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    Forum Regular Arrowaddict22's Avatar
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    Nov 12
    I thought the party scenes were a little disjointed. The thing that occurred to me: Sarah asked oliver what happened to Slase, and Oliver ignored the question, and changed topics. This makes me think that Oliver might have killed Slade after he parted ways with Sarah - especially hen we look at his reaction when explaining to Diggle and felicity that he managed to kill one of these "super-humans". Moira does not trust Isabel - and for some reason Oliver felt he had to come over, interrupt their convestaion and perhaps rescue his mother.
    Spoliers tell us that someone dies next episaode - could it be Moira?

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    Dec 13
    I doubt it's Moira. She still has story line purpose.

    Personally I'm hoping it's Luarel who kicks. Story line wise she's serving no real purpose, especially now that the trial is done. And now with Isobel, Sarah AND Velecity, he has MORE than enough love interests to go around.

    Episode over all was excellent. I have a feeling I'm gonna love the Flash when his show comes out.

    Roy WILL eventually come back into Arrow's fold, count on it. As much as I would love for Laurel to die my gut tells me it's Thea who actually kicks. This will be the final push for Olliver to allow Roy in and he'll take the name Speedy in her honor since that was her knick name.

    And yes, expect Ra's to come in in a season or 2 with Batman hot on his heels.

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    Oh, there was one big thing I forgot to mention in my long winded post.

    My nephew was watching with me, and it was his first Arrow episode. news of the Flash being in it got his attention.

    There was a scene where Barry and Felicity were somewhere, and Barry was near a bunch of chemicals.
    Felicity said something like, "That's dangerous" and he didn't seem to concerned.

    Then there was some lightning going off. We both thought he was going to become the Flash right there, but it was a massive tease.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caught_In_The_Sun View Post

    [edit] I missed Laurel not being in the EP. *shrug*.
    I missed Laurel, too, although I can understand why she didn't appear-I think the introduction of Barry Allen took up so much story time that the Laurel storyline just didn't fit in, especially since she has no connection to the Arrow team (yet) And even if some of the folks who post here didn't miss her, I have many cyberfriends who did, because for them Laurel is an essential part of the series and sometimes even their main reason for watching. Although the fans who share these sentiments may be less numerous or less vocal, they do exist and they should be acknowledged.

    I think that if (or when, hopefully!) Laurel gets a storyline that is meaningful in terms of the ongoing story, even those who might not like her will at least tolerate her presence. Of course, I personally don't understand this fandom need to count out/eliminate characters because of a personal dislike or because of a perceived irrelevance to the action. That's probably because a) I'm a pretty complacent viewer (although I like to rant about poor writing sometimes) and b) because I view "Arrow" as an ensemble show where every character has a role to play, regardless of my personal feelings about that character and even regardless of the prevailing fandom trends and preferences. When I watch an ensemble show I might not enjoy or like every character/storyline in an equal manner, but I usually figure that the writers have a reason for including them in the story I'm following.

    Furthermore, I believe that a character can be of relevance to the show even if s/he doesn't take part in the action (if the action is narrowly defined as anything involving the "Team Arrow"), because to me "Arrow" isn't just about "Team Arrow"-it's about Ollie's relationship with family and friends and his involvement in their stories, including Laurel's. Anyway, Laurel is coming back next episode and in the upcoming episodes there will be quite a lot of Lance family interaction, which is my one of my favourite parts of the show.
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    TRUST NO 1 GrimmReeper's Avatar
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    Jul 07
    i enjoyed the episode. the only part that sickened me was slade confessing his love for shado in front of oliver. shado is with oliver. the trailer for the next episode looks good, but i'm concerned they killed off shado. if memory serves shado and oliver in the comics had a son, but then this is there interpretation. as much as i like manu as slade i prefer celina as shado more, so i hope they didn't kill her off.

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    Hopeless Forum Addict Halberdier17's Avatar
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    The Phantom Zone formerly Krypton
    I hope it isn't Shado that dies; Celina Jade is great in the part and I want her to appear in present day with a child named Robert Queen.

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    Site Groupie President_Luthor's Avatar
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    Jan 04
    Slade's story arc is one of the best written on Arrow, at least among those who may become Ollie's future villains. Compared to China White, Bronze Tiger or even Vertigo, he's leagues ahead of them re: depth of character. Even if Slade "dies", I suspect that super-soldier serum will have a hand in reviving him. (Deathstroke forever!)

    Having watched the replay on Fri. up here, I've got to say that the biggest tension between Roy and Thea will be, you guessed it, secrets and lies. Roy goes off on investigations without being upfront about it with Thea, and while Moira approves of their relationship, Thea doesn't like Roy to get into situations that might put him in harm's way ie as a "Vigilante (Jr.)". Now that Ollie has apparently exiled him from his team, it could either mean he will take even greater risks without Ollie's support -- and still keep Thea in the dark about them (keep secrets and tell lies) -- or come clean and jeopardize his relationship with her.

    Roy, your Catch-22 dilemma begins now. The wise decision would be to come clean with Thea now, but I expect that he'll try to keep at the Secrets 'n Lies just so TPTB can fuel more drama.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NightHawk777 View Post
    Malcolm - I'm really glad he is leaving. There is no way the team can deal with this guy right now with everything else going on. Does anybody else think that these Malcolm scenes were filmed last season, when he was still very much involved with the show?
    They were filmed recently. They kept it all quiet indeed, but I still knew he was turning up around episode 7 because a girl had written on Twitter that she had stood in the immigration line with John Barrowman on Vancouver airport for three hours.

    Other than that, we would have been kept totally in the dark, as he did not tweet anything himself, as he usually does (we always know where he is and what he is doing). So that was a bit of a sad coincidence, but lucky for her, as she got a picture with him. I am surprised it did not make more the rounds, though.

    And one of the people in the Arrow writers room tweeted that she had gotten a hug from him. Some argued that the writers room is in LA but surely it is in Vancouver together with everything else?

    I certainly hope to see Malcolm back at the end of the season.

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    Loved it. It's one of the best episodes of the series so far and my favorite episode so far.

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    Custom Title jon-el87's Avatar
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    May 08
    Not a regular viewer. Mostly watched this episode, for the introduction of Barry Allen. To be perfectly honest, I didn't think it was that great. The Barry stuff was mostly set-up and in-joke references, to his future/CB incarnation (and are we really supposed to believe, that a guy living in Central City, could've been informed about the break-in and had the time to travel to Starling City by train, before the owner's even told about what has happened?). And the island flashbacks, just didn't interest me.

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