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    That episode was pretty epic. I always like when Sarah picks up the bow and shows a little more of her skills as an "international assassin," as Roy put it.

    I also like that Laurel know Ollie is the Arrow. We all knew she'd find out eventually; I don't think it's a bad thing. Usually, heroes keep their secrets from the ones they love to protect themselves and keep their loved ones out of hour line of fire from the main villain. But since it was the main villain who popped by for a sec and told her, I think she's completely safe. I also don't think she'll do anything bad with the info or towards Ollie. Maybe a little hate at keeping the secret (more towards Sarah down the line though), but then she'll consider everything he did for her and be sad that she almost got him arrested/caught.

    As for Isabel, when she was fighting Ollie, I was super shocked. But given the pic I saw of her on twitter for the future, my shock is gone and replaced with curiosity. I was more surprised that after being gone for like 10 episodes, thinking she was forgotten, that she was working with Slade this whole time. I knew she'd be bad, but not that bad. I'm ready to see how this plays out along with Slade's apparent new army.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alzer0 View Post
    Please, does anyone know the name of the Soundtrack playing at minute 25? With Oliver and Moira is having "their moment". Please help me :/
    It's called 'I forgot who I was', I love it too.

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    I had high hopes for the episode given the title but aside from Slade this was a horrible episode. It boils down to this: Slade KIDNAPS Thea but it's Oliver and Moira who are the bad guys for LYING to her about her true dad. Gotcha. We even get a repeat at the end where Slade BREAKS into Laurel's apartment but again, Oliver is the bad guy for LYING. I mean that's the message I get from all this. If this was a quality show both Thea and Laurel would tell Slade to go to hell instead of taking things at face value. But Arrow is just so damn awful show.

    Oliver Queen is a dumbass, not just because it was the intention of the episode, not because it was his arc...the character is an @$$hat. Or more specifically the writers write every character more or less like a moron for DRAMA. Last episode Oliver tells Roy to leave Thea which backfires so badly it's not funny, it doesn't make Oliver flawed in realistic way, it makes him (and Roy for agreeing to it) a dumbass. At the end of the episode Roy leaves town when he was closest to the voice of reason: Team Arrow had Slade but they let him go and then lost him later. Oh and the police officer who ended up arresting Lance in the end. What a douche - another problem with this show - everyone is either a moron or a douche or both.

    Since Oliver doesn't give a damn about running his company I'm not going to care if he gave it to the bad guy. And speaking of bad guys I haven't gotten to Jason Blood yet because I had forgotten about him. That's how bland he has been and the actor isn't doing anything for me. Just comes off like a douche. And way to go Laurel saying she's sorry for accusing him.

    Doesn't Slade have enough henchmen? Slade let a bunch be hurt by Oliver in a pointless fight while at the same time freeing a somewhat same amount of criminals from a prison buss which could have just drove over or past Slade who was obviously setting up an escape. Man this show is so dumb beyond belief.

    This season has five more episodes to go - it feels like it's been going on forever. Even with all this said I hope the series gets better (and it kinda has gotten better) but at this point it doesn't take much effort. The show just feels like a cheesy soap opera that churns out decades worth of episodes with little to no repeat value other than the odd action scene or a cool cinematic shot here and there.

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