I suspect that he will be in Starling for Season 3 much like he was in Season 1 (a recurring character). As for the ending of the episode.... what else was Thea facing, besides her father? I suspect that it wasn't Malcolm she shot, but the Mirakuru Soldier.

    Waller is a (swear word). I am going to enjoy seeing Diggle take her down, and from the sound of it, the Squad will be his back-up (meaning from the sound of the finale description).

    When Blood said "The person you love the most," I have to say, that there is no way now that it's Felicity. Sorry, but if anyone wants to deal with Felicity, it's the other Mirakuru sword-wielder. No, Slade made it very clear in The Promise who he would be targeting. "It's hard to find that special someone who means everything to you. You were very lucky." Who did he say that about? What have they made a point of this entire season? To reinforce the depth of emotion between Oliver Queen and Sara Lance, and their shared history. I'm a fan of Sara, but considering she has been in every episode this season, she should've been a series regular. That she's a guest star no matter what tells me that she is the same as Yao Fei was last season (he was in nearly every episode as well); a character who plays a formative role, but who is ultimately to be sacrificed to spur someone else on to greatness.

    I cannot wait for next week, now. Here's to hoping the days go FAST rather than SNAIL PACE.

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    loved it. and i gotta say... isabel in that costume without the mask..... so hot

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    Let's just say that was the fastest hour (or 42 minutes) ever :-)

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    It was a pretty good episode. The middle part of this trilogy that helped set up the finale. Only thing that bothered me was the Laurel and Felicity pep talks. They were there just to kill some time and make said characters appear to be more useful. They didn't offer anything since they just repeated stuff Oliver and Sara should have known episodes ago. That being said, it was nice to see Sara get some recognition as the Canary again. All in all, I liked most of the scenes with the Lances.

    The cliffhangers for next week were so and so. ARGUS threatening to blow up Starling was fine, but I seriously doubt Thea shot Malcolm. Don't know why they went with that as their closing scene. My guess is she shot the mirakuru soldier behind Malcolm.

    Blood getting killed off by Slade was to be expected. It was clear in the last couple of episodes that he wasn't exactly on the same page with Slade. At the same time, I appreciated the fact that they didn't make him completely redeemable. He still wanted to be Mayor and even blackmailed Oliver. Gave the character a more realistic touch.

    The island scenes were the best we've had in a while. Looks like Ollie and Slade's battle will take place on the Amazo, which Anatoli will sink, thus sending Sara to her supposed death. I still don't understand what happened to the other 3 Amazo prisoners that made it on the island (like the preacher), but whatever show.

    8 out of 10.

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    Not as awesome as 2x21. Honestly. Some scenes deja vu all over again. Isabel really needs to die, she's boring and so predictable. Like many other scenes. But it was really action-packed.

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    There is no way laurel could pull back that bow. That really irked me. Now to watch the next 36 minutes.

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    Why could they not broadcast a 2-hour finale? Loved the show!

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    I have to say that I really enjoyed this episode, although there were so many things happening that it felt as if a 2 hour feature movie had been crammed into fortyfive minutes. However, I think the writers/directors managed to alternate quite seamlessly between the various strands of action, and give an impression of the impact of Slade's Mirakuru army on the city as a whole, although they surely work with a lot smaller budget than a regular superhero movie. As usual I will try to put my thoughts into some kind of order:

    Laurel and Oliver, Laurel and Sara

    The first scene with Laurel and Oliver...When the promo pics were released, there was quite a big brouhaha on various online comment sections and forums concerning Laurel's "unnatural" or unrealistic ability to draw a bow. Like many other Laurel fans couldn't help with feel that the reaction was totally out of proportion, especially when you consider the many other unrealistic things that happen on the show: Oliver shooting arrows through hundreds of tennis bolls without missing a single one (something that no real archer is able to do), Merlyn and Helena catching arrows with their bare hands (which the "Mythbusters" have proven is impossible IRL), Helena again, using Ollie's recurve bow..and this is only the bow-and-arrow related stuff! Besides, in the actual episode we did get an explanation why Laurel could draw the bow, when Oliver explained that it's a compound bow (and I have also seen posts from archers who say that it's not implausible at all with this type of bows!). Here is a youtube clip with a nine-year old using a compound bow:

    Anyway, I think that SOME of the angry/derogatory comments had more to do with shipper envy or dissatisfaction with the fact that Laurel is getting more connected to the team and even gets to share scenes with Oliver/the Arrow than with the actual promos...but I'm not going to discuss this further, since we've been so blessed with the absence of ship wars/disputes so far on this forum!

    I loved this scene and how Ollie took Laurel through her paces. It was nice to see them sharing a scene that was matter-of-fact and all about getting something done, rather than the soapy, emotionladen semi-romantic scenes that they've had this season. In fact, I could totally enjoy the two of them having a non-romantic companionship IF Laurel ever gets to become Black Canary... especially since the writers seem to be paving the way for a possible Olicity romance in season three (see below!). Having Laurel tell Oliver that saving the city is more important than taking care of her is also a nice sign that Laurel is a now character who is able to stand on her own two feet, rather than being the one who needs to be saved (I have personally never seen her as a mere "love interest" or "damsel in distress", but those are epithets that have often been used against her by anti-fans!).

    I also enjoyed seeing the Lance sisters bond and Laurel encouraging Sara with the "you are a hero" pep talk. Sara had the chance to reinforce her positive self-image when she saved that child from the burning house. The only bad thing is that commiting a heroic act is often somewhat ominous in this type of shows, so I'm a tad worried that something might happen to present-day Sara in the final episode, though I'm keeing my fingers crossed that she will survive.

    Oliver and the team

    Lots of things happening with the team as well in this ep...Felicity got the chance to save Diggle by mowing down Isabel with the van, the frantic search for the cure, the heart-to-heart Oliver/Felicity pep talk in the Clock Tower. Now, the way this scene was filmed sure felt like a classic romantic scene to me: the lingering/deep glances, the emotional dialogue and the whispering violins in the background! It was like the culmination of all the other Olicity moments we've been given. Of course, it could just be a nod to the Olicity shippers, but it could be a foreshadowing for season three. I guess we will all have to wait and see...and if we look at this from the writers' POV it's a great way to keep the audience hooked, given the popularity of the pairing.

    It is kind of interesting how the writers have Oliver confront such invincible obstacles that he loses hope in every episode, until to be brought to his senses by one of his ladies (Laurel, Felicity). I'm just waiting for Diggle to step in and give him an inspirational speech next episode! Colton/Roy didn't have much to do in this episode (though I think he was pretty convincing as a man in a coma!), so hopefully the antidote will work, which I think it will judging by the "Unthinkable" promo.

    Malcolm and Thea

    Malcolm Merlyn/the Black Archer is back! The scene between him and Thea at the train station was well played, although the dialogue was a tad too cheesy for my taste. I mean, what does a madman like Merlyn have in common with a teenager who finds herself in the worst crisis of her life? Yes, Malcolm lost his wife and Tommy, but he was also partly responsible for their deaths. Thea, on the other hand, is in a very different life situation right now. Anyway, I'm really curious who Thea really shot in that cliffhanger (I'm pretty sure it wasn't Malcolm!).

    Slade and Sebastian Blood

    The fact that Slade compares himself to Nero really shows the magnitude of his Mirakuru madness! Although I think Manu Bennett is doing a great job, I have to say that I would regard Blood as a more interesting villain, and I'm disappointed that he's dead. I think Kevin Alejandro did a great job with a character who was written as pretty one-dimensional and who didn't have much actual screen time. He managed to almost make me sympathize with a man who killed his own Dad, who put his mother in a mental hospital for life (and then killed her!) and who tried to destroy a city with an army of crazy superstrong men. I think he gave his character enough layers to make the viewers see the scared little boy beneath the mask. Although I love the Barrowman, I have to say that I find Alejandro's acting more understated (or less "hammy"!) and therefore more effective...but that's a personal opinion, of course. Anyway, kudos to Alejandro for a great performance. Now, if anyone can explain to me how he got his hands on the cure, I would be much obliged! It just seemed way to easy...

    As usual in the season finales, the "Arrow" writers propensity for melodrama came to the fore. However, somehow the cheesy dialogue and the melodramatic scenes don't bother me. I even kind of like them...In fact, I get the feeling that the writers are doing it deliberately, as an hommage to the genre (wow, I managed to sneak in two French words there!). I mean, superhero fiction is cheesy and melodramatic by nature, right? Or maybe I'm just giving the writers too much credit...

    There is IMHO a difference between bad/pretentious cheese and good cheese. Watching some scenes on "Arrow" is a bit like watching the catfights between Krystle and Alexis on "Dynasty"...they are totally over the top, but the actresses did them with such gusto that they are really fun to watch.
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    Again, a great episode. I wonder if they are planning a roller coaster like the finale from last season? It's already half way there.

    Laurel & Arrow were fun scenes. It's almost enough to banish all of the downward spiral junk they did to her this season. It was fun watching Arrow try to contain his excitement and remain calm while explaining to Laurel how to use his bow. And when Laurel hugs him, he seems like he isn't sure it's really happening, lol.

    Laurel takes charge and tells Ollie to get on with saving the city, and heads off to her dad. As soon as i saw Slade tapping their phone, I was pretty sure he heard the part about Laurel heading back. So I was worried about her, but then Sara showed up, which surprised me for some reason. She had to know that canary was Sara at this point. It was nice to see the moments Laurel and Sara had together in this episode.

    Sara is very self critical. She apparently doesn't see anything good about what she has become. But she keeps doing good things. Her dad and sister will try and help her, if she will let them. But she really seemed to be down. Hope things work out for her. I kept thinking she was going to die in that burning building.

    Finally, that supervisor gave Detective Lance his Detective title back! Loved the scene where QL dropped 3 grenades on that mirakuru beast that was destroying their office. He has come a long way since last season, offering the police help to the Arrow. I really liked his point about law vs survival.

    Nice fight between Rochev and Diggle. Diggle has a big pair to fight someone with double daggers only using a scoping baton. Well, that was all he had available at the time, and he made a good showing. But the winner of that fight was Felicity and her timely hit and run. When Rochev then gets up, and they sped off, I was wondering, can you really squeal rubber like that in a big old van?

    Thea and Malcolm were well played. I was pleasantly surprised to see Malcolm employ an exploding arrow. I thought he stuck to plain old arrows. Have to up your game in Starling to keep up with the Arrow, I suppose
    And it was nice to see him have to struggle against the mirakuru warriors, like everyone else. Nice fight in that subway tunnel. Thea wasn't buying anything Malcolm was selling, but it seems Malcolm is sincere. I thought it was awesome when Thea double tapped Malcolm. He probably has on bullet proof under his costume, but it was still nice to see her resolve. She will not go quietly into the night with a mass murderer like Malcolm.

    I almost became sympathetic with Blood this episode. That is quite an achievement, as I have not liked him much this entire season. He reminds me of Malcolm. He has this glorious goal, which is what we could be sympathetic about. But the way he would achieve those goals are so unacceptable, and he can't understand that. It was nice to see him give the mirakuru to Arrow. But then, his peculiar rambling about still being the mayor? He's nuts. And now he is dead (we think), thanks to Slade and Rochev.

    And poor Roy. He is still in a sleep, and after all they go through to get the cure, Ollie can't go through with it On top of that, I was thinking, shouldn't they roll the dudes sleave up, giving him a shot right through clothing seems a little uncivilized or something. But really, they HAVE to give Roy a super redeeming moment, after the way he's had it this entire season.

    Slade and Rochev seem like quite a pair. Slade referencing Rome burning was very telling of how far he has gone into madness. It seemed odd that Rochev had not heard of Shado. And Slade has really gone off the deep end if he thinks Shado would have approved of any of these things he is doing. It was also semi humorous that he is the scariest guy in the world, and he's hanging out in an office just watching his plans go into motion. Not even in costume!

    It was easier to follow the island scenes in this episode. It was nice to see Ollie and the Russian have a bond. And Slade was scarey when he caught Ollie and Sara in the Amazo. Sara tried so hard to get Ollie to leave with her, but he wants to try and save Slade. Imagine if he had left with her, then she would never have got involved with the league of assassins, etc.

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    I love it 10/10

    Only one thing bugs me is that they haven't told the why Malcolm is still alive, maybe for season 3? I don't like plot-holes, I didn't like them back with Smallville

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    Overall, it was a good episode but the pace did feel "frantic" -- not necessarily a bad thing at season's end. There was a lot of tying up of loose ends before the season finale. It was setting the stage for next week.

    Blood and his story arc became secondary the moment the cops and Team Arrow dropped (or, I'm being generous here, suspended indefinitely) their investigation into Blood's questionable activities and any connection to the Mask weeks ago. Slade's arrival in the city ensured that Blood's story arc would only resurface as time and story permitted. Blood went into a bit of his backstory and motivations (quickly!) this ep. re: the Mask and plans for the city, but these details could have been salted into previous episodes. He was beginning to question Slade's plans, but I never got the sense in previous eps. that the plans were troubling his conscience so much. It was good they just didn't rush into Blood's inevitable fate without his last-minute scruples check, but it was served on platter to us all at once. Looking back, I'd rank him in the mushy middle among the pantheon of Arrow's villains so far.

    With Laurel already on the periphery of Team Arrow, it was inevitable that the issue of her making the connection between Sara and the Canary would emerge. I'm glad it happened now instead of later. It was good Canary and Laurel had some interaction in 'Birds of Prey', so it wasn't as much of a leap for Laurel -- who already pieced together the Arrow's identity -- to connect Sara with the Canary's identity. She's done half the legwork already re: the Arrow's identity, so finding the common threads between them would be simpler for her.

    I've basically accepted in my mind that "Detective" Lance must know Arrow's identity, but is channeling Batman's Jim Gordon and choosing not to name names for the greater good. It wouldn't be a stretch to assume that he is doing the same re: Canary. (I don't know if that was a knowing glance or not between the three Lances when the other cop mentioned the Canary being a hero. Quentin has Gordon on speed dial and is taking off-screen advice on how to deal with vigilantes and their secret identities. )

    The Sara and Laurel scenes were good. Sara was always looking for salvation in one form or another: the Sara who left with Ollie aboard the Gambit was not the Sara who left the League. And the Sara who first arrived in Starling City is not the Sara who ran into a building faced with certain death and saved a child. And it was Laurel who pointed this out to her, that everything forms a part of who she is. In this moment, Sara has found her redemption -- and arguably the conclusion of her heroic journey. What this means for her could be as simple as her leaving the city to forge her own "reborn" life as hero outside Arrow's shadow (the safe choice where Sara gets to live). Or, it could mean making the ultimate sacrifice to save a loved one.

    Slade was vague about who he was going to kill: the one Ollie loved the most. Either Lance sister at this point is marked, if this is the only clue. I'm hoping Slade doesn't replay the 'who lives, who dies' game as it was done with Moira to great dramatic effect. There was plenty of melodrama -- again, not necessarily a bad thing in the lead up to the season finale. I'm just hoping it doesn't consume the final ep of S2.

    The island flashbacks were meh, with the Starling City events taking up most of the attention. And Roy was out cold during everything. I'm expecting him to rejoin Team Arrow for the final showdown. Isabel's story arc appears to be petering out, with not much left to do, and I'm expecting some resolution on this front by the finale.

    Thea commits the biggest cardinal sin when caught in a apocalyptic scenario where insane killers are loose -- running into a dark, isolated area where you have no exit strategy. Of course the Deathstroke goons and Malcolm will follow. I don't think she killed Malcolm -- his Ra's Al Ghul/League associations may ensure that "death" will always be a temporary state.

    So Waller has gone with the "scorched earth" option re: the city. Time's running out for Team Arrow. We'll have to wait until next week to see how it plays out.

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    It's just so difficult to really say anything new and original simply because Arrow seems to always deliver, haha.

    Although, I will say this…Malcolm Merlyn better not have died from that gunshot! Lol.

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    Fairly predictable episode up until Waller sent in the ARGUS army. Now her actions in "Suicide Squad" (decision to blow up a house of innocent people) was clearly a set up to show her mind set when it comes to containing a critical situation. I thought it was a ridiculous action in "Suicide Squad" and I think it is even more ludicrous in this situation. Kill 573,000 people to stop 60 men? Give me a break. Arrow, Det Lance, and Merlyn each dropped a mirakuru soldier. They've kept Roy sedated with venom for 48 hours. And Waller can't come up with a better plan to stop them? Waller is going to be the big bad of Season 3.

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