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    Idiot superhippie2000's Avatar
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    May 05

    Loved it? Hated it? What did you think of #THINMAN?

    What did you think?

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    Onward Season 10! Anno_Domini's Avatar
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    What's with the rating references with Bats and Supes? Lol.

    I need to watch it all again probably tomorrow night or something on the site, but I did manage to catch just the ending and I hated that the Ghostfacers broke up.

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    1000 More To Go!! Welling_is_pretty's Avatar
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    in the land of denial
    This episode was better than I expected. Course, as many of you know, I ma not a big fan of the Ghostfacers so I went in thinking I wouldn't like this episode much.

    The selfies girl. If someone is in your room, why hide in the closet? Wouldn't it make more sense to get out of there?

    Dean going on a case without Sam? Or did he purposely let Sam see him leaving without him? Hmmm.

    Supernaturalists. Heh.

    The Ghostfacers wrote a book and are famous?

    Reference to the Veil.

    "It's about making all the haters eat their words."

    I, too, thought the Thinman was a Tulpa (a throwback to their first case with the Ghostfacers). Guess not.

    The memory--Sam as Batman and Dean as Superman. And Sam trying to fly and breaking his arm. It kind of came out of nowhere but still, a nice bro moment.

    So Ed made Thinman up, eh?

    "Secrets ruin relationships." Wow, the anvils were all over the place this episode. Yes, Ed and Harry's relationship mirrors Sam and Dean's broken one now, we get it already!

    I loved that the bad guys were human (a nice callback to the Benders). As Dean once said, "demons I get, people are crazy". And a tag team? Huh, interesting. I also liked how panicked Sam was when the guy was about to gank Dean (awww, Sam, you do care!) but Dean seemed almost...accepting? Which was a little spooky.

    Ed and Harry to the rescue!

    "Scooby Doo time douchebag. Take off the mask." Heh.

    Dean ganked a human? And Sam didn't object? I found that surprising. And Harry shot the other guy to save Ed. Huh.

    Harry and Ed split up. I get it, this is supposed to show where the Winchesters could end up. But it's time to just fix this already!

    So overall, a better episode than I expected with some really nice moments. But a bit heavy handed in the parallels and I'm just tired of Sam and Dean being at odds.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
    What's with the rating references with Bats and Supes?
    I'm guessing it's a reference to Dean's memory that he talked about in this episode? When he dressed up like Superman and Sam as Batman and Sam broke his arm? If so, cute!

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    New In Town SupRnatRL's Avatar
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    Didnt like the episode that much.. Not really digging the ghostfacers :P


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