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    I liked this episode. Blood has been under the radar ever since Slade arrived in Starling City and just about everyone (Team Arrow, Quentin, etc.) ruled out the cloud of suspicion over him because the source was Laurel during her inebriated era. It was good to see that no one can deny Blood's involvement now -- and Laurel reinforced that the evidence is undeniable this time. Ollie's confrontation with Blood was good, if a bit rushed (but I guess that can't be helped with the finale around the corner).

    It was awkward for Felicity to be slagging the person whose funeral had just happened, but it didn't bother me as much because her character doesn't have an internal filter so we know many of her thoughts/internal monologues actually come out in public. I don't think she intentionally means any offense, though she doesn't like Moira.

    Ollie made some effort to repair the void with Thea he had a hand in creating. Thea lost a parent, her boyfriend in exile, lied to by Ollie (and, by extension, Team Arrow). Stepping away from the secrets-and-lies spotlight was likely the best avenue for her. And it was good to know that Laurel is there to support her.

    I would have to agree with Isabel being "adorably evil" (like WWE Diva A.J. Lee ), both with her funeral appearance and her chat with Thea at the (now former) Verdant. She's a villain but how can anyone truly hate her. Hope she stays a delightfully mirakuru-crazy heel into S3.

    Ollie lost a parent too and while S1 Ollie might have rushed headlong in a blind rage to a battle to the death with Deathstroke (a fight he had no hope of winning ... and re: show this outcome might make great action but ring hollow dramatically), Ollie in S2 had the sense to listen to cooler heads -- and in this case, it was Laurel who pulled him from the brink. Both characters advance in their development as a result. While Laurel's addiction story arc ran longer than I would have preferred, I'm overall happier with her development this season. I liked how she handled learning about Ollie's secret and her prodding Ollie this ep. to get the job done. She may not be "officially" part of Team Arrow (yet), but I think she is much further along in fulfilling her own destiny going into S3.

    I didn't like it when Laurel chased after Team Arrow at the end (too soon and too risky for all), but in hindsight it also wasn't wise for Team Arrow to leave Google Maps (Felicity Maps?) open for all to see where they were going.

    The downside was the island flashbacks, which were jarring at times. So Ollie and friends start up a submarine and fires torpedoes to free themselves, or something to that effect. It didn't contribute much to the ep's main Starling City story arc.

    The stage is set and I do get the sense that the showrunners are still keeping their creative gunpowder dry and saving the biggest (and best) for the finale/Act III.

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    Yet another AMAZING episode! Clearly these last three "episodes" are actually ONE giant episode that has been split over three different nights. Essentially the finale is a TV movie. The show just keeps getting better. Wow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightHawk777 View Post
    Yeah, I don't know why she did that. It doesn't reflect well on her. But, I guess they want to show that everybody has good and bad points in this show.
    That really made no sense whatsoever for Felicity to dislike Moria so much. I mean to be honest, Felicity dug into Moira's family business when she had no right to do so and also to give her an ultimatum, that was not in her place to do so at all. Imo, Moira was way too kind to her. It was just bad writing, and also to talk about a person at a funeral, and also that Moira gave her life to her kids. What's wrong with her was my question?! :s I can't possible like Felicity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anu View Post
    That really made no sense whatsoever for Felicity to dislike Moria so much. I mean to be honest, Felicity dug into Moira's family business when she had no right to do so and also to give her an ultimatum, that was not in her place to do so at all.
    I think Felicity's dislike of Moira is rooted in Moira's involvement in Walter's abduction and the Undertaking.

    I thought the bad writing was in the ARGUS scene. I found the dialog a little baffling. Amanda said Oliver was at the lair "where he conducts his operations." Does she not know he conducts his operation from Verdant? Are the writer's implying that Amanda isn't as "all-knowing" as she thinks? And then when she says "his other lair", are we to believe that Diggle and Felicity did not know where Oliver had been training Roy before Roy found out Oliver was the Arrow? Plus, Oliver has another site picked out in case Verdant was compromised and never lets his partners know about it? And how exactly did ARGUS find Oliver anyway?

    oh, and why didn't Felicity ping Oliver's phone like she did Quentin's back in League of Assassins? Did he take the battery out of his phone?
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    Well, it might comes from cultural differences but I loved when Felicity said Moira was diabolical during the funeral. I laughed so much ! Actually I was just thinking "Moira was machavellian" and Felicity said it at loud. Don't get me wrong I liked Moira a lot and hated that they killed her but I was liking her because she was complex and .... diabolical. Buy the way Felicity has all the reasons to dislike Moira. I like both characters and their interaction, that's why I'm sorry that we won't have Moira/Felicity scenes anymore, there was a great potential. Actually Moira could have make a terrible "mother in law" for Felicity. It would have been very funny. That was just a detail.

    I loved this episode because everything slows down a little and it was necessary. I'm glad Laurel is back and that finally someone believes her about Blood. I liked Isabel a lot and I hope we'll see a great fight, Summer Glau is so talented. Most of all I liked the fact that they find a way to introduce a little humor, I was afraid the show would become too dark after Moira's death. In the same time I liked the way they didn't get rid of the grieving scenes.

    I liked the "b/i/t/c/h with wifi" scene. I liked the fact that we see Diggle more. I liked the "It starded with the 3 of us ..." but disliked that this sentence was immediatly wrong. I dislike A LOT the fact that Laurel succeded where Felicity failled. :'(

    But I have a solution to cure Barry. If they find an antidote then they could inject Mirakuru to Barry and then the antidote ! (I hope that the writers will never thought about this lol)

    One last thing : Of course Felicity was from Vegas. The sentence came to her naturally : "what happens in ...." lol
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    Okay even when the series is getting better it still stumbles and fumbles too much. If the writing wasn't garbage this would be an intense and near epic season.

    Thea blames Oliver for not telling about Slade the psychopath. The guy was at their house, you think telling he's dangerous is going to help. Slade will butcher everyone on the spot. Okay, a lie killed Thea's mother - NO, Slade killed her. The CW fetish for secrets and lies continues. And somehow the man who pulls the trigger is never guilty if Oliver can be blamed (Shado & Moira).

    Laurel becomes likeable! Yeah! Now that she's sober her dad believes her about Blood. Because alcoholics lie about EVERYTHING! If it doesn't deal with booze I think you can trust Laurel.

    What Felicity did was being honest about Moira. She was still sad and still crying but for Oliver. Perhaps she could have kept her opinions to herself but having Felicity being really sorry for Moira's death would have been dishonest of the show.

    So Oliver has another lair and has had it for some time? He comes there when he wants to be alone? Are you freaking kiddin' me?! Why not move Team Arrow to lair #2 when Slade compromised the Foundry?

    Oliver's surrender was totally a totally dishonest attempt to stir some drama. It makes no sense even after what Slade said. Realistically speaking Slade should go after everyone dear to Oliver, that was the original plan. But now it's just one more person? Even if Slade would stop after killing Oliver it doesn't mean his army will, or Sebastian Blood. Arrow f#cked up it's attempt at Deathly Hallows. The result of beefing up Laurel's character felt dishonest and unearned too.

    Oliver's meeting with Sebastian Blood was anticlimatic. Oliver just let him go and revealed he was Arrow. Couldn't he wait for a more opportune time to do something?

    How is Slade's army a threat? He has 50 guys on supersteroids. And how did Oliver get magical explosive arrows that take these guys down yet Slade is this unstopable force?

    How was the cuffed dude who was brought to the precint able to smuggle in his mask without the cops noticing it?

    Yeah, I gave this episode a 1.

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