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    Site Groupie President_Luthor's Avatar
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    Jan 04
    I think Laurel's involvement in the Blood conspiracy story arc -- likely the major one for the remainder of the season -- is a good sign that there is a plan in place for her character. It irked me that, as a lead character (Dinah's status in Green Arrow lore is comparable to that of Lois' in the Superman universe), Laurel often got stuck with supporting character plot lines in the past. The pill-popping looks like an ongoing Laurel-centric mystery this season. It might be revealed, likely at the moment Laurel gets irrefutable proof about Blood's schemes. And no one will believe her because of it. She's in the thick of S2's major plot now, so I think it's more than fair to say she's not being sidelined.

    Shrapnel is yet another weakly-sketched villain, which is an ongoing beef of mine with Arrow. The show has a growing rogues' gallery of them with China White, Bronze Tiger among them. Paper-thin characterization. They throw them up against Arrow to create action or conflict, but there's little else about them once the fight is done. They have a few 'second-tier' villains that have some substance but are middling in quality, despite their higher profile: Count Vertigo and Deadshot come to mind, as well as Huntress who's more of an anti-hero. Weak writing and/or acting have to be taken into account with some, if not all, of these villains.

    I would say Slade and Malcolm Merlyn are the top shelf ones on the show, but they have had the advantage of a season or more to develop. Not surprisingly, the writing and acting for their characters outclass the other rogues.

    Ra's Al Ghul is arguably in a class all his own, and he's yet to show his face. (This is someone that gives Batman headaches!) If he ever showed up in person on Arrow, it would be an automatic, 'time-to-call-the-JLA' game-changer.

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    I am the night Johntrek187's Avatar
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    Oct 13
    Gotham/Blüdehaven line
    Detective of a Lance mentions he misplaced his pain medication which I thought was an uber subtle way to hint at Laurel's addiction. Since it has been an on going plot for Laurel, I hope it escalates into something substantial like ya said. Or has a major downward spiral and have it really showcase the dangers of using prescription narcotics. And how easily they lend themselves from habit to addiction. The comic was never afraid to showcase the ills of society. So neither should the show.

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    Settling In Fletching's Avatar
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    Nov 13
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    Pretty good episode. Nice to see Laurel getting back in the mix doing what she does best: investigating and possibly getting herself in big trouble with the big bad.

    It would not surprise me to see that Blood and Shrapnel are connected. Slade orchestrated the whole plaza bombing threat so that Arrow would save the day and become friends with Blood. What's the saying? "Keep your enemies closer"

    As for the Felicity/Oliver/Barry triangle, I see a parallel to Shado/Slade/Oliver. Slade was the one to say, "Keep your distance from the women. They will distract you." In this episode, he shows a hint of jealousy because Shado preferred Oliver. Fast forward to present and Oliver finds himself in Slade's position of having to keep distant from the women so he is not distracted. And, he's slightly jealous that Felicity has chosen Barry.

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    New In Town jake1403's Avatar
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    Nov 13
    Wales, UK
    Enjoyed the episode overall. After the mid season finale though it felt a little bit of a let down. But no idea how they would match that episode :P

    Really loving the mask. Enjoyed seeing more of Slades transformation, glad they are not just making him suddenly the bad guy.

    Would have liked a bit more from Diggle in this episode, he felt like a bit of an unnecessary character for the most part.

    And I wish Roy would just tell Thea the truth!


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    Jan 09
    Quote Originally Posted by costas22 View Post
    There's been a lot of talk about Olicity (and the showrunners won't exactly kill off the rumor for obvious reasons), but it's clearly not going anywhere romantic. So I do hope that they stop teasing anything in that direction. That would be my only gripe with this episode. It also turns Felicity into more of a dramatic character, making her no different than the other female characters of the show. Said difference was the reason I liked her in the first place. As for the arguement itself, I am leaning mostly towards Oliver's side because that misdirection by Felicity nearly killed him. The Central city jab wasn't necessary to get that point across though.
    Thankfully I am not the only person who feels that Oliver and Felicity stuff came across as fan pandering. Other then the forced spat so they could make up and give shippers a awww isn't that sweet moment, I thought the episode was good.

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    Somewhere in Time Who's Avatar
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    Jan 07
    Quote Originally Posted by cloisornothing View Post

    Poor Slade, seeing him like that, that's so heartbreaking. Just can't believe he's just seeking revenge over Oliver just because Shado's dead, I hope Slade has a very good reason (much better than Shado's death) to have this plan to destroy Ollie.
    I wonder if he will end up being right about Sarah and she betrays both him and Ollie. That would make Ollie's choice to save Sarah instead of Shado even that much worse in Slade's mind.

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    Forum Whiz TheSecretVampire's Avatar
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    Oct 11
    I think there's more to Slade wanting revenge on Oliver just because of Shado's death. That could be a huge reason why, but there's more to it than just that.

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