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    Madman With A Blue Box Austin 3:16's Avatar
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    Oct 04
    Considering how good ratings were, highest rated ep since February and highest rated in season 2 so far, I would say it's a safe bet we will see Grant as Barry in his own show. Blew me away how good of a job he did.

    I know the CW brass is already giving him his own show with its own pilot but considering how good those ratings r, I would still bring Barry back for ep 20 and do some more with him to set up for The Flash even more.

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    Onward Season 10! Anno_Domini's Avatar
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    And the CW better do the smart thing and pair The Flash with Arrow.

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    Paul McClelland Bats238's Avatar
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    Yes Grant is perfect as Barry. I can't wait to see him in his own pilot. I just hope we don't have to wait till next September to see it. It would be great if they could air it in the summer when Arrow is on a break to give us something new to look forward too.

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    He's alright, so far. He can stay in the mix in Arrow, but I don't want him to be overexposed on the show to the point where people might say "he's already in Arrow a lot ... so why tune in to another TV series about him". A couple of Barry eps. salted throughout S2 is ok, more than that would make it the Arrow & Flash show.

    They can always write an appropriate Arrow exit for him, if the Flash series goes ahead.

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