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    When did Quentin find out Sara is the Canary?

    He obviously knew tonight, but a few weeks ago, it didn't seem he had it figured out.

    And yet, he hasn't figured out that guy she hangs out with is Oliver?

    Or did he know all along? What does everyone else think?

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    She revealed herself to him when the League was after her when she first arrived as Black Canary and had to leave to protect her family.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkphoenix21 View Post
    She revealed herself to him when the League was after her when she first arrived as Black Canary and had to leave to protect her family.


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    From the English Subtitles of Arrow Season 2 Episode 5, Detective Lance speaking:

    00:26:58,509 --> 00:27:02,529
    You sent Felicity Smoak
    to warn me to leave town.

    00:27:04,182 --> 00:27:07,200
    You know the Arrow.

    00:27:12,156 --> 00:27:16,159
    You're the girl in the mask.

    00:27:16,161 --> 00:27:20,664
    You've been kicking the crap
    out of creeps in the Glades.

    00:27:23,417 --> 00:27:26,002
    You've been home for weeks.

    00:27:28,155 --> 00:27:29,873
    Tell me something--

    00:27:29,875 --> 00:27:31,675
    if these assassins,
    if they hadn't shown up,

    00:27:31,677 --> 00:27:33,593
    would you have ever let us know
    that you were alive?

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    There was also Heir to the Demon, when he's in the alley with her waiting for the Arrow to show up with one of the assassins. She's wearing her Canary gear but no mask.

    And in the Clock King episode, Quentin arrives at a crime scene and finds them waiting for him and he asks if they're just going to be at every crime scene from now on, Sara replies "i saw you leave", meaning Sara's welcome home party in the previous scene.
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    And yet, he hasn't figured out that guy she hangs out with is Oliver?
    That Quentin does not know that Oliver is the Arrow is sooooo absurd that I've adopted as my own personal cannon that in reality Quentin DOES know but is playing along and will deny knowing anything unless they specifically tell him. Believing it helps me maintain my sanity.

    I won't even touch how Laurel could have not recognized Sara behind the mask.

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    I agree. This is the only reasonable explanation.

    Quentin is a detective. It's got to be similar to the Jim Gordon-Batman scenario, it's the only way I can accept that Quentin hasn't gone up to Ollie this season and said: "Hey, I know you're the vigilante." In S1, Ollie must have been suspect number one in his eyes. I refuse to believe this has changed now that Quentin and Ollie are on better terms. Being more cordial with Ollie doesn't mean the clues disappear. He's got to be playing it cool and -- going out on a limb here -- acknowledging that Ollie's prominent status in the city means, by necessity, he can't be linked to the Arrow. So, he's enabling Ollie to keep the secret, by keeping his detective conclusions a secret too.

    If Quentin actually doesn't know that Ollie is the Arrow , then he should never make grade again at SCPD and bid bye-bye to his detective badge and investigative street-cred forever.
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    I also think Quentin is just pretending to not know by now. I mean he's a detective and even if he wasn't, no one that close to Oliver AND the Arrow can be that stupid. I mean the Arrow is surrounded by Sara, Felicity, always comes to the rescue of Laurel. And Oliver is dating Sara, Felicity works for him, & he always comes to Laurels rescue!! I'm surprised he hasn't seen Diggle hanging with the Arrow. Plus that sketchy phone call situation.
    Also, how many cell phones is Oliver carrying? It has to be more than one right. Because if he gave Quentin Arrows number, it had to be different than Oliver's number right? Because Quentin also has Oliver's number? And why would Oliver give Quentin his(Arrows) number? Why didn't he just leave it with Quentin calling Felicity?


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