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    Foreshadowing or just a coincidence?

    There is a GIF from one of the early season one episodes that is floating around on the Internet and which seems like a perfect foreshadowing of the "Thea is Malcolm's daughter" storyline. It's from the ep where Thea had a minor crush on Tommy:

    Thea, you are amazing, but you're also like my sister-my baby sister.
    LOL! It makes me wonder if the writers had planned this storyline from the very beginning or if it's just one of those random coincidences. Of course, given that Tommy spent more time at the Casa Queen than in his own home it's not that strange that he would regard Thea as his little sister. Also, isn't this the kind of thing you say to someone (especially someone who is much younger!) who you want to "let down easy"...akin to the "I love you as a friend" line?

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    I think it was just because he spent so much time at the Queen household that he actually did consider Thea a sister and since she was Ollie's sister and he and Ollie were best friends. Knowing how writers are sometimes, I don't think they had this one planned out. If this was planned out, I would have expected more Thea/Tommy scenes.

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    I agree if it was planned they would've shown more scenes between Thea and Tommy to foreshadow that they are related.

    I think they have an outline of what they want to do each season but nothing more than that just so they can still make it up as they go; Like with Felicity they saw how the fans reacted so they put her in more episodes.


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