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    The artist formerly known as "KryptonSite" KSiteTV's Avatar
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    Loved it? Hated it? What did you think of "Suicide Squad?"

    What did you think?

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    Hopeless Forum Addict Halberdier17's Avatar
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    Nov 12
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    I loved it. Somethings I liked was:

    • Harley Quinn even if it was just one line
    • Deadshot talking about his daughter Zoe
    • Amanda Waller and Ollie somehow know each other and she thought that Ollie killed Slade
    • Diggle's backstory

    Edit* Some references that were mentioned and shown in Suicide Squad:

    • The Ostrander Suite in the hotel Lyla is stying is a reference to the Suicide Squad creator John Ostrander
    • We finally got to see Markovia after having multiple episodes where it was mentioned
    • Kahndaq was mentioned it is the home of Black Adam
    • Qurac was also mentioned it is a country that exists in the DC Universe.
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    Madman With A Blue Box Austin 3:16's Avatar
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    Oct 04
    One of the best episodes they've done. This season keeps getting better and better and I hope we get Harley back for another episode, either this season or next.

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    New In Town
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    Mar 14
    I think Amanda Waller is the woman who hired Fyres in season one. Remember when they revealed that his employer was a woman at the end of The Odyssey? Plus, when she asked Oliver if he was still mad at her, plus when she knew about Slade.

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    Forum Regular cryhwks's Avatar
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    Mar 08
    Great episode. Amanda Waller & Ollie knowing each other just made the theory of her being the red heels lady even more concrete. Finally the name Deathsroke was said & the scene where they all used there code names was cool. What I also got form this episode is that Sarah my not die by season's end I've also thought she would die but maybe not? The Harley Quinn scene was nice she sounded exactly the way she should.

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    Dec 10
    I was hoping that when the Suicide Squad was going to be in Arrow, I was hoping Oliver would be involved. Instead they had him in the B-plot of worrying about Slade and how he would go after his loved ones. It was the B-plot of the episode while the A-plot was Diggle and the Suicide Squad. We get a hint as to why Diggle and Lyra divorced and what kept Diggle from killing Deadshot if he wanted to. I also enjoyed seeing Sarah trying to get Oliver to open up more and Dinah Laurel was not bad in this one. Oliver and Amanda knowing each other was not a surprise since there were hints, but I like that we got the name Deathstroke and the cameo of Harley Quinn. Good episode overall.

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    Taylor Swift Caught_In_The_Sun's Avatar
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    Apr 10

    Just didn't work for me. I liked hearing Harley Quinn.

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    It's the mileage... costas22's Avatar
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    Aug 08
    Yep, looks like Amanda was indeed Fyers' employer. And maybe her involvement in the island flashbacks will explain how Anatoly escaped the island. Makes you wonder what this could mean down the line. Will Tiger and Deadshot work with Oliver to bring down Slade and his people? Or maybe Waller is setting up Oliver...

    It was a good episode all in all. Diggle has been really pushed to the side in favor of other characters this season, so it was nice to finally see an episode about him. Loved the flashbacks and how they brought to life his stories about Afghanistan. And the bromance with Deadshot was really sweet.

    I must say that Amell's acting in the last 2 episodes has been terrific. He's brought a great deal of emotion to his character, without overdoing it. The scenes where he was getting paranoid about Slade made up for a nice B plot. Can't exactly say the same for the scenes Laurel was in. She's on the road to recovery and that's fine and all, but her being so cool over the Oliver and Sara relationship came off quite forced.

    7 out of 10.

    P.S. Hope they bring back Lyla in the future.

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    I agree with you about Laurel being so suddenly empathic with Sara and Oliver. It's wasting Laurel's back to normal. And she shouldn't have to apologize Sara, Sara should have done that.

    But honestly, I still keep thinking that Sara will bite the dust in the season finale (despite her overconfidence on surviving Slade's wrath). And recent Marc Guggenheim comments seems to confirm it.

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    Feb 13
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Can't exactly say the same for the scenes Laurel was in. She's on the road to recovery and that's fine and all, but her being so cool over the Oliver and Sara relationship came off quite forced.
    P.S. Hope they bring back Lyla in the future.
    I didn't have any problems with Laurel's attitude in this episode. I think the point of her behavior was to show that she is serious about following her AA Twelve Step Program and taking charge of her life. I actually liked her scene with Oliver and I canít help but feel that they have a connection that goes deeper than Sara/Oliver, even when she is giving him relationship advice about her own sister (but then Iím biased!). For example, the writers emphasized their connection by letting Laurel say that she "probably knows him better than anyone" (which is almost verbatim what Oliver said to HER when he declared her love for her in season one!). In fact, her role in this episode kind of mirrors Oliverís role towards Tommy and Laurel in season one. Although it must have hurt (since he admitted that he's still in love with Laurel) he put his own feelings aside and even gave them relationship advice. He went out of his way to help Laurel and Tommy patch things up in season one (at least before he broke the bro code and slept with Laurel in one of the final episodes!). Just like Oliver, Laurel is trying to put her own feelings aside in order to help those she cares for. At least that's my interpretation.

    I also loved Lyla in this ep...she and Diggle go so well together and she's hot without being model pretty!

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    Settling In
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    Oct 13
    Oliver and Amanda knowing each other was a surprise, I still don't like the fact that she knows his true identity. This makes for an interesting flashback episode where we find out how they know each other.

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    New In Town GreenJustice's Avatar
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    Jan 14
    For that kind of respected series, misspelled russian sign on min 03 is...I mean - how hard is to find russian person to help you spell signs? I'd do that for a few bucks.

    Oliver's russian is just awful (both language and accent). I need subtitles to understand what he is saying. I really do.
    Give me 10 minutes with Amell on those lines - and he'd say them much better.

    The episode itself was nice.
    Last edited by GreenJustice; 03-20-2014 at 10:21 AM.

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    Settling In
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    Dec 13
    I liked last nights show.. Love Diggle. I was not looking forward to seeing him join the Suicide Squad. I thought that would go against everything he believes in.. And I was right, but it worked out.. I really liked how he and Deadshot connected.. I have a feeling that's not going to be the end of their story... And what about Oliver and Amanda? I didn't see that coming.. I figured she was connected to the Island but not to Oliver..
    i agree with Evaba about Laurel. She still loves Oliver. I think their love goes deeper then being in love. They have loved each other for so long they just want the best for each other.. No matter what the other chooses. I think they will always be there for each other. But too much water under the bridge for a relationship between them.

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    >>>THE FLASH<<< super_j_man's Avatar
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    8 out of 10

    This episode was good, but I wouldn't say great. Ollie and Slade plot was relegated to the B plot story and I was hoping for more there. The Diggle/Deadshot relationship was pretty cool to see in this episode especially when Diggle showed sympathy toward him. Nice twist at the end when they revealed that Waller and Ollie have a prior relationship. The probably I having with the recent episodes is despite how awesome they are, they keep shoving the "Shado's death plot device" at us when it was really bad writing to begin with. Until we can move past that this season is going to suffer which is a shame. I have been enjoying this season recently except for that major point. Oh by the way, Sarah rocks!! (And Laurel is becoming more tolerable now)

    I'm not really looking forward to next weeks episode, but I would like to see Sarah kicking her some major Helen ass!

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    New In Town Blackswan's Avatar
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    Jan 14
    This was an Awesome, awesome episode!! I enjoyed it right throughout its duration. I love their portrayal of the Suicide Squad, and for a moment it felt like a totally different show from Arrow, which was Good! This one episode even made Marvels Agents of Shield look like crap. I believe a Suicide Squad TV series could stand on its own.

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