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    The artist formerly known as "KryptonSite" KSiteTV's Avatar
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    Loved It? Hated It? What did you think of "It's Not Easy Being Green?"

    What did you think of tonight's show?

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    Site Groupie spotteddog's Avatar
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    Apr 04
    Boston, MA
    Great exposition episode. Some thoughts:

    I was a little disappointed that Zelena's green color came from envy, but hey it worked.

    Some good forward motion on the Regina/Robin relationship. Unfortunately I think Robin might lose his life protecting Regina's heart.

    So we still don't know the identity of Zelena's true father (but we know for sure it isn't Rumple). Yes, I know, Leopold, but we don't REALLY know that yet.

    So Zelena loves Rumple? Well now we know who Zelena will sacrifice for her curse.

    I don't want to like Hook, but Colin and the writing is making it really hard.

    Finally, the deck is stacked against Regina - she needs reinforcements. Either that or someone needs to get the dagger away from Zelena and free Rumple.
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    Board Master Aries83's Avatar
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    Nov 07
    Maybe it's just me, but: I thought this episode was AWFUL.

    Zelena's backstory just wasn't that interesting. Then, she storms into the diner and Regina has to be clueless (just like she was at the castle), which made it seem redundant. And, did they ALL have to run around town so haphazardly together? Been there, done that.

    The "showdown" was virtually non-existent – unless you count a few insults, a couple of magic tricks, and one character flying away on a broom a showdown?

    The only bright spots were the OQ scenes and the silver slippers. That's about it – at least for me.

    The episode did bring up a question, though: Does the stuff with Dorothy Gale even happen? I would think, if they were going to introduce her at a later time, THAT story would have to happen before Zelena storms Regina's castle and modifies the curse to end up in Storybrooke. Then again, how is Dorothy supposed to meet the Wizard when he's already a monkey? I suppose she could change Walsh back just to trick Dorothy, but...

    At any rate, I'm hoping next week is better.

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    Avi by aotearoagal Degobunny's Avatar
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    I liked Zelenas backstory, the rumbelle moment, Hook attempting to bond with Henry, and the Outlaw Queen interaction. They better not kill Robin though, he is making Regina a better a person. After watching the episode I am convinced killing Neal was the right decision. They clearly could not write the character with Rumple and creativity were just not able to make me care about anything he did.. I think Emma is going to have start dating a ghost though if she wants love because her love interest have a high mortality rate.
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    Incurable Postaholic DA_Champion's Avatar
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    Oct 09
    Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
    I am watching this now and it is amazing fun.

    "This isn't the wild west."
    "No, It's the wicked west."
    Haha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!

    How can anyone not smile at the Tinkerbell-Evil Queen-Robin Hood scene?

    OMG the heavy-handed symbolism of Regina entrusting Robin Hood with her heart ... I'm dying !
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    Dec 09
    Northeast PA
    It was good. The "showdown" was just a preview of, hopefully, things to come- can't have the big doozie this early.

    Also loved the symbolism of Regina giving Robin her heart.

    Who knows if Dorothy Gale will even be part of this? it's interesting to see what they can use- i.e. The Wizard of Oz- and not, or what they choose not to (Oz, the Great and Terrible, rather than Powerful- that was a Disney movie, and Disney owns ABC, so...)

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    Forum Regular Rac80's Avatar
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    Dec 11
    Flatlands--Avi by Katherine Kent


    LOVED LOVED this episode! one of the few I have given a 10!

    Loved Regina trusting Robin with her heart (Yep i ship outlaw queen)- the symbolism was spot on! Love the interaction between the two of them.

    I think Robin is going to get the dagger from Zelena- he told Regina (& demonstrated) what a great pickpocket he is!

    Walsh was the WIZARD!?!?!?!??! obviously he had access to some magic - how did the shoes appear on her feet otherwise? Maybe Walsh was just the "current wizard"...and they change over time. I think he's going to be human again and then he can explain himself to Emma---Hook will not get a free ride into Emma's heart! (nope don't like captainswan)

    So will we see Jafar in Zelena's plans to turn back time? (there's a cher song in that phrase! )

    I also liked seeing Tinkerbell back - I ship tink/hook I admit it.

    eagerly awaiting next weeks ep!
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    Custom Title jon-el87's Avatar
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    May 08
    Liked Zelena's backstory. Also liked Zelena's comment about Emma calling herself the savior. It's something I feel the show drives a little too hard at times. Yes, she was the savior of the first curse. That doesn't make her the savior of everything, all the time.


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